Creation of organic matter Mars meteorite ‘has nothing to do with life’

The organic compounds from Martian meteorite AHL 84001 are said to have formed on the red planet through interactions between water and rock. If there is one question that makes the hearts of astronomers, (exo) planet researchers and other universe enthusiasts beat faster, it is whether life is possible outside our blue globe. So it’s … Read more

The creation of the new film ‘Land That Sings’ will be available on a special website

With the song “Riga dimd!” The film was unveiled at the Freedom Monument on January 11 at the Freedom Monument under the direction of the Riga Dome Choir School mixed choir.The land that sings“official website Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the filmmakers of “Delfi”, on the newly opened website you … Read more

IMSS reports the creation of 846 thousand 416 formal jobs in 2021

In December there was a drop in employment. Photo: Shutterstock During 2021, 846 thousand 416 formal jobs were created; This is a record, as it is the highest increase in history and is equivalent to an annual rate of 4.3%, reported the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). By the end of 2021, the IMSS … Read more

Mysterious aberrations may persist in the depths of our planet since Earth’s creation

A new study suggests chemical remnants from our planet’s earliest days may still exist near Earth’s core, and the discovery may improve our understanding of plate tectonics phenomena that occur today. The team behind the study likened this residue to lumps of flour at the bottom of a bowl of dough — things that had … Read more

20 years since the creation of the euro. Review of the history and insight into the future

20 years of the euro: a look back and a glimpse into the future To mark the occasion, the European Central Bank’s building in Frankfurt, Germany, will be lit up until 9 January, and various messages on the euro in 15 eurozone languages ​​will be displayed next week. Introduction of the euro On 31 December … Read more

The long-awaited MMORPG Ashes of Creation shows its new graphics with Unreal Engine 5 in a video

Intrepid Studios has moved the development of its game to this new version of the Epic graphics engine. If you don’t know Ashes of Creation and you are a fan of MMORPGs, you will be glad to hear about its existence. The project of Intrepid Studios it turned out quite a success on Kickstarter in … Read more

From 2022, China will allow the creation of car companies with 100 percent. foreign capital Business

This is stated in the annual document of the Ministry of Trade and the State Development and Reform Committee, which sets the limits of foreign capital allowed in certain sectors of the country’s economy. China is phasing out restrictions on foreign investment in the country’s automotive industry, and while the automotive sector was not mentioned … Read more

Izabela Janachowska in a Christmas photo with her family. The creation is modest, but impressive. “Crazy”

More articles from the world of show business can be found at Izabela Janachowska can count the passing year as successful. The celebrity returned to the program “Dancing with the Stars“, but this time she was not a dancer but a host. After the show ended, she packed suitcases and started traveling the world … Read more

For Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Kasia Cichopek delighted with the creation [INSTAGRAM]

Favorite celebrity season is just around the corner. We are talking about Christmas and the New Year periodduring which the well-known and liked finally have time for their loved ones. “Are you already thinking about Christmas presents? Do you leave this pleasure to the last minute? I think intensively, look around, plan, but just before … Read more