International financial group MELD together with Bitlocus enables conversions between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies without additional mediation

The signed partnership gives users access to more than seven centralized and decentralized exchanges using the aggregator services provided by Bitlocus. Among other DeFi tools used by more than 50 thousand users, MELD additionally links DeFi and the traditional financial system, enabling instant card top-ups and transfers to blockchain ecosystems without any financial barriers. “This … Read more

BRICS single currency is a long-term issue; will focus on using local currencies

Key facts: BRICS experts want to “deepen ties between economies” of member countries. The use of local currencies could precede the arrival of a single BRICS currency. The single currency that will be created by the BRICS group of countries could be launched in the medium or long term. Therefore, right now the nations that … Read more

Order of the 5 BRICS Currencies from Strongest to Weakest

Chinese Yuan paper currency. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – The BRICS is an economic group consisting of five countries with major economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Each country in this group has a national currency that is used in trading and financial activities. The following is a ranking of the currencies of BRICS … Read more

Digital currencies are rising strongly with renewed fears of the banking crisis..and Bitcoin is targeting $31,000

© Reuters – It is rising after failing to breach levels of 31,000 and falling to 27,000, but it is rising again, driven by fears of escalating fears of a renewed crisis in US banks, following the issuance of the results of First Republic Bank, which revealed a sharp decline in returns and led … Read more

Lose the dollar of its established position among the world’s currencies? At the same time, the euro is ahead of it, according to data from the Bank for International Payments

The increasing activity on the international scene, not only the hostility of President Xi Jinping in Moscow but also the hostility of French President Emmanuel Macron abroad, has intensified the debate and the grouping of geopolitical forces. This is underlined by the current visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Brazil. For a change, … Read more

The crown conquers the world. Only the currencies of weaker economies are strengthening faster

“Globally, the koruna has become a relatively safer harbor for parking free finance,” Natland economist Petr Bartoň emphasizes. The main central banks of the world record the strength of the Czech currency. “A rise in rates in the dollar-euro zone has become much less likely. In America, such a step would further reduce the prices … Read more

“Why can’t we trade our own currencies?”

Caracas.- Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, president of Brazil, questioned the widespread use of the dollar, as well as lashed out at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other traditional financial institutions for imposing their rules on developing countries. For this reason, he suggested that a single currency of the Brics block be created. “Why … Read more

Digital currencies are entering the scene. Are we running out of cash?

Digital currencies will replace cash. Source: Shatilova Technology-driven paper money and coins are gradually disappearing in today’s world, and digital currencies are gradually entering their experimental phase. Transactions are increasingly digitized and the demand for other currencies is growing. The goal is to create a comprehensive digital system, but there are still many unsolved … Read more

The koruna will weaken, experts estimate. But he will maintain a psychological boundary

The agency’s latest survey Reuters from April shows that the Czech crown should pare down some of the previous gains against the euro over the next 12 months and reach the level of 23.86 crowns per euro. This represents a weakening of almost two percent from the current values ​​of 23.41 CZK/EUR. At the same … Read more

Gold records the highest settlement price in 11 months

Gold prices recorded the highest settlement price since April last year today, March 20, after it exceeded $2,000 an ounce during the session for the first time in a year. Upon settlement, gold futures rose about 0.5%, or $9.30, to $1,982.8 an ounce. The metal benefited during Monday’s session from the decline in the US … Read more