On the eve of Arbitrum’s currency issuance, I will teach you to in-depth calculation of “top public chains and ecological valuations”

Regarding the public chain, after so many years of development, many data valuation models have basically stabilized. The purpose of this article is to discuss the public chain and the ecological valuation system from another perspective. This article is originally from Continue Capital’s PimaAn exploratory analysis on top-tier public chains and their ecological valuation models“, … Read more

Digital currencies that will multiply their value dozens of times.. Musk’s favorite currency on the list!

Investing.com – The cryptocurrency market has seen huge gains over the past few days in the aftermath of the US banking crisis. Bitcoin is now up 6.6% to $26,544, while Ethereum is up 5.2% to $1,737. While the overall market is steadily moving upwards, some cryptocurrencies have performed better than others, and some cryptocurrencies are … Read more

Mexico reaps the fruits of a strong currency and looks to the US attentive to a possible fall

Mexican pesos and dollars in a currency exchange house in Laredo, in the State of Texas (USA).Eddie Seal (Bloomberg) “I think this is a surprise for everyone,” says economist Janneth Quiroz. The unexpected performance of the Mexican peso has caused analysts like her to reassess their economic prospects for the country, the second largest economy … Read more

How is the coin that came in a cereal for which they give almost 150 thousand pesos?

Experts in numismatics have realized that the coin that came in a cereal for which collectors are willing to pay the modest amount of 150 thousand pesos; but it should be noted that before making any purchase, it is best for the bearer to see a money expert to determine whether or not said object … Read more

There is no end to the strengthening of the crown. However, the Czech currency will not maintain its current values ​​in the long term – FAEI.cz

On Wednesday, the koruna briefly traded at 23.35 CZK/EUR against the euro, which is the strongest value since July 2008. However, it ultimately failed to maintain these levels and returned slightly below 23.50 CZK/EUR. This was also helped by slightly worse data on the growth of the domestic economy in the fourth quarter of last … Read more

Gamers have to pay almost a third of their salary to play on Steam, due to the lack of their native currency

© Valve has recently made quite a few changes to its popular gaming platform. Additional language filters have been added to the site to make it easier to find games and reviews. The tools and mechanisms targeted at developers and game producers have also been improved. The biggest news, however, was the launch of an … Read more

U.S. sanctions 3 foreign currency earning institutions and 2 individuals within 2 weeks of North Korea’s ICBM launch (2 overall reports)

input2023.03.02 03:07 correction2023.03.02 06:44 North Korea’s nuclear and missile ‘crimping money’ strengthened… Overseas construction and statue business ‘blocked’ On the 1st (local time), the U.S. government imposed sanctions on three North Korea-related organizations and two individuals who have supported North Korea’s nuclear and missile development funds through illegal foreign currency earning activities abroad. The U.S. … Read more

Binance returns a digital currency to the lights after sharp collapses…and a strong expected rise

© Reuters Investing.com – The TerraClassic community has addressed the concerns of the Binance token burn with the latest offers accepted. Binance has announced that it will support the upgrade of the Terra Classic network, after the last accepted proposal regarding the . Thus, during yesterday evening’s update, deposits and withdrawals of Luna Classic were … Read more

Exchange rate of the euro to the koruna: The Czech currency has broken another boundary. Experts have said what will happen next

During Tuesday afternoon, the koruna reached up to 23 crowns and 47 halers per euro, but before the end of trading it weakened slightly and closed the day with an exchange rate of 23.52 CZK/EUR. This is the strongest exchange rate in more than fourteen years. The positive sentiment on world markets caused by, for … Read more