NASA is playing hide and seek with the relentless creativity of the Mars Helicopter

Comment on this storycomment For about a week in April, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory anxiously searched for signs of life on Mars. Lost somewhere in the undulating terrain of a Martian river bed is this amazing, pint-sized, and incredibly durable helicopter that just completed its forty-ninth flight to the Red Planet. Every day, … Read more

Ahmed Hatem, Mohamed El-Sharnouby and Nour Ehab win the “Artistic Creativity” award from the Catholic Film Festival.

A short time ago, he held the closing ceremony of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema Festival, headed by Father Boutros Daniel. The closing ceremony witnessed the distribution of awards to artists who distinguished themselves in their roles through their films participating in the 71st session, in the presence of a large number of art … Read more

Portaltic.-The beta version of the TikTok ‘Creativity Program’ is now available for content creators in the United States

MADRID, 4 May. (Portaltic/EP) – TikTok has launched the beta version of their ‘Creativity Program’the monetization tool for content creators that is now available for US users 18+ that have at least 10,000 followers and rhayan recorded 100,000 views of authentic videos in the last month. The ByteDance platform presented the ‘Creativity Program’ back in … Read more

Creativity in Japanese animation is running out of steam, says one of its “shoguns”

Creativity in Japanese animation is running out of steam, says one of its “shoguns” Japan’s powerful animation industry risks being “overtaken” by Chinese competition as its growing preference for lucrative genres stifles its creativity, Masao Maruyama, an esteemed industry veteran, warns in an interview with the AFP. “Restrictions on freedom of expression” in China are … Read more

WhatsApp stimulates creativity with a tool for personalized stickers

After launching new features like the photo sharing interface and text recognition in images, the app is now working on a tool to create custom stickers. Although this tool was already available to users since February of this year, it has now reached the final version of the chat app. This new feature allows users … Read more

Lack of freedom and creativity keeps developers away from big publishers – Immortals of Aveum

Maybe it’s just because word travels faster and easier these days, but the number of talented and high-profile developers leaving big companies to start something on their own seems to have skyrocketed over the past few years. That’s No Moon, Lighthouse Games, Wildlight Entertainment, and many other studios are examples of the people behind some … Read more

[장은수의이책만은꼭] Artificial Intelligence and Creativity | Segye Ilbo

AI chatbot and automatic translation ‘DeepL’ appeared… social repercussionsHumans should strive for a creative life and work oriented toward ‘woolshin’ It is the age of artificial intelligence. Machine intelligence with amazing capabilities, such as ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that writes and codes, and DeepL, an artificial intelligence that translates, have emerged and are throwing a … Read more

Creativity and Perseverance helicopters explore life on Mars

(MENAFN- Youm7) The Martian Perseverance rover is currently roaming its way through a crater called Jezero, to explore the site of an ancient river delta. Scientists are looking forward to searching this area for two specific reasons: First, to search for life on Mars, as it is one of the most interesting sites to find. … Read more

“Dubai Collectibles Nights” explores the horizons of creativity in the presence of masterpieces of art

The activities of the first edition of the “Dubai Collectibles Nights” initiative will start tomorrow and will continue until March 31, and will witness the presentation of a series of events and discussion sessions, in various regions of Dubai, according to what was announced by “Dubai Collectibles”, the first institutional art group of its kind … Read more

TechMIX: The Wild Week of Artificial Intelligence. It will bring a dose of creativity and chaos

You are reading a sample from the TechMIX newsletter, in which Pavel Kasík and Matouš Lázňovský bring several comments and observations from the world of science and new technologies every Wednesday. If TechMIX interests you, subscribe! Two days later, Microsoft introduced a very similar style of work. However, his presentation was somewhat more complex and … Read more