They Stole $15M From Cryptocurrency Exchange: What Happened

The exchange of cryptocurrencies had to stop its operations due to a possible cyberattack on its “hot” wallets, better known in English as “hot wallets”. These types of virtual wallets are used to store cryptocurrencies and users can manage their assets. Their main characteristic is that they work connected to the internet. This, on … Read more

Recession Hits Cryptocurrencies.. A Submerged Coin Is Rising 120000% Now By

© Alpha Footage – While a stagnation grips the cryptocurrency market during those moments of trading on Sunday, as majors such as Bitcoin and Ethereum suffer… That digital currency exploded during those moments of transactions to record heights of more than 60000%.. along with the struggle of Bitcoin and the adults of . It … Read more

Cryptocurrencies.. Will it be a hedging tool for investors in light of inflation?

In an interview with Al Arabiya, Muhammad Abdul Muttalib, managing partner at X-Pay for cryptocurrency trading, expected that the view of cryptocurrencies would change in the strategic term. Abdul Muttalib considered that the entry of large financial institutions into the cryptocurrency market was supportive of changing this view, especially after the strong rise over the … Read more

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, energy is becoming the real enemy

In recent months the Outages in coal-fired plants forced the government to import gas from abroad. After several blackouts the Balkan nation has now decided on a 60-day state of emergency during which it plans to impose energy cuts on homes and businesses. The Bitcoin Mining Ban Is At The Center Of The Campaign To … Read more

Three Cryptocurrencies Capturing Market Attention By

© Reuters – Terra, Polkadot failed to sustain their recent winning streak. ADA/USD is down -2.32% to $1.2635, while LUNA/USD is down -4.13% to $78.76, down -0.92% to $26 and $61. Cardano: The importance and demand is constantly increasing Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, stated that the importance and demand for it has increased … Read more

Mastercard predicts the trends of 2022 in Latin America, including Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and 5G

Thiago Dias, Vice President Fintech & Enablers for Latin America from Mastercard revealed what the 5 trends are Fintech for this 2022 in the financial services of Latinamerica including the Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies. In the statement signed by Thiago, reference is made to the evolution of financial systems driven by the coronavirus pandemic Coronavirus … Read more

In the face of cryptocurrencies that are settling in quietly, will the intelligence have to worry and react? [Par Mehdi Hijaouy]

Cryptocurrencies are transforming the Finance planet and settling there peacefully. It is massively, in volumes to make you dizzy, that they circulate through cyberspace. Also called cryptocurrencies, cryptographic currencies, or more commonly called cryptoassets, they are available for purchase and sale, through an entire ecosystem offering considerable possibilities. Except that the most popular and most … Read more

3 Cryptocurrencies That Will Dominate the Markets By

© Reuters – Bitcoin, , failed to extend its recent rally and took losses on Friday, January 14, 2022. BTC/USD tumbled -3.04% to $42,581, while Ether fell -2.85% to $3,261 and Solana fell. by -3.25% to $146.67. El Salvador’s digital currency reserves incur losses El Salvador was the first country in the world to … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, why Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather and other celebrities risk collapse

Kardashian: the post on Instagram, then the collapse of cryptocurrencies In June last year, actress, model and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian posted the following message on Instagram, a social network on which she has more than 20 million followers. Hey guys, are you in crypto? This is not financial advice but sharing what friends have told … Read more

The IMF warns of the risks of cryptocurrencies

(Agence Ecofin) – Cryptocurrencies have become a financial asset that counts on a global scale. But the fact that its value continues to rise and fall rapidly poses a risk, according to the IMF. A warning that concerns Nigeria. According to information contained in a blog published on the website of the International Monetary Fund … Read more