New exchange rate for operations with foreign currency accounts in Cuba

The Banco de Crédito y Comercio (Bandec) has informed about a new exchange rate for operations with foreign currency accounts in Cuba. According to an article published in the newspaper September 5the objective of the new measure of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) is to benefit the natural persons who own the account for … Read more

These 3 Sectors Will Be Currency Even If The World Is In Chaos

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It is increasingly predicted that a world recession will occur in 2023, and could even last for quite a long time. It is known, an economic recession is defined as a significant decrease in economic activity in a stagnant and long time. In general, a recession occurs when the Gross Domestic … Read more

Newsflash” On-chain detectives: FTX hackers have transferred “a large amount of Bitcoin” to OKX! Launder money through the currency mixer first |

(Recap:FTX Hackers Want to Smash Disks Again” Transfer “200 Million Dollars” ETH! Ether falls below 1,100, Bitcoin breaks below 15,500)(background supplement:After FTX was hacked, Fireblock secretly cooperated with the Bahamas government to transfer 400 million US dollars in assets! SBF Holding Private Keys Causes Controversy) FTX hackerAfter selling the stolen 17,000 ETH and converting it … Read more

According to Nomura, the threat of a currency crisis is similar to that of Turkey, with inflation at almost 90%. How did it happen?

Turkey is currently pro svt a deterrent example of unworthy followers, or at least what he is afraid of inflac at. Vn mnov crisis up there in the air. According to some experts, the probability of crisis in esk is comparable to the first v Turkey. eye What kind of thing? Tureck President Recep Tayyip … Read more

The dollar is ravaging the Egyptian pound.. Will weakening the currency become an alternative to defaulting on payment? | Economie

Cairo- The limits of the flexible exchange rate of the Egyptian pound exceeded all speculations, and it fell below the worst expectations of local and international investment banks, economists and financial analysts, amid a state of confusion and astonishment in the Egyptian markets. A report by the American Bloomberg Agency – before the decision to … Read more

is this virtual currency still as profitable? – The New Tribune

Since its creation in 2009 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has become essential in terms of cryptocurrency. Indeed, this virtual currency remains the most valuable of all currently. It should be noted, however, that investing in this digital token does not only have advantages. According to figures from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), … Read more

Including paying the amount in foreign currency.. Learn about the conditions for buying cars for Egyptians abroad in 2022

Many Egyptians wonder about the possibility Buying cars abroadEgyptians also bear the costs of taxes that fall on them from buying cars from abroad, and the Council of Ministers determined, Conditions for buying cars for Egyptians abroad 2022. Buying cars abroad 2022 Buying cars for Egyptians abroad 2022 Select the cabinet Conditions for buying cars … Read more

Currency rates today, Tuesday 11-29-2022, against the Egyptian pound

We publish the rates of Arab and foreign currencies against the Egyptian pound during morning trading today, Tuesday 11-29-2022, as the price of the dollar today against the Egyptian pound recorded 24.50 pounds for purchase, and 24.55 pounds for sale, while the exchange rate of the euro against the pound recorded 25.32 for purchase, 25.51 … Read more