Rub lemon under your feet before going to sleep! It turned out to be such a benefit: Turns out it was the cure for that problem!

Lemon is a juicy fruit from the citrus family. The bark is greenish yellow and thin. Its interior usually consists of 8-10 compartments and is consumed by squeezing the water inside the sections. Lemon has a sharp, sour taste. Lemon is very rich in vitamin C and also contains important nutrients such as folate, potassium … Read more

You will regret a thousand times for every day you don’t drink. It completely ends the infection and edema. What are the benefits of onion cure?

While the onion is an extremely important food for human health, the components in the onion help the person to have a healthy life. Onion, which creates a great taste when added in meals, also helps to cure many diseases in the body naturally. Here are the miraculous benefits of onion cure…

The cure for anemia and B12 deficiency is in this food! The disease that eats this food does not know what it is – Gallery

People with anemia are generally recommended to consume foods containing iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Depending on the level of anemia, the solution to this problem can be provided with foods. So, what are the blood-forming foods? Specialist Dietitian Gözde Karaca listed the foods that cure B12 deficiency and iron deficiency…

Israeli researchers have found a cure for pancreatic cancer, the most lethal form of the disease

Israeli researchers found treatment for pancreatic cancer by comparing 400 non-metastatic pancreatic tumor growths with metastatic growth cells and found that changes in the processing of the RNA molecule inside the cell, rather than genetic changes in DNA, were responsible for the growth metastatic. Metastatic growths are the leading cause of death from pancreatic cancer, … Read more

The hypothesis of a cancer vaccine to achieve cure rates of 70%

Sociedad Vilagarcía / The Voice The Arousan oncologist Luis Pérez-Ares believes it is possible, based on RNA technology, and highlights the importance of screening such as lung and colon screening, in whose development Galicia will be a pioneer 16 Mar 2023. Updated at 7:48 p.m. The technology of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA, according to the … Read more

when a cure no longer works

It sounds so normal: a cure for that inflammation. But more and more bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. What now? Margaret PrickMarch 22, 202309:00 We have about 38,000 billion bacteria in our body. Does not matter. They are useful and help us stay healthy. But some bacteria cause infection or inflammation. Fortunately, we can get … Read more

10 foods to cure constipation, rich in fiber Techniques to eat 400 grams of vegetables and fruits per day : PPTVHD36

Constipation, a problem that cannot be told to anyone But have to endure the discomfort, abdominal pain and may have additional pain in the anal area as well Do you know if you leave it for a long time? May increase the risk of various diseases, including hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, or even more serious, … Read more

The Stanford “cure” for virus hoaxes is to have real news censored as well

In the beginning it was the «organs», experimental weapons of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, a multifaceted genius, did not fail to design one in the Codex Atlanticus. The ancestor of the modern machine gun, an instrument dreamed of over the centuries to increase firepower in battle, essentially consisted of a variable number of small-caliber … Read more

The Schalke player can be a cure for the left-back of the team. “I was raised in Polish, the choice is clear”

Schalke player will solve Polish left-back problems? Philip Amaro Buczkowski turned 18 a month ago, plays for Schalke U-19 and wants to represent Poland. Thanks to receiving a Polish passport, he will be able to play in Polish youth teams in matches for points. We invite you to an interview with – we keep our … Read more