Bitcoin will cost a quarter of a million dollars, according to an influential investor

In the current uncertain times caused by the collapse of the FTX exchange and other platforms, few would bet on the fact that the most widespread cryptocurrency Bitcoin would return to its records and cost 70 thousand dollars again. One of the most famous risk investors from the American Silicon Valley, Tim Draper, goes even … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, the implosion of Ftx lays bare the surreal world we live in

The spectacular implosion of FTX, the cripto-exchange where several hedge funds and the super rich had invested, it stripped yet another component surreal of the world we live in. Once again we are confronted with a group of nerds, decidedly super gifted in mathematics and information technology, who in a short time have accumulated billions … Read more

ECB payments director slays bitcoin: It’s the last gasp

The crypto winter is “likely to be bitcoin’s last breath before the path to irrelevance”, defend the ECB’s director of market infrastructure and payments, Ulrich Bindseil, and Jürgen Schaaf, consultant of the same department. For experts, it is still necessary for regulators, legislators and banks not to legitimize the “cryptoqueen”.

Three Cryptocurrency Billionaires Dead in 30 Days and a Mystery in the Air

Written in GLOBAL the 30/11/2022 · 19:07 hs A helicopter from the air taxi company Monacair left Lausanne, Switzerland, last Monday (28) for the Principality of Monaco, a micronation located on the Mediterranean coast of France, but crashed into the ground in the luxurious town of Villefranche-sur -mer, already close to its final destination. On … Read more

Cryptocurrencies at half mast: investors on the verge of a nervous breakdown

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the euphoria of the great days has come to an end. After an exceptional year in 2021, the virtual currency market experienced a dizzying fall in 2022, losing two thirds of its value. Already faced with a major crisis of confidence, the sector is now dealing with the fallout from … Read more

rate and form of payment

The mortgage loan market is almost non-existent in Argentina, but is it possible to save in crypto to buy a property? The lack of access to credit, unstoppable inflation and the continuous devaluation of the peso make up a Hostile environment to fulfill the dream of owning a home. To this we must add that … Read more

The collapse of cryptocurrencies is also felt in Miami nightclubs

The crisis of FTX accompanied by the fall of the fortune and prestige of Sam Bankman-Fried It is one of the many events that have negatively affected the world of cryptocurrencies it’s 2022. With the Bitcoin worth a quarter of its all-time high, things are not going well for other currencies either. This has caused … Read more Director Warns These Cryptocurrencies May Disappear From Exchanges!

Exchanges may delist shitcoins. Source: Vodolazskyi CEO of Kris Marshall recently shared his opinion to low-cap cryptocurrencies. According to Marshal could exchanges begin to get rid of low-cap coins over time for investor protection reasons. storm they will make every effort in the near future to stabilize the negative sentiment and mistrust of … Read more

If these two companies go bankrupt, cryptocurrencies are over!

Bitcoin RIP Source: The founder of Dogecoin believes that the eventual collapse of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, or stablecoin issuer Tether, could seriously destabilize the entire industry, even send the entire industry to the bottom and never come out of it! Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also believes that the end of … Read more