Coup d’Etat in Mali / After Russia, the CNSP receives the Chinese Ambassador.

After Russia and France, the chairman of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People received another economic power in the world, China. The interim President of the Republic in Mali, Colonel Assimi Goïta received in the afternoon of this Thursday, August 27, 2020, in audience, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China … Read more

Mali suspended from the Francophonie after the coup

Mali suspended from the Francophonie after the coup d’état (Illustration) – Baba Ahmed / AP / SIPA After the coup d’état on August 19 in Bamako, the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF) on Tuesday suspended Mali of its instances. This decision was taken during a special session of the Permanent Council of the Francophonie … Read more

Mali Coup: Military Wants to Release President, But Askes to Ruling for 3 Years Page all

BAMAKO, – The military junta group that carried out the government coup in Mali willing to release the president they kidnapped, but there are conditions. They want a transitional body led by the military in power for 3 years as a condition for the release of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. This information was conveyed … Read more

Comment: It was not a coup. Nečas is innocent, but he deserves to fall

It is really better to save with some terms. You know it for sure from social networks. Once the word “Hitler” appears in the debate, further discussion is completely useless. On Thursday, the District Court for Prague 1 acquitted former Prime Minister Petr Nečas, his wife Jana Nečasová and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Roman … Read more

Assimi Goita steps forward as Mali’s new strongman, Security Council puts pressure on Malian coup plotters

Unlike a large part of the Malian population, the coup d’état abroad is not met with applause. In response, the African Union suspended Mali’s membership, which “has been restored to constitutional order”. She calls on the coup plotters to release the president and the other politicians. Tonight, the UN Security Council condemned the coup and … Read more

Fallen president – UN report precipitates coup in Mali

The accusations contained in a report encouraged the mutineers to carry out a plan that had been brewing for several weeks. Alain Jourdan Posted today at 18:49 Upon learning of the coup d’état and the overthrow of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keta, the population took to the streets. The mutiny had been brewing for several days. … Read more

Mali: calm in Bamako after the coup against President Keïta

Calm reigned Wednesday in Bamako which still bore the scars of the unrest in the aftermath of the coup d’état against President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, a putsch condemned by the international community worried about the worsening crisis in Mali, already plagued by violence jihadists. Traces of the incidents that punctuated this reversal of power were … Read more

After the coup in Mali, France fears a further deterioration of security in the region

Malians demonstrate on Independence Square in Bamako on August 18. STRINGER / AFP After months of unrest, the dreaded catastrophe has struck. For France, the military coup in Mali arouses fear of a political vacuum and an increased security turmoil, in a country without territorial integrity, with too frail central power. In a statement released … Read more

Military coup in Mali. The captured president resigned. Government and parliament were dissolved | News from the world

Military coup was condemned by the international community. OUR demands release President Mali. protests in this country in West Africa, they have been going on for several months. In July this year, the opposition rejected the president’s concessions and demanded his resignation. Mali. A military coup overthrew the president. The government and parliament were dissolved … Read more

Mali president announces resignation after coup. Portuguese Defense Minister monitors situation with concern – News

“We can tell you that the President and the Prime Minister are under our control. We lock them up at your home [do chefe de Estado, em Bamako, capital]”One of the leaders of the riot told AFP, anonymously. Portugal’s Minister of National Defense said on Tuesday he was following the crisis in Mali with great … Read more