Photo: Reporters visited a Ukrainian village near the front

Every day, Russian shells, rockets and bombs fall on Orichiv in southeastern Ukraine. Everything has been going on for over a year now. There is no electricity or gas, no drinking water. The Russians are in trenches just outside the town. Orichiv used to be home to fifteen thousand people, today about five hundred survive … Read more

Hundreds of people live underground. A “city” with generators and a barbershop was created in Ukraine

Previously, 15,000 people lived in the Ukrainian city of Orichiv, now only five hundred remain. “Above the surface, the city is completely scattered, people live in underground spaces, where they even built schools with the help of volunteers and soldiers,” describes Aktuálně.cz reporter Martin Novák, who visited the Ukrainian town together with photographer Jakub Plíhal. … Read more

“Residential” Dacia Jogger has arrived in the Czech Republic. It’s a cheap way to sleep in a car

Summer is upon us and with it RV season. Their popularity grows every year, and their size gradually decreases. You can thus sleep in cars such as the Volkswagen Caddy or the Mercedes-Benz T-Class, which offer the comfort of almost a full-sized residence. But they get paid properly for it. Dacia is now starting to … Read more

It is not a total victory. The reporter describes exactly what territory the Ukrainians must acquire

“Cities continue to be decimated, on the other hand, there is now a certain optimism in Ukraine related to the upcoming counter-offensive. The majority of Ukrainians believe that somehow the Ukrainian army will succeed in pushing out the Russians,” says Aktuálně.cz reporter Martin Novák after returning from Ukraine. He points out, however, that not all … Read more

Roadster Patak Motors – Aktuálně.cz

It’s called the Rodster and you can have it either with a petrol engine or as an electric car, with or without a folding roof. It was developed by the team at the newly established Slovak company Patak Motors. “It’s unique in that it’s small, but at the same time very fun. It’s an ideal … Read more

The biggest, the greenest, the most practical. We’ve reviewed the top of Kia’s range, the EV9 SUV

It will be the largest Kia in the European range. The electric SUV EV9 exceeds five meters in length and offers space for six or seven passengers. It is angular, but the creators draw attention to very good aerodynamics. It will be on the market before the end of the year, but the Aktuálně.cz editorial … Read more

Biden’s man told us that we cannot defeat Russia on the battlefield, says an influential Ukrainian woman

Last night from February 23 to 24, Daria Kaleniuková crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border with her two children. When the young Ukrainian woman shook off the shock that the invasion had begun and that her life would now take place differently, she set to work. By then, the experienced activist founded the International Center for Ukrainian … Read more

The market for the smallest cars is in ruins. Most of the models disappeared, the rest became significantly more expensive

They used to be offered by almost every car manufacturer, but today they are a rare commodity. We are talking about minicars for the city, of which there are only six left in the brand’s offer. It is only eighteen years since the first Citroën C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo rolled off the production … Read more

It’s not just more luxurious, it also goes further. Škoda showed the top Enyaq Laurin & Klement

Škoda introduced the sporty Enyaq in two versions, Sportline and RS, but the luxury variant was missing from the offer until now. The gap is now filled by a version with the traditional Laurin & Klement label, but not only leather seats and gray exterior details. It also brings an improved battery and a strengthened … Read more

How much does cheap electromobility cost? The choice of cars up to a million is growing, China is playing cards

Jan Matoušek 22. 5. 2023 6:02 MG4, a compact electric car with a price reduced below 800 thousand crowns, officially entered the Czech market last week. Quite a lot has already been written about it, including comparing the base price to a diesel Octavia or Golf. In this context, the electric car may not hold … Read more