【World Cup】England fired “Serbia” to renew the unbeaten record of African countries

[Sports News]The 2022 Qatar World Cup will continue to be staged on the evening of Sunday (4th) in the round of 16. One of the Hong Kong favorites, England, will face Senegal. In the first half, the British army first scored their first goals this year with Jordan Heindarson and Harry Janney, and then Shaka … Read more

iPhone 14 Plus price in all countries and iPhone Plus 14 specifications

Rasha Habashi, Egyptian, holds a professional diploma in journalism and media, holds the rank of the Egyptian General Syndicate of Press and Information, and holds the rank of media consultant.I got a very good general grade for my master’s degree at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Ain Shams University. Master’s thesis title: The Uses of … Read more

G7 countries will coordinate the investigation of war crimes in Ukraine / Article

German Justice Minister Marko Buschmann announced after the talks that the investigation into the atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine will take years or decades. However, the specialists will be well prepared and the work will continue as long as necessary. The G7 countries will ensure that each country has a focal point for the … Read more

Behind the scenes, Russia holds secret meetings with other countries, the results of which are not made public

The southern Ukrainian city of Kherson was again heavily shelled by the Russians – a house was on fire and at least 2 people were injured. “My mother was in the other room, I laid down to sleep, but I couldn’t fall asleep – I heard a bang and shards fell on the bed. Half … Read more

Russia: We will not export our oil to countries that impose a cap on its price, even if we have to cut production

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that his country will not export oil to countries that impose a price ceiling on Russian oil, even if Moscow is forced to cut production. Novak said, in statements reported by the official Russian news agency RIA Novosti, on Sunday: “I want … Read more

OPEC+ swings for a long time

The OPEC + alliance decided to take a break and not yet respond to the Western coalition’s introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian oil. At a meeting on December 4, the OPEC + countries decided to leave production quotas at the current level and meet for the next meeting on February 1. Most … Read more

Oil countries will hold important consultations on Sunday: will the price at the pump continue to fall? | Economy

04 dec 2022 om 04:54Update: een dag geleden What will happen to petrol prices at the pump? We may get an answer to that question on Sunday. The oil-producing countries of OPEC+ and their allies, including Russia, will then hold an important consultation. In it, the countries decide whether they will reduce their production in … Read more

Unexpectedly, Ukraine Entered the 3 Most Debt Countries to Russia

loading… Ukraine is in the top three countries that have the largest debt to Russia. PHOTO/Picture Alliance/Str/AA JAKARTA – There are 17 countries that owes Russia of $27 billion with most of the country’s borrowing coming from arms deals or political loans that were not made public. Quoted from the themoscowtimes-com website, the local Ministry … Read more

Quiz: Do you know the capitals of the 16 countries that have qualified for the playoffs of the soccer championship? | Life

Published on 12/03/2022, 20:01 This time it’s everyday 15min the test is related to football. And geography. In the test, you will see pictures of the capitals of 16 countries whose teams have qualified for the playoffs of the World Cup, and you will have to know the capitals. Senegal team fans / Imago / … Read more

With the participation of prisoners and dozens of countries.. The launch of the Carthage Theatrical Days

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The festival is taking place with the participation of 23 countries that will enter the official competition, including about 82 theatrical performances competing for prizes the festival. The twenty-third session records the participation of plays from Senegal, who will be the guest of honour, while witnessing, on the other hand, … Read more