Czechia – Switzerland 5: 2, Great introduction! The floorball players entered the World Cup victoriously

The Swiss were the first to rejoice in the match, opening the score in the 7th minute. Corin Rüttiman’s backhand attempt bounced from the back guard to Julia Suter, who scored easily at Jana Christian’s exposed goal. In the middle of the introductory third, the Czechs answered. Michaela Mlejnková has not yet beat Monika Schmidová … Read more

The Czech footballers lost the sensation at the very end, the Dutch were able to equalize

The Czech footballers drew in Ostrava in the fifth qualifying duel to advance to the World Cup with the defending champions of the Netherlands 2: 2, even though they led twice over the big favorite. They lost a sensational victory in the setting. “The rating is positive for me. We would take a 2: 2 … Read more

I don’t have much overview about the Czechs, the Swedish football coach admitted. He is pleased with the team’s home strength

Coach Janne Andersson considers it an advantage that the Swedish footballers will challenge the Czechs in the March semifinals of the playoffs to participate in the World Championship in Qatar 2022 at home, where they are doing well. He admitted that he did not have the most up-to-date information on the selection of coach Jaroslav … Read more

Czech clubs fell to twentieth place in the ranking for the cups

After a not very successful Thursday night in the European Cups, Czech football clubs fell by four places in the UEFA national coefficient ranking to 20th place. Loss to the key 15th position, which last means five representatives on the European scene, but domestic teams still do not have a large. They are currently 0.35 … Read more

Coronavirus ONLINE: Prymula awaits up to 50,000 cases per day. And omicron in the Czech Republic and other European countries

„There is a certain slowdown of the exponential curve, because if it went at the same pace as at reproduction number 1.4, then we would already see daily increases of around 30,000,“The epidemiologist and former health minister Roman Prymula said in an interview with News. “But the slowdown is so far so slight and insignificant, … Read more

Czechia – France 1-2: Debutant Macháč defeated Gasquet, the French completed the turn in doubles

“I am disappointed because all the boys did great and we and the young team had a chance to beat France after a long time,” said Captain Jaroslav Navrátil. The Czechs last defeated France in DC 12 years ago. “It was hard for anyone to expect that we would be such balanced opponents,” Navrátil added. … Read more

Veselý could strengthen the basketball players for the qualifying match with Lithuania

“We are in contact with Honza all the time. Although it is not easy for him, because he plays in the club for many minutes, but the vision that he would help us now is attractive for him and us,” said Šob. It should be decided by Sunday whether Veselý will arrive at the team. … Read more

The Czechia is the second most affected country in the EU

According to the number of coronavirus infections in seven days, the worst situation in the EU is now the same as a week ago in Slovakia (1430 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days by 24 November), but the Czech Republic is second with 1,097 cases (including Thursday’s record) already 1231 cases per 100,000 inhabitants). … Read more

Rohlí bet on electrical supplies from China. He is building the largest fleet in the Czech Republic

So far, electromobility on the Czech market mainly attracts companies that are the primary operators of electric cars in our country. Even so, such vehicles are still rather of interest, because on the Czech market, electric cars are at least favored, at least for now. Even so, one giant company fleet of electric cars is … Read more

The Czechia has 77 representatives in the 500 largest companies in the region

The Polish company PKN Orlen took first place in the evaluation, the Czech Škoda Auto is second and the Polish Jeronimo Martins third. “Although the economies of Central and Eastern Europe have adapted to the new pandemic environment, a positive view of them is called into question by the development of the global and European … Read more