Fortnite, Chapter 3: a new special reward if you do Top 1! Find out how the crown works

News tip Fortnite, Chapter 3: a new special reward if you do Top 1! Find out how the crown works Posted on 12/06/2021 2:10 PM With the arrival of Chapter 3, Fortnite has decided to reward those who manage to perform well in their game a little more with a new crown system. But how … Read more

Encouraging findings about the severity – Dagsavisen

– It is too early to give any definitive statements, but so far it does not look like the variant is so very serious. So far, the findings are a bit encouraging, Fauci said in an interview with CNN on Sunday. He stressed that more information about the variant, which was discovered in South Africa … Read more

It appeared in the brains of children who had corona. If you have these symptoms, take them to the doctor.

Abscesses were detected in the brains of some children who applied to Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Faculty of Medicine Farabi Hospital with various complaints and were found to have coronavirus. Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Zeynep Gökçe Gayretli stated that after the virus, severe infectious diseases were seen in children and said, “Even though we … Read more

Done with new and strict rules against corona – Clear Speech

Nine days ago, a new variant of the corona was found. It was named omikron. Now it leads to new and strict rules in Norway. – We have had a large outbreak of omikron in Oslo, said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Thursday. People were infected at an event. Everyone who participated was fully … Read more

The Republic of Barbados is born: The last links with the British crown broken …

The island known for its paradisiacal beaches, its rum and for being the birthplace of the world superstar Rihanna is now head of state another woman, Sandra Mason, until then Governor General of the country, after her election in October by indirect universal suffrage.S. Mason was sworn in at midnight Monday evening in the capital, … Read more

Japanese Crown Prince Condemns “Terrible Things” Written About Former Princess Mako

Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino struck back at the media for his coverage of his daughter’s engagement and for saying “terrible things” about the former princess Mako. The crown prince, younger brother of Emperor Naruhito, said: “For me, slanderous words, words that deeply hurt people – whether in magazines or on the Internet – are unacceptable.” … Read more

End of the reign of Elizabeth II. Barbados is fed up with the British Crown

Queen Elizabeth II is no longer the head of Barbados from Tuesday 30 November. Sandra Mason was sworn in as the first president of the new republic Barbados has so far been one of the 16 kingdoms under the British monarchy “It’s time to completely leave our colonial past behind,” emphasizes Mason, who initiated the … Read more

Barbados is officially a republic: end of the rule of the crown of England

The islands Barbados they are officially an independent republic: the Queen Elizabeth II of England she is no longer recognized as a head of state. The turning point was announced a year ago, when the premier of the then parliamentary monarchy Mia Mottle had declared: “Barbados wants a Barbadian head of state“. From midnight, everything … Read more

World Chess Crown Draws Against Draw Sports

This time the champion played with white figures. Although the Russians had a slight advantage in the middle of the party, Carlsen mastered the situation and had the initiative in the end. Still, the fight after 58 moves ended in a regular draw. The first day of the competition was also played peacefully. The third … Read more