Bolsonarista said that extraterrestrials would help the Army to carry out a coup, reports colonel in CPI – CartaExpressa – CartaCapital

the colonel Jorge Eduardo Naimeformer Commander of Operations of the Military Police of the Federal District, said this Thursday 16 that Bolsonarists camped in front of the Army headquarters in Brasília “lived in a parallel world”. Naime testified to the CPI on Antidemocratic Acts, installed by the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District. “There was … Read more

Go yours! Adrián Marcelo already ‘hit back’ Chessman

Adrian Marcelo y Chessman They have starred in one of the moments that has given the most talk so far this year after the Multimedios host received a coup by the AAA fighter left and right. During the “The World is a Vampire” Festival, Adrian Marcelo was the victim of verbal and physical assaults by … Read more

Russia Condemns Protests in Georgia, Likens to Coup Attempts

Russia Condemns Protests in Georgia, Likens to Coup Attempts. PHOTO/Reuters TBILISI – Russia accused foreign countries of fomenting mass protests for days on end Georgia . Russia has also likened it to a coup attempt designed to sow tensions on Russia’s borders. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said days of demonstrations in the Georgian capital … Read more

Outside the home – “Hungarian health care is now receiving the coup d’état” – GPs react to the transformation of the on-call system

„Egy nap fölkelni úgy, hogy nincs hasznos teendő? Hát az nekem valami nagyon furcsa dolog lenne” – kezdte az ország legidősebb háziorvosa, az idén a száz évet betöltő Körmendi István. Édesapjától vette át a praxist 66 évvel ezelőtt, még ma is minden nap rendel a budai lakásrendelőben. Azt mesélte, ő még a családok orvosa volt: … Read more

Before the coup, I was considering an ambitious move, but…

MOUNTAIN GAZELLE (204) will participate in Calais prices, Monday, at Croisé-Laroche (R-4). His trainer-driver Jonathan Groizeau (photo) give his opinion on (By Stéphane Davy). “During her last eight courses, she has been disqualified seven times. However, she is not extremely complicated. She lacks health. You have to deal with her pain. She had done … Read more

CJNG: Coup to the narco: dismantle cell of the El Mencho cartel in CDMX and Hidalgo

In an operation coordinated by federal authorities, 530 packages of cocaine, hundreds of marijuana wrappers were seized and six people were arrested. A cell of the New Generation Cartel (CNG) that operated in the CDMX and in Hidalgor with influence in the Cuajimalpa and Coyoacán mayoralties was dismantled in an operation coordinated by federal authorities; … Read more

Lebanon on the eve of a political “coup”!

The economist, Mounir Younes, confirmed that “Lebanon will face the possibility of an increase in the customs dollar every month, so nothing prevents it from being raised later to 75 thousand Lebanese pounds.” In an interview on “Spot Shot” within the Point of View program, Younes said: “Lebanon will rank first in terms of inflation … Read more

The PT’s action to avoid the CPMI of the coup acts of January 8 – Politics – CartaCapital

The PT bench in the Chamber predicts a headache in the National Congress if the CPMI (Mixed Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) on the coup acts is installed and acts so that the opening request is demobilized in the coming days. The assessment is that a Commission made up of deputies and senators at the beginning … Read more

On the night of January 10-11, there was a mini-military coup in Russia? “This is the fall of Putin” – Super Express

Back in January, there was something like a small military coup in Russia. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov came to Putin’s bunker and forced him to make serious personnel changes in the management of the war in Ukraine, according to Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkowski in … Read more