Global Research on Digital Content Creation Market Report 2021-2027 (COVID-19 Impact) Key Players – Microsoft, Apple, Adobe Systems, Corel Corporation, Acrolinx GmbH

Latest Digital Content Creation Market Research Report Demonstrates Digital Content Creation Industry Share, Growth Factors, Digital Content Creation Market Size, Possible Industry Trends and the forecasts up to 2027 which provide productive concepts in the global digital content creation market and meanwhile offers very informative statistics on the respective digital content creation industry. The Global … Read more

“Salaspils Siltums” has started work on the creation of a large solar panel park – Nature, Ecology

Salaspils Heat This year, SIA “Salaspils Siltums” in cooperation with the group of energy companies “AJ Power” is expanding the possibilities of obtaining solar energy in the company. In the coming months, the company will sell another solar panel park, which will provide electricity for self-consumption. The project plans to install 270 solar panels with … Read more

Titanfall 2 player breaks the world record that inspired the creation of Octane in Apex Legends

Speedrunner Cash Mayo outshines himself five years after the game’s premiere. Maybe Titanfall 2 It was never a great commercial success, but even today its community continues to show unparalleled love and dedication: there is a new world record in order to The Gauntlet, the level that served as a tutorial for the fantastic first-person … Read more

the point of the company in the creation of flagships can be such a spectacular one

Image and characteristics of Huawei P50 Pro + The dead are either good or nothing. The United States has done everything so that it is in this context that Huawei is mentioned in the future. And this is where everything goes in the smartphone market. Warehouse stocks are running out, and it is still impossible … Read more

《SEGA New Creation Ball ROAD to the WORLD》 New to break through the center for tactics

Football simulation business game “Creation Club” series of mobile games “SEGA New Creation Club ROAD to the WORLD》The “PICK UP SCOUT Vol.38” event is being held in which new ★5 players who are good at tactics for the central breakthrough will appear in the state of MAX level. In addition, based on the total best … Read more

Half of the EU countries, including the Czech Republic, are proposing the creation of a joint rapid reaction military force

The draftsmen agree that the EU should set up a unit of around 5,000 troops, and should have ships and planes at its disposal to help democratic foreign governments in urgent need of assistance. An unnamed senior EU official told Reuters. EU defense ministers will address the idea at a meeting on Thursday chaired by … Read more

The Confusion of “Scissors Hands”: Is copyright protection and the freedom of secondary creation of short videos necessarily contradictory-Media Player / Video Site

April is the winter of Scissorhands.On April 9th, more than 50 units including industry associations, video platforms, and film and television companies launched a joint statement stating that they will initiate a centralized statement against the arbitrary editing, cutting, transportation, and dissemination of film and television works without the permission of the right holder. , … Read more

Yayagram – At 96, she uses Telegram thanks to her grandson’s creation

Posted28 avril 2021, 22:02 A Spaniard made a device to make it easy for his 96-year-old grandmother to communicate with her grandchildren through the messaging app. 1 / 8 The Yayagram made by Manuel Lucio Dallo. Twitter/@mrcatacroquer Thanks to this device, her grandmother, Felisa Romano Martin, 96, can send voice messages to her grandchildren. Twitter/@mrcatacroquer … Read more

Comment on the second creation of film and television series: illegal infringement should be forbidden and legal authorization should be established_Copyright

Original title: Second creation of commentary on film and television drama: illegal infringement should be forbidden and legal authorization should be established (Source of manuscript: Beijing News) For the second creation, we must oppose infringement and explore a win-win approach. The popular “Film Watching in One Minute” is encountering an unprecedented embarrassment. After 73 organizations … Read more