The Czechia will be able to impose national sanctions, the government approved

Pursuant to the law, targeted national restrictive measures adopted on the basis of decisions of the Czech Republic, based on the country’s security interests and aimed at maintaining or restoring international peace and security, protecting fundamental human rights and combating terrorism, could be implemented. “Thus, even in cases where the restrictive measure cannot be achieved … Read more

The Orsay chain has moved to About You. The new owner is to take over the stores in the Czech Republic

The German clothing brand Orsay has closed its own online store, moved sales to the About You e-shop, which was established in Germany and operates in 25 European countries. The company informed customers about the change on the website. The stores in the Czech Republic, which have been operated by Ordiczech since 2018, will probably … Read more

The chains continue to raise wages this year. Albert will add to his people for the second time in September

The Albert ČR chain will increase the salaries of employees in stores and distribution centers by an average of three percent from September. This year he will add them for the second time, since January he has improved them by an average of four percent. It thus responds to the current economic situation and the … Read more

Bukač: The Union under the King poisoned me with intimidation, Alois is the only one who can change something

He worked as a sports manager and coach in the Czech Republic and abroad, he runs a hockey school. Most importantly, Luděk Bukač Jr. was one of the most prominent critics of Czech hockey under the leadership of Tomáš Král. It is now over after 14 long years. The new head of the hockey association … Read more

The Czechia needs new fighters and time is running out

The company’s management, which employs 6,500 mainly local people, believes that against the American competition, the F-35 fighter company Lockheed Martin, offers a fully modernized machine and a number of benefits that will ultimately convince the Czech government. The fact that the Czech Ministry of Defense does not have much time left also plays into … Read more

Czechia – Turkey 3: 1, Sensation! Czech volleyball players won the European League after 18 years

The Czech volleyball players played the Final Four after four years, in 2018 they were not enough for Estonia in the fight for the winning trophy. They entered today’s final in Varaždin, Croatia, and won the first set, in which coach Jiří Novák gave an opportunity to both universals Jakub Indra and Marek Šotol, as … Read more

12 tips on how to survive a healthy weekend heat – ČT24 – Czech Television

Temperatures will approach thirty on Saturday, in the northwestern half of Bohemia they will sometimes reach up to 34 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, it will be over thirty degrees almost everywhere, but up to 36 degrees in the Czech Republic, while mercury in the thermometer can locally climb even higher. But it is still the … Read more

Inflation in the EU broke the record again in May. The Czechia has the fourth highest

In the 19 euro area countries, inflation also rose by seven tenths of a point compared with April, reaching 8.1 percent. The rise in prices continues to be mainly due to more expensive energy and a shortage of some commodities. This year’s price growth significantly exceeds the inflation data from last May, when the economy … Read more

Stark lies in the hospital and still does not communicate. But his condition is getting better, says Singer

At the end of May, the boss of the Příbram football club, Jaroslav Starka, suffered from health problems while on holiday in the Canary Islands, when he contracted bilateral pneumonia and was hospitalized at a local hospital. As soon as possible, he was transported back to the Czech Republic, and his treatment in Prague was … Read more