Saudi Aramco: the company that announced record profits that exceed the GDP of more than half of the world’s countries

wording BBC News World August 15, 2022 image source, Reuters Caption, Due to its light crude, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the greatest capacity to rapidly increase oil production. If it were a country, it would occupy position 88 in the World Bank list that classifies 207 states in the world according … Read more

Chaos, NATO countries send rotten armored vehicles to Ukraine

Monday, 15 August 2022 – 06:25 WIB VIVA – German is currently in the public spotlight Ukraine, after the delivery of the main weapons system equipment (defense equipment) Panzerhubitze PzH 2000 to Ukraine. Who would have thought, that many German-made armored vehicles were damaged and could not be used in the war against Russia. This … Read more

University, Shanghai Ranking published. Not even an Italian in the top 100: it is the worst result among the G7 countries

First Harvard, second Stanford, third MIT. The first three positions of the Shanghai Ranking come as no surprise. According to the ranking of the best universities in the world, the highest positions are still held by US universities. Europe only comes in fourth place, with the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and again … Read more

4 Countries With The Most Friendly Residents Towards Tourists, Vacations Feel More Comfortable : Okezone Travel

FOR tourists, the friendliness of residents in a country is a bonus that is expected to be obtained. Because, it will be calm and comfortable if you are in a country with people who like to help and always help tourists. Here are 4 countries whose people are known to be the friendliest. Spanish According … Read more

Mobile telephony in Africa: an opportunity to stimulate the economic growth of countries

In Africa, much more than a simple communication channel, the mobile is above all a tool for work, financial transactions or commerce, to name but a few examples. In barely two decades, the number of mobile phone subscriptions has grown strongly on the continent, with the number jumping from 180% between 2008 and 2018[1]. Having … Read more

Zakharova openly threatens the Baltic countries: Ukraine’s history may repeat itself

Sharing the Kremlin’s threats to the Baltic countries on the “Telegram” channel due to the alleged oppression of Russian speakers. “Essentially, neo-fascist states are forming on Russia’s near borders, cultivating the ideology of xenophobia and hatred for everything Russian,” M. Zakharova assured. She said that there is an active fight against the ideology of Putinism … Read more

Super Garuda Shield with 14 Countries Without China Officially Closed

Jakarta – Joint Training Super Garuda Shield 2022 officially closed. This exercise is expected to increase cooperation and strategic partnerships. This exercise was officially closed by the Commander of the Kodiklatad Lt. Gen. Ignatius Yogo Triyono at the Puslatpur Kodiklatad, Baturaja, South Sumatra, Sunday (14/8/2022). “In the mandate of the TNI Commander General TNI Andika … Read more

7 Countries That Have No Mosques Standing, Number 3 The Country Of Origin Of The Former Liverpool Star : Okezone Travel

MASJID It is a very important place of worship for Muslims. In addition, mosques are also part of historical places and have something to do with the development of civilization in each country. Even in non-Muslim majority countries. But apparently, there are some countries that do not have mosques, you know! This is because the … Read more

Why Are Arab Countries Not Helping Palestine? Here’s Why

loading… JAKARTA – When Palestine facing an attack Israel , the Arab side did not appear to provide assistance as countries close to the conflict area. As we know several countries provide assistance to Palestine when they are struggling against Israel. Even Indonesia has also provided assistance even though it is a country far from … Read more