Infantas Elena and Cristina admit to having been vaccinated in the United Arab Emirates | Economy

Infantas Elena and Cristina have admitted in a message published by various media that they were vaccinated against the coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates when they went to visit their father, Juan Carlos I. In the statement that the Infanta Elena de Borbón has sent to various media after it was known that they … Read more

Andrea del Boca denied having been the coach of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

The actress referred to the alleged public speaking classes that she gave to the national official. 09/03/2021 Andrea del Boca went through the cycle “Fantino in the afternoon” led by Alejandro Fantino and spoke about the installed myth about Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s supposed coucheo. “For the memory of my father, the truth is that … Read more

Cristina Bălan’s reaction after she was accused of not aborting the twins

Upset-fire on the reaction of those who followed them the story on TV, Cristina Bălan posted an open letter on her personal Facebook account explaining why she did not have an abortion, although she knew during pregnancy that twins could have Down Syndrome. “Yes, I admit it, I was wrong. I’m guilty of culpable homicide. … Read more

Without fear, Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer went through the Senate and is about to be the new judge of Comodoro Py

Boico in the virtual audience in the Senate Roberto Boico, lawyer of the vice-president Cristina Kirchner in the case of the signing of the memorandum of understanding with Iran, had its hearing today at the Senate Accord Committee where is applied to be judge of Chamber II of the Federal Chamber of Comodoro Py, through … Read more

“Fungi and natural medicine”, Cristina Bajo’s column

Since I was a girl, mushrooms had an appeal for me full of wonder and fear, possibly as a result of the color illustrations in storybooks: I especially remember that mushroom with a red hat with white dots that was not missing in any forest, since from Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Gretel. … Read more

What does Cristina Joia look like after being operated on her nose twice. The trial against the woman who assaulted her in the store continues

She went through a very unpleasant experience in November last year when she was assaulted by a woman in a store in Bucharest. Due to the strong blow, Cristina Joia had the emergency operation, then she underwent another nasal reconstruction operation. For the first time, Cristina Joia gave up the mask on a television set. … Read more

Does Cristina Saralegui plan to return to television?

Getty Cristina Saralegui speaks without filters about her possible return to television. Cristina Saralegui broke the silence about the possibility of returning to the television industry after years away from the media. Throughout her artistic career, Saralegui was the host of important television programs such as “El Show de Cristina” and “Pa’lante con Cristina”. In … Read more

Today is another day, Cristina Parodi and the first meeting with Giorgio Gori

Cristina Parodi, the prophetic encounter with Lady Diana Serena Bortone is back with a new appointment of her afternoon show entitled Today is another day. The transmission, broadcast on Rai1, always welcomes surprising guests, and this time it was the turn of Cristina Parodi: in addition to retracing her career, the journalist told something more … Read more

Smiling, Cristina Kirchner also gave herself the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine

Related news Amid the debate over the reliability of coronavirus vaccines, the vice president Cristina Kirchner received the first dose of the vaccine this weekend Sputnik V. “By doing it, I am not only taking care of myself, but also taking care of others. Thanks to the health personnel for the enormous effort they are … Read more