Apple latest iOS 16 beta version hints at AirPods manual firmware update support

Source: Reddit It is reported that Apple will add support for manual firmware update to the AirPods series in the iOS 16 version. According to foreign media on the 9th (local time), if you tap the firmware version by changing a part of the AirPods settings app in the iOS 16 beta 5 version for … Read more

China’s Oppo launches ultra-low-priced 50-inch 4K smart TV ‘Opo K9x’ in China.. 247,000 won

Chinese IT company OPPO has launched an ultra-low-priced 50-inch 4K smart TV ‘OPPO K9x’ in the Chinese market. The 50-inch model released this time is a smaller version of the 65-inch model released in April, and has a low price and shares most of the specifications except for the screen size. The Oppo K9x Smart … Read more

Bandai Namco’s Pac-Man World Repack Reveals New Opening Cinematic

The new opening cinematic of Pac-Man, Pac-Man World Repack, which is known as a new work in 17 years, has been released. In this video, as in the original game on PlayStation, the game’s bright and colorful settings, Pac-Man’s family, and evil ghosts are shown, giving you an idea of ​​the overall game story. Recently, … Read more

Nintendo Direct Coming Aug 10th, Focusing on Splatoon 3

Nintendo is launching a new Nintendo Direct. This Nintendo Direct is the so-called Splatoon 3 Direct, which will mainly contain information about Splatoon 3, the latest Nintendo franchise game to be released soon. This schedule, which was released through Twitter, is 6 am PT time on August 10th, and 9 am ET time. According to … Read more

Premium laptop that will satisfy you in various environments, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro NT950XEE-X71A

Samsung Electronics’ latest laptop lineup, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro lineup, is a lineup that has received more attention this year as it is a product that quickly introduced the latest hardware changes toward the GPU. Even excluding the areas of attention, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro product line is well-received as it is … Read more

Intel Core i9-13900K surpasses 40,000 points in Cinebench with all-in-one liquid cooler

The flagship model of Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake, the i9-13900K, scored high in CPU benchmarks. Overseas leaker OneRaichu revealed the results of testing the i9-13900K CPU through Cinebench R23, which scored 2,290 points in single-core and 35,693 points in multi-core in a benchmark that recorded power consumption of 254W. OneRaichu also shared CPU test … Read more

Diablo 4, character selection alpha test video leaking online

Recently, there has been news that Blizzard’s Diablo 4 is in alpha testing, and there have been rumors that the contents may be leaked. In fact, some alpha test videos were released through Twitter, and the video shows the character customization, game creation, and difficulty selection screen. As for the alpha test, as the person … Read more

Distribution of Windows 11 feature improvement updates to Android gamers

Microsoft has released a new package for Windows 11 Insiders. This update, identified as package version 2206.40000.15.0, has confirmed that Android-related functions that operate as a Windows subsystem have been newly added, and many of them are said to be game-related. In particular, joystick or pad support, which was previously unavailable, has been added, enabling … Read more

Latest Steam Survey, AMD Share Rising, Windows 11 Share Declining

As we enter the third quarter of 2022, some notable changes have been spotted in Steam’s monthly survey. First, from July, AMD’s share of CPUs rose by more than 2%, and Intel received a 2% decrease. Currently, AMD’s processor vendor share, which has risen by 2%, is 33.73%, which is still far short of Intel’s … Read more

Intel Core i7-13700K Overclock Update, CPU-Z Over 1000 Points

The overclocking results of the Core i7-13700K have been updated. Last night’s Twitter account QXE87 is the news that the overclocked Core i7-13700K overclocked to 6GHz or higher was newly registered. In the certification shot, the benchmark score, information on the motherboard used, the actual clock and voltage, etc. were captured along with the CPU-Z … Read more