Petra Janů paid extra for covid and plastic surgery. The fans were scared by her appearance, she realizes it herself, but she moves on

Singer Petra Janů recently celebrated her seventieth birthday. Therefore, she is very well aware that she has to take care of her appearance with regard to her age, and she has never made a secret of the fact that she is willing to undergo various beautification procedures. But one of them took revenge on her … Read more

Pires wins against Ferrari duo after marathon and Verstappen is seventh in the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

Pires wins against Ferrari duo after marathon and Verstappen is seventh in the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Cairo – the middle gate Sunday 02 October 2022, 05:43 pm The Formula 1 World Championship title was postponed after Red Bull’s Mexican driver Sergio Perez won the Singapore Grand Prix, the seventeenth round of this season, … Read more

Who was KO’d after the first round and which of the former Survivor participants became the winner of the Octagon?

Oktagon 35 took place in Brno on Saturday, September 17. Apart from the Kincl vs Lohoré match of the evening, when Kincl retained the title, two complete newcomers who had only 3 and a half months to prepare, fought in the cage according to MMA rules. Who did the preparation pay off and came out … Read more

Marie Růžičková is looking for a job, but she can’t go to Lidl. Her job must be up to standard

The wife of hockey coach Vladimír Růžička, Marie, who is twenty-five years younger, has been filling the tabloids lately. A week ago, it was due to the fact that she objected to the haters on her Instagram, who often and gladly evaluate her appearance. Now for the interview in which she said she can’t just … Read more

This time, Czech Television recalculated. The biggest competitor defeated her with her own, moreover, old weapon

There is no doubt that the program of the public channel and private stations is starting to resemble more and more. This trend, which can have a serious impact on Czech Television due to problems with its financing, is already manifested so far that, for example, Nova Television broadcasts popular series from the rich archive … Read more

Roman Čada alias “prcek” from Můj bracha má prima brachu quit acting in his twenties. Today he runs a business and has political ambitions

Roman Čada (60), a former child actor, quit acting 40 years ago, when he was in his early twenties. Thanks to his roles in popular films, we still see him on TV screens, regularly several times a year. He was most famous for his Martin Pavelka in popular comedies My brother has a great brother … Read more

The irresistible Czech lover endured the favor of women hard. He therefore stopped playing and another, similar to him, had not yet been born

If an actor who met the parameters of a Hollywood star ever appeared in Czech cinema, it was primarily Vít Olmer. Some directors were well aware of this and cast him in the lead roles of irresistible lovers. They were made for a tall young man with a beautiful face. As a result, Olmer became … Read more

Did participating in Survivor ruin her career? The otherwise active Nikola Čechová withdrew from social networks

Participation in the reality show Survivor Česko & Slovensko helped most competitors to become visible and move in the right direction in their careers. However, this did not happen to everyone, with the exception of the so-called “holy trinity” of Survivor, composed of Nikola, Chile and Veronica. Thanks to slanders on the island, intrigues and … Read more

In his book, the critic dispelled years of myths about Karl Gott, and it paid off. He collects prices for it

Sunday’s announcement of the “Magnesia Litera 2022” literary awards brought a big surprise. Pavel Klusák, a music publicist, won two awards, for journalism, and finally the main one, ie “Books of the Year”, for the publication “Karel Gott: The Czechoslovak Story”. One can only speculate that the jury indirectly revealed what it thinks of one … Read more

Star guests will once again compete in the show Na lovu. Will one of them also wear the legendary orange shorts?

The audience’s popular knowledge show TV Nova On the hunt, moderated by Ondřej Sokol, has already surprised us with four competitors from the ranks of celebrities, when the proceeds did not go into their pockets, of course, but to charity. Ondřej Sokol welcomed actor Jakub Prachar, moderator and entertainer Aleš Háma, actress Ester Geislerová and … Read more