Maria Cristina Messa and the VIP students, the teacher speaks: “It was I who denounced her, after they made me out of everything”

“I denounced the interference of the Rector”. The lawyer Samantha Ravezzi, creator and teacher of the international master in Human Rights and Security at the Bicocca University of Milan, has become a case due to the alleged pressure of Maria Cristina Messa, at the time rector and now minister, to promote “female students close to … Read more

Infanta Cristina back in Spain and radiant for an important birthday with her son Pablo

Fundación La Caixa’s international cooperation program celebrated its 25th anniversary this week. The Infanta Cristina, who has worked for this organization for many years, was back in Spain to attend the events organized on the sidelines of this anniversary. The Infanta Cristina had not appeared in Spain without a mask, relaxed, in her element, since … Read more

“Argentine Pride”: the video of the new Thunder song that Cristina Kirchner shared on the networks | From L-Ghent to Calamaro, who are the artists that appear

the vice president Cristina Kirchner He shared a new video on his social networks this Wednesday. This time, he replied to a publication of the young musician Thunderwhere different personalities are seen doing the classic “mate pass” while the song plays in the background Argentinawhich he performed with Nathy Pelusoand that The former president already … Read more

Cristina Chiabotto, 9-month-old shooting with a baby bump: delivery is very close

In her 37th week of gestation, the 35-year-old poses beautifully on the set Already a mother of Luce, one year, she will have another child Cristina Chiabotto pregnant with 9 months poses on the set, beautiful and disturbing more than ever with her mother’s forms, the 35-year-old former Miss Italy shortly before giving birth gives … Read more

Cristina Chiabotto with a big belly, last shooting before giving birth

June 16, 2022 9:49 am The former Miss Italy will soon be a mother bis, in the meantime she post sweet photos with her eldest daughter It has been a crescendo of emotions and love for Cristina Chiabotto since she met Marco Roscio, the entrepreneur she married in the Reggia di Venaria in September 2019 … Read more

Cristina Marino’s jeans are cool

If it seems to you that the whole world has made an appointment at Milan design week it is because, indeed, it is so. Among the many celebs that are crowding the streets of the Milanese city there is also Cristina Marino a great lover of art and design visited the installation by Louis Vuitton … Read more

Dividends from Media Capital give 3.5 million to Mário Ferreira and almost 250 thousand euros to Cristina Ferreira – Media

The management of Media Capital revealed on Thursday that it will propose the distribution of 9,972,555.24 euros in dividends from free reserves, as the owner of TVI recorded losses of 4.08 million euros. However, the group’s free reserves amounted to… Premium Business Subscribe and access without limits, on PC and smartphone Exclusive contents with the … Read more

Cristina Oliveira and João Baião: backstage accomplices on stage and in life | Friendship

“Porta dos Artistas”, reads the sign on the side of Teatro Tivoli, in Lisbon. That’s where the actors Cristina Oliveira and João Baião come in, for those days on stage with the Vaccine Monologues. “If someone recorded the back of this show, it would be another one as good as the one in front of … Read more

“Did Cristina pay for them out of her pocket?”: Feinmann’s irony about the purchase of vaccines against Covid-19

This Monday, in the usual pass of LN+ in between Pablo Rossi and Eduardo Feinmann, Both journalists questioned a “very Kirchnerist” phrase or concept, according to the host of The LN+ newscast, which points out that since the government applied the four vaccines, people cannot protest. “It is the typical thought of the fourth class … Read more

“Pure tropical flavor”: The tender reaction of Cristina Hurtado’s son when eating mango

Cristina Hurtado and her motherhood are always a topic that fills her followers with tenderness, as recently showed her baby eating mango, very concentrated. The host woman from Antioquia is away from her work on television, because now wants to spend more time with her little son and dedicate herself to her maternal side, in … Read more