CROATIA AFTER THE EURO: Inflation, Speculation and High Prices (VIDEO) – Economy – The World – Wake Up

First person narrative How has life changed in Croatia since they now pay in euros? It turns out that the call that we remember in our country from the difficult years of the transition – “For God’s sake, brothers, don’t buy” has become popular there as well. Information from the State Inspectorate dated January 25 … Read more

Croatia in the Eurozone. Croats broken

Horror in Croatia. Hard life in the Eurozone The governor of the Croatian National Bank, Boris Vujcic, says that his country, businesses and citizens were exceptionally well prepared for euro convergence. All economic parameters – inflation, government budget deficit, debt-to-GDP ratio and long-term interest rates – were under control. The exchange rate was also stable, … Read more

Handball World Cup. World champions arrested. A valuable win for Norway

14:45 TAKES Polsat Sports HD – Men’s volleyball: PlusLiga – match: Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie – LUK Lublin 14:45 TAKES Polsat Sports – Men’s volleyball: PlusLiga – match: Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie – LUK Lublin 14:55 TAKES Eleven Sports 1 – Football: Italian League – match: Hellas Verona – US Lecce 15:00 TAKES nSPORT – … Read more

Euro had to help Croatia further, but now mainly leads to frustration | Economy

14 jan 2023 om 05:30Update: 2 dagen geleden As of Sunday, Croatia is officially the twentieth country where payments can only be made with the euro. Although the currency should help Croatia further, residents of the country see prices suddenly rise after the introduction of the European single currency. What is going on? Until Saturday, … Read more

Who is the famous player who harassed Miss Croatia in the Qatar World Cup?

Miss Croatia, Ivana Noll, caused a wide controversy after her recent statements, through which she topped the trend in the past few days, after she confirmed to some foreign newspapers about the attempt of a number of players who participated with their country’s national teams in the 2023 World Cup, which was held in Qatar. … Read more

Miss Croatia with a breathtaking look…and the pink swimsuit is the talk of followers

Miss Croatia appeared in a new photo that she published while enjoying the sun from one of the boats. Ivana’s look was different this time, as she appeared in a pink swimsuit that ignited the enthusiasm of the followers who interacted with the image in an unusual way and shared it on their own pages, … Read more

Croatia changes its currency on a historic day and joins the eurozone

They discover an ancient settlement buried in the sea 1:14 (CNN) — With more than 1,600 kilometers of coastline and more than 1,000 islands and islets, Croatia is one of the most idyllic summer destinations in Europe. However, until now it had always seemed a bit more exotic than countries like France, Spain and Greece, … Read more