Joy, chaos, fights and wild cows

On Saturday, Norway reopened, which was marked with a full party all over the country. In several cities, it led to chaos and fights in the city center and in the nightclubs. In Trondheim, people fainted in the crowded queues. – We have received messages from both the public and patrols about large crowds. There … Read more

Which is Better, Cow’s Milk or Buffalo’s Milk?

Jakarta – Milk contains a variety of essential nutrients and minerals for our body. Milk is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and milk fats that are beneficial for our bodies, from helping to maintain weight to improving bone health. Milk is available in various types such as rice milk, cashew milk, cow’s milk, … Read more

German scientists teach cows to go to the toilet

Nitrous oxide is the third most important gas in terms of greenhouse gas responsibility, after methane and carbon dioxide. And it is during excretion that the cows release it into the atmosphere. Therefore, German scientists have created special toilets where cows can go and where the gas can be neutralized. “Cows, like many other livestock, … Read more

In Germany, cows are trained to “go on the potty” / Article

In Germany, scientists have been able to train cows to meet their natural needs in specially designated areas so that urine can then be collected and environmental pollution reduced. Cows can excrete up to 30 liters of urine a day, and this urine contains ammonia, which, in contact with the soil, forms the greenhouse gas … Read more

Scientists have taught cows to go to the toilet to save the planet

If you can teach a child a potty, you can do it with a cow. This is exactly what scientists in Germany have decided to try, looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact of livestock waste on the environment. He believes that one day all the cows will go to the toilet. “It is … Read more

Scientists solve a huge problem on Earth in an incredible way: taught cows to go to the toilet

The beef and dairy industry is not very environmentally friendly. Yes, if cows grazed in natural meadows all the time, there probably wouldn’t be a bigger problem. However, there are too many people on Earth, so cows grow on giant industrial farms and the gas they emit contributes to climate change. But there is another … Read more

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: the life of luxury led by her 165 dairy cows sleeping in waterbeds | British royal family | Royalty | nnda | nnni | PEOPLE

As if they were sacred. Not only do they roam freely in the green meadows of Windsor, but they lead a life worthy of British royalty. The days of the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom They are full of details and curiosities that attract attention, such as their careful diet, the portfolio that … Read more

The judge decided to administer a parasitic drug used in horses and cows to the Covid-19 patient.

The woman who wanted to apply ivermectin, a parasite drug used in horses and cows, to her husband, who was treated in the intensive care unit due to Covid-19 in the USA, applied to the court when the hospital refused. Photo: Reuters Judge Gregory Howard, who served in Butler County, Ohio, signed a controversial decision. … Read more

Bergen: – – Sees the seriousness now, does not like infected cows

The health authorities in Bergen have registered 101 new infected with covid-19 on Tuesday. That is twice as many as on Monday, when 49 new infected people were registered. 33 of Tuesday’s infections are directly related to the students’ sponsorship week. 34 of the new infected are between 20 and 22 years old. Of the … Read more

A farmer in Milínov wanted an escape from people, horses and cows. Glamping is in demand from its shelter

The Moulis farm is located in the village of Milínov in the Plzeň Region. The family got her back in restitution in the 1990s, and after the family’s fathers began to run out of power, his son and university teacher Pavel took over the farm. Over the past twenty years, he and his wife have … Read more