Desktop notebook CPU: let’s test the Core i9-11900H interposer!

Does it make sense to throw a notebook chip into a desktop PC? After seeing the Radeon RX 6600M being transformed into a desktop board, the same “debacle” is also happening with processors! The so-called interposers kits are basically the chips originally developed for notebooks, but reused in mainboards in the traditional desktop format and … Read more

Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.2… ‘Cannot Downgrade’ After Installing iOS 16.3

Apple stopped signing and distributing iOS 16.2 after the release of the iOS 16.3 update on the 31st (local time). After installing the iOS 16.3 update due to the breaking of the signature, it is no longer possible to restore or downgrade to a previous version of iOS. Apple regularly stops signing software updates for … Read more

Xiaomi mid-range smartphone ‘Poco X5 Pro’ to be launched in India on February 6th

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will release the latest mid-range smartphone ‘POCO X5 Pro’ in India through its sub-brand POCO on February 6th. According to previous reports, the ‘Poco X5 Pro’ features a 6.67-inch AMOLED display and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, 6/8GB RAM, and 128/256GB storage inside. A triple camera consisting of … Read more

The era of OLED gaming monitors has begun, but is it a better choice than OLED TVs?

The main item in the domestic PC monitor market is still LCD, but it is true that a large number of expensive high-end demand has shifted to OLED. Since LG Electronics first released a 48-inch OLED TV, this movement has accelerated, and even FPS gamers who are sensitive to afterimages following console and PC gamers … Read more

The first 240W ultra-fast charging support ‘Realme GT Neo 5’ unveiled in China on February 9th

The world’s first 240W high-speed charging smartphone ‘Realme GT Neo 5’ of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme will be officially announced in China on February 9th. According to previous reports, ‘Realme GT Neo 5’ will be released in two versions: ▲RMX3706 ▲RMX3708. Both versions feature a 6.74-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2772×1240 pixels and … Read more

DirectStorage Bulk Load Demo test liberates CPU usage for high-speed reading

The main purpose of Microsoft’s new-generation DirectStorage API is to allow games to fully apply the high-speed reading features of NVMe SSDs, to read small game data at a speed of GB per second, and to reduce CPU usage overhead. Of course, in the past, game development was operated through ReadFile-based IO, but when the … Read more

GeForce RTX 4090 Ti photo leak, substrate changed from vertical to horizontal

Graphics card photos presumed to be GeForce RTX 4090 Ti have been released. This picture, posted on a Twitter account called MEGAsizeGPU, is a picture of the output port and bracket of a large graphics card occupying 4 slots. It is said to have been confirmed. The color and upper curvature of the heatsink placed … Read more

Leaked early development video for a new multiplayer game in the Horizon series

The Horizon series of Guerrilla Games is scheduled to be released to the VR game Call of Mountain following the first work, Horizon Zero Dawn, the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, and is expanding into the core IP of Sony Studios and Guerrilla Games. A while ago, rumors circulated that a multiplayer game based on the … Read more

MS Edge web browser UI changes… Codename ‘Phoenix’ under development

MS Edge Split View (Source: Twitter) Microsoft is working on reimagining its Edge web browser, code-named “Phoenix,” foreign media reported on the 26th (local time). According to the report, since last summer, Microsoft has been developing ‘Edge Phoenix’ with the same new user interface (UI) and new features as the Windows 11 operating system. Some … Read more