Sinusitis what it is, symptoms and how to cure it. Who are the best specialists in Rome?

Today we talk about sinusitis, with Dr. Massimiliano Del Ninno, otolaryngologist of the platform What is Sinusitis? Sinusitis is an inflammatory or infectious process that affects the sinus cavities which are located within the facial mass and which are closely and functionally correlated with the nasal dynamics, therefore we could define it, in a … Read more

Discovery of protein that is the “key” in the cure of lung cancer

A new advance in science comes to encourage patients with lung cancer🇧🇷 Study finds that the TLR2 protein could be the key to reducing deaths from lung cancer after early diagnosis. In addition to helping to control the body’s defense when cancerous mutations occur, the levels of this protein can help to understand the probability … Read more

IF weight loss trend Is it true to cure irregular menstruation? | Insights into the health system

truth! Determining the eating period or IF can everyone do it? What precautions are there? Nowadays, there are many tips and information about weight loss. One of the most popular methods isIntermittent Fasting or IF (IF) timing of eating Divided into times when you can eat and times when you don’t eat. By the time … Read more

Sports and Mental Health: Can Exercise Cure Depression?

It is now a consolidated concept that the practice of physical exercise brings with it numerous benefits. But what if these adaptations concerned not only the general physical aspect but also the psychic one? Let’s see together what science says about it Andrea Bulgheroni – Noritura November 30th People who play sports are often told … Read more

Antidiabetic drugs & MS: Cure or Risk?

Antidiabetic drugs & MS: Cure or Risk? – DocCheck A study shows that type 2 diabetics who take blood sugar lowering drugs have an increased risk of multiple sclerosis. Women are particularly at risk. However, this does not seem to affect every age group. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune neurological disease that central nervous … Read more

“Leklai water” can cure many diseases, is it true? | Health Me Please EP.30 : PPTVHD36

“Leklai water” can cure many diseases, is it true? . Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jessada Denduangboribhand Lecturer at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University gave information that Leklai water can cure many diseases. “Not true” . Because remade does not exist. It doesn’t exist in minerals or is scientifically named minerals, it’s just made up. It … Read more

How to wash your nose with NaCl liquid to cure colds

Do you know? According to the British Medical Journal cited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, the nose is the part of the body that collects dirt and viruses the most. If not cleaned, the symptoms of the disease will easily attack the body with weak immunity. For example, flu symptoms … Read more