Czech number one at eighteen. I have to do things my way, says the talented Zemanová

Last season, Kristýna Zemanová ranked in the elite ten in the under-23 category at the European and World Championships, and confirmed her position as the best Czech cyclo-cross rider in the women’s category by winning the Czech Cup and becoming the national champion. “This year, I would like to improve the results even more,” she … Read more

The amendment to the law is to mark corporal punishment on children as unacceptable, says Laurenčíková

The House Committee for the Family and the Subcommittee for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexualized Violence agreed: it is necessary to enshrine in the Civil Code that physical and psychological violence against children is not an acceptable educational method. What would this mean in practice? Ensuring a safe childhood and a life free of … Read more

Hospitalized people have increased, yet there are fewer people infected with covid

The incidence number, i.e. the number of new cases of infection in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, remained at 137. The highest incidence is in Prague with 150 cases and the lowest in the Karlovy Vary region with 107 cases. The spread of the infection has been accelerating recently, until Saturday the increase … Read more

Not just food. Even basic drugstores, handkerchiefs and towels are more expensive by tens of percent

Households do not only have to deal with the significant increase in the price of food, their regular expenses are also increased by the increase in the prices of basic drugstores. And quite a few, kitchen rolls went up in price by almost 100 percent year-on-year, paper tissues by almost half, and the price of … Read more

Home office will be eligible. In what conditions?

The only exception will be for serious operational reasons or where the nature of the work being performed prevents this. For example, for salesmen and saleswomen, male and female workers or other professions where the employee must be present at the workplace for understandable reasons. A fine of up to 300,000 This is presupposed by … Read more

The hockey twins Klímov can now represent the Czechia: But we still feel more like Americans

How did you get Czech citizenship? Kevin: We have an overabundance of foreigners in the team, so one would always have to stay out of the lineup. So the management came to us with this proposal. We had no problem with that and it just took a lot of paperwork to get citizenship. Maybe it … Read more

The savings bank comes with free loan verification. An unused credit card is also a problem, he warns

Česká spořitelna now offers all people an overview of their loans, overdrafts and credit cards. And that includes those they have with other banks and non-banking companies. The bank argues that many often have no idea what credit products they own and how they affect their creditworthiness. The savings bank provides the service free of … Read more

Great Fruhvirtova. The 17-year-old Czech knocked out the seeded five and is in the quarterfinals

Seventeen-year-old Czech tennis player Linda Fruhvirtová is in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Chennai. In the second round, she beat the fifth-seeded Swede Rebecca Peterson 6:4, 6:2. At the same time, Fruhvirtová lost 0:3 in the first set, but managed to turn the tide. In the second set, Peterson, ten years older, didn’t allow … Read more

The spread of covid is accelerating in the Czech Republic. We are in a different situation than last time, but risk groups should be vaccinated, said Dušek

More patients with symptoms now go to doctors – although the days also depend. “When I compare what was a month ago, the increase is big, for example on Monday there were around ten people, yesterday there were two,” says general practitioner Zuzana Bublová. Overall, confirmed infections are increasing. In a week-on-week comparison, there were … Read more

An Estonian bank enters the Czech Republic. She aims for sustainability, the crisis can be an opportunity for her

At a time of rapidly rising electricity and gas prices, the Estonian fintech bank Inbank, which specializes in financing renewable energy sources for end users, is entering the Czech market. The bank announced this in a press release on Tuesday. There are a total of 44 banks operating in the Czech Republic with a license … Read more