The opposition wanted to call on the Austrian to remove the Austrian from the government. According to him, STAN will return donations that would be problematic

“What appeared on the Seznam server – that one of the people who was supposed to be a gift for the STAN movement is being prosecuted – was new information for us. (…) We verify this particular gift. If anyone is found guilty, we will automatically and quickly return the gift at that moment, “said … Read more

Deltacron? Cyprus reports the discovery of a mixture of covid variants – BNN

A professor of biology at the University of Cyprus has announced the discovery of a strain of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which contains a genetic pattern characteristic of the omicron variant in the genome of the delta variant of the virus, US media reported. As reported by American media CNBC and BloombergLeonid Kostrikis, a professor of … Read more

FHI believes that “delta crown” may be a laboratory error and not a new variant

Researchers in Cyprus believe they have found a new corona variant that is a mixture of omicron and delta. FHI believes, however, that this is a laboratory error. Researchers in Cyprus believe they have found a new corona variant that is a mixture of delta and omicron. Chief physician Preben Aavitsland in FHI is not … Read more

Possible new corona variant found in Cyprus. Combination of delta and omikron

Scientists may have discovered a new corona variant in Cyprus. They describe it as the ‘deltacron variant’ because it would be a combination of the delta and omikron variant. It would be a variant that has ‘the genetic signature of omicron and the genome of delta’. “We have found a strain that is a combination … Read more

A new strain of COVID-19 combining delt and omicron has been discovered in Cyprus

Vaccination in the capital of Kirpo, Nicosia. Photo by Iakovos Hatzistavrou (AFP / Scanpix) Paulius Grinkeviius Business inios Cypriot researchers say 25 new strains of coronavirus have been detected. The new variety combines the rapidly spreading omicron and delt varieties in the world. A new strain called deltacron is due to an omicron-like genetic trait … Read more

The wreck of the British F-35B that sank off the coast of Cyprus has been recovered – Defense Analysis

The wreck of the British F-35B fighter that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea on 17 November after the failed take-off from the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was recovered off the Cypriot coast. The recovery operation of the wreck and on-board equipment involved underwater and surface vehicles of the US, British and Italian Navy (the … Read more

Erdogan to Southern Cyprus: Don’t Sabotage Our Mosques

Turkey will respond strongly to attempts to burn mosques in southern Cyprus REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, ANKARA — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said attacks on mosques in Cyprus would not be left ‘without an answer’. He said this after reports emerged of attempts at burning mosques in the Greek-controlled part of Cyprus. Turkey’s pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah … Read more

The Pope invited migrants from Cyprus to come to Italy

As reported by the Vatican’s press office, Francis’s gesture is a continuation of his trip to Cyprus and an expression of concern for migrants. “Several people who will come to Italy were present yesterday at an ecumenical meeting with migrants at the Church of the Holy Cross in Nicosia,” said Giancarlo Penza from the Community … Read more

The Czech footballers lost the sensation at the very end, the Dutch were able to equalize

The Czech footballers drew in Ostrava in the fifth qualifying duel to advance to the World Cup with the defending champions of the Netherlands 2: 2, even though they led twice over the big favorite. They lost a sensational victory in the setting. “The rating is positive for me. We would take a 2: 2 … Read more