Blizzard’s Diablo 4 Poll: €40, Battle Pass, and In-Game Currency

Blizzard has launched a survey of players in Germany about the content and cost of various publications Diablo IV. Players were offered a choice of different prices and content of the game sets. They had to choose the most preferred ones. In the variants of the edition of the game, their content is listed. According … Read more

The koruna weakened against the euro and the dollar, the Prague Stock Exchange continues to grow

The stock exchange index PX rose by 0.72 percent to 1261.73 points on Friday. At the end of the working week, the shares of Komerční banka and the electricity company ČEZ pulled it up, on the contrary, Moneta Money Bank lost. It follows from the results of trading on website stock exchanges. The koruna weakened … Read more

Dollar falls in line with the decline of the currency globally and the recovery of copper

The price of the dollar closed lower this Monday in line with the behavior of the currency at a global level and the rise in copper, and after July’s inflation data will be above expectations confirming the expectations that the Central Bank will continue to increase the interest rate. The US currency finished trading at … Read more

How much is $1000 argentines in brazilians?

The real is the currency from Brazil and enjoys great popularity in the Argentine territory, either by Argentine citizens who wish to vacation in said country, as well as by those savers What are they looking for in the real a way to protect yourself from inflation. This fact has generated that many Argentines change … Read more

Currency rates today, Tuesday, 2-8-2022 against the Egyptian pound

We publish currency rates against the Egyptian pound at the beginning of morning trading today, Tuesday 2-8-2022, in Egyptian banks, where the price of the dollar against the pound recorded 18.96 pounds for purchase, and 19.02 pounds for sale. While the Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate against the pound recorded 59.54 pounds for purchase, and 62.08 … Read more

Sheba Currency Team publishes a video that sparks community curiosity

Sheba’s official Twitter account posted a mysterious video, sparking the community’s curiosity with what appears to be the team’s next project. Some community members suggested that the logo depicted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while other users claimed to have seen a treasure chest. It should be noted that on July 20, Sheba’s Twitter account … Read more

After its collapse, the Lebanese currency finds a way to revive itself

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Before the crisis, the coin used to buy many small necessities for daily use, the value of which was equivalent to a third of a dollar, but today it has become a target for collecting by coin collectors. However, after the crisis, the value of the 500 Lebanese pound metal … Read more

Central – a decision by the Central Bank regarding cash withdrawals from currency accounts

central- The Banque du Liban issued an intermediary decision No. 13464 in which it called on “the concerned bank to inform the Banking Control Committee on a monthly basis of the value of foreign currencies resulting from cash withdrawals from accounts in foreign currencies.” To view the contents of the resolution, please click on the … Read more

Russian currency ruble depreciates, breaks through 58 rubles against the dollar Interest rate cut | Reuters

The ruble was sold in the Russian market on the 25th of the week and exceeded 58 rubles against the dollar. Taken in February (2022 Reuters / Dado Ruvic) [モスコー 25日 ロイター] –The ruble was sold in the Russian market on the 25th of the week and exceeded 58 rubles against the dollar. With tax … Read more

Know the name of the Chinese currency, what is the difference between the renminbi and the yuan? page all – Related topics Chinese currency name often cause confusion. Is there really? two Chinese currencies applies internationally? In this regard, the difference between the yuan and renminbi is one of the things that need to be considered to cut the confusion that often occurs. The reason is, there are those who say that yuan … Read more