a door to cancer cure

Research by Ecuadorian, Spanish and Peruvian scientists could be the key to finding new treatments for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women all over the world. Only in Ecuador last year, 757 women died from this disease. These are data from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC). … Read more

“Music will not cure a sick person, but it can heal their sadness or anxiety”

Since the pandemic broke out in our lives, Leticia Vergara works with a motto: “Sing with a mask to keep singing.” Of course it is uncomfortable, but security is non-negotiable and the alternative is hellish. Stop working and the music does not play is not in their plans. For this reason, the mezzo-soprano from Irunes … Read more

Politicians seeking votes in Brazil give false “cure” against COVID

Donald Trump brought hydroxychloroquine into the spotlight in March as a “very powerful” drug to fight COVID-19, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, his great ally, quickly adopted it. Two days after the first statement by the US president in favor of this drug, Bolsonaro announced that the Brazilian army laboratory would expand its production, and … Read more

early detection has a 95% chance of cure

At first he explained what his specialty is about, “Mastology is a specialty, it is done after being an obstetrician or general surgeon. We are dedicated to everything that refers to breast pathologies, both benign and malignant, both in women and men ”. Regarding breast cancer, he explained that “it was shown that mammography is … Read more

#We verify: President of Madagascar did not say that the WHO offered bribes to poison the “cure for Covid-19”

In social networks it is circulating that the president of Madagascar has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of offering a bribe of US $ 20 million to “poison the cure for Covid-19.” Andry Rajoelina, President of the African country, maintains, without scientific basis, that a tea made with local herbs is the cure for … Read more

Ecuador did not find a cure for covid-19, nor did it disagree with WHO

According to the Colombiacheck check-up page, a chain circulates on WhatsApp stating that “Ecuadorian doctors, led by Dr. Jacinto Pichamaluco, disobeyed the WHO world health law, not to do autopsies on the coronavirus deaths and they confirmed that it is not a virus but a bacterium that causes death. This causes clots to form in … Read more

Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart donates blood to find a possible coronavirus cure

Marcus Smart, guard for the Boston Celtics, confirmed that he is free of coronavirus after testing positive two weeks ago and that he now plans to donate blood so that it can be studied in the hope of finding a treatment that will help overcome the COVID-19 disease. . According to Michael Joyner, an anesthesiologist … Read more

Learn about Madagascar’s treatment to cure Covid-19 | News

Madagascar last month introduced an herbal treatment that can prevent and cure patients suffering from the new coronavirus. The drug was developed by the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research. READ ALSO: Covid-19 finds its most fragile victims in women and girls Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) for not endorsing his … Read more

Ecuador has not disobeyed the WHO or found a cure for the coronavirus

Bogotá, Oct 8 (EFE) .- Neither Ecuador has found a cure for the coronavirus nor has it rebelled against the provisions of the World Health Organization (WHO), as indicated by a new WhatsApp chain that is circulating in that country. The viral message, which picks up on others previously shared about Spain and Italy, affirms … Read more

The false viral message about Ecuador, which accuses it of having disobeyed the WHO and found the cure for the coronavirus

Ni Ecuador has found a cure for the coronavirus or rebelled against the provisions of the World Health Organization (WHO), as indicated by a new WhatsApp chain that is circulating in that country. He viral message, which takes up other shared previously about Spain and Italy, affirms that the cause of the COVID-19 it is … Read more