Listen to China forever? If you resist, as soon as possible, said Vystrčil before leaving for Taiwan – CT24 – Czech Television

President Miloš Zeman rejects the mission of the President of the Senate due to possible economic consequences, and the chairman of the CSSD and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček also objected. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) stated that he respects Vystrčil’s decision and the trip is his business. The President of the Senate rejects the … Read more

A Turkish lawyer went on a hunger strike for a fair trial. She died after 238 days – ČT24 – Czech Television

Ebro Timtikova was buried under police supervision. According to Bianet, her sister Barkin, who is also a lawyer and in prison, was not allowed to attend. The prosecutor’s office rejected her request “due to coronavirus measures”. Among other things, the European Commission reacted to Timtikova’s death. “Ebro Timtik’s hunger strike for a fair trial and … Read more

Great reinforcement for Hradec! He slapped with the most productive Czech back in the NHL season

Filip Hronek will start a new season in Hradec Králové. Vlastimil Vacek, Right “Although the negotiations and completion of this transfer took a long time, it was clear from the beginning that the club and Filip are quite clear about mutual cooperation, as Filip simply belongs to Hradec. The agreement on the conditions between the … Read more

By car to school. The new Czech electric car Kaipan is for fifteen years old

The smallest Czech carmaker Kaipan introduced a new car. Kaipan 415 “For Fifteen” is an electric car for drivers from 15 years. Until now, the company only offered roadster sports cars. “Since I have several teenage sons, we started working with a car variant from the age of fifteen. We cooperate with the University of … Read more

The Czech startup Reas is launching the purchase of real estate at a market price. He pays immediately and wants to improve the sale of real estate

When someone wants to sell a property in the Czech Republic, they generally have two options to choose from – on their own, or indirectly through a broker or real estate agency. However, such a process is often lengthy, the sale of real estate takes an average of six months, during which time fifteen people … Read more

The war of Czech billionaires over pets. There are hundreds of millions in the game

The duel of two well-known businessmen started. The lawsuit of Supernius Pet, filed by one of the richest Czechs, Tomáš Chrenek, together with his son, is filed with the Municipal Court in Prague. “This is a lawsuit for the payment of a sum of money in the amount of 280,138,645 crowns,” confirmed the registry office … Read more

ON-LINE: The number of newly infected in the Czech Republic exceeded 350

9:55 – V South Korea the number of confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection per day increased by 371 to a total of 19,077. 316 infected people have already died in the country. 9:50 – V Russia the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection increased by 4829 to a total of 980 405, the … Read more

Britain will remove the Czechia from safe countries. Czech rules for Croatia and France do not change – ČT24 – Czech Television

The hygienists did not take measures on their return from Croatia, among other things, because there are tens of thousands of Czechs in the country who are going home at the end of the holidays, explains Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek. Another reason is the actions of the Croatian government, which, for example, banned the … Read more

Jawa has a new model in the Czech Republic, the RVM 500 touring enduro is already waiting at dealers

The elegant touring enduro RVM 500 by Jawa has a somewhat complicated pedigree, but we are sure that a number of potential customers will go to see it. The novelty is already waiting to be stocked at the sellers, with relatively nice parameters and price. Unexpectedly, Týnecká Jawa introduced a novelty in its offer, which … Read more

Britain removes the Czech Republic from the list of safe countries

“It has been decided that Britain will remove the Czech Republic from its safe list, with effect from Saturday morning,” Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek told a news conference earlier. But the Czech side will still want to discuss this. “I think the Czech Republic should stay on that list,” he added. According to Smolek, … Read more