In Austria, COVID-19 will be mandatory for adults from February

Conservative K. Nehammer, who took office in December, will face heavy fines for failing to do so. “We will make the decision on compulsory vaccination as planned. It will come into force for adults in the beginning of February, “the head of government said during a press conference. In Austria, there has been a heated … Read more

The blueprint for the ‘5G of the vaccine’ against COVID-19 is actually the diagram of a guitar pedal

Manipulated photos, videos taken out of context, home remedies to alleviate COVID-19, denialist testimonies and a multitude of conspiracy theories. They are almost daily bread since the coronavirus pandemic came into our lives. The hoaxes are still more present than ever, proof of this is browsing social networks a few minutes a day, or opening … Read more

ANMAT clarifies that the COVID-19 vaccine does not contain graphene

This National Administration clarifies to the population that The COVID 19 AstraZeneca vaccine does not contain graphene among its components. The information on the graphene content arises from a typing error in Report IF-2021-120912800-APN-DECBR#ANMAT attached to the judicial file and that it was clarified in the statement made on Tuesday, January 11 of the current … Read more

Who was in the hospital last summer? Data analysis confirms high efficacy of vaccination against severe forms of Covid-19

One piece of information drives out the other. While all eyes are now on Omicron, which is about to take over Delta, we would tend to forget that before this 5th wave of Covid-19, another ruined the summer of thousands of caregivers and citizens struck down by disease. But who were these people who spent … Read more

These 5 Foods Can Trigger Parosmia After Recovering from COVID-19

Sunday, January 16, 2022 – 19:37 WIB VIVA – The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing. Researchers around the world are still trying to find out more about the coronavirus, its various variants and how the impact of COVID-19 affects our health in the long term. Of course, this includes what symptoms people continue to experience … Read more

Wave of infections would have reached the peak, but the rise in intensive cases by COVID-19 is worrying

Although Puerto Rico may have reached the “peak” of the most recent wave of COVID-19 infections, COVID-19, health authorities are concerned about the increase in cases reported in the intensive care unit. This was indicated by the main medical officer of the Health Department, Iris Cardona, who recalled that “we had projections of passing 1,000 … Read more

Compounds in Cannabis Called Can Prevent Covid-19, Really?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Recently, research published in the Journal of Nature Products found that there are several compounds in marijuana that can prevent the entry of the Covid-19 virus into human cells. The study shows that two compounds normally found in hemp, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabidiolic (CBDA), can prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering cells … Read more

Cannabis could help fight COVID-19

A derivative of cannabis to better resist the COVID-19? Yes, it could be, according to the results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario! Cannabidiol or CBD would allow our immune system to fight the virus more effectively. Published last week, the study indeed indicates that synthetic CBD would … Read more

Thousands of passengers trapped in the middle of the Caribbean when their journey was canceled due to COVID-19

Por Minyvonne Burke – NBC News The Norwegian Cruise Line company canceled this week one of its Caribbean cruises midway due to COVID-19, leaving travelers trapped at sea until the ship decides to return to New York. The “Norwegian Gem” had a 10-day journey ahead of it, but was suspended and left docked in the … Read more

Covid-19. Soldiers to strengthen the Sablé-sur-Sarthe vaccination center

If you are going to get immunized right now at Sable-sur-Sarthe vaccination center, Théophile-Plé room, you may see a trellis under the white coat of the person handling the needle. The manager, Alexandra Roche, requested and obtained reinforcements from the army, with the approval of the Regional Health Agency. “The Minister of Health had talked … Read more