Personal congratulations to Pavlo was a spontaneous idea of ​​Čaputová. We appreciate it very much, Lipavský appreciated the gesture

On Tuesday, the Czech Foreign Minister took part in a discussion forum in the Slovak city of Pezinok and held talks with his Slovak counterpart, the acting Foreign Minister of the Slovak Republic, Rastislav Káčer. “I am very pleased with the election of the new Mr. President Petr Pavel. I believe that there will be … Read more

Czechia – Poland 9:7, the floorball players maintained their dominance over Poland after the turn

Five points for two goals and three assists helped Vanessa Rebecca Keprtová win, Anna Brucháčková scored two goals and the same number of assists. Zuzanna Krzywaková scored five times for the losers. Opora Vítkovic Krzywaková started a great performance after 102 seconds when she overtook Jana Christianová for the first time. Karolína Suchá answered in … Read more

The number of people infected with HIV in the Czech Republic has increased dramatically, mainly among foreigners. There have been the most cases since 1985

According to experts, the Czechia is still is among the countries with a low incidence of HIV, it is 2.78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The number of newly diagnosed cases among Czech residents has been steadily decreasing since 2019, last year there were 126. For comparison, 199 in 2016. Among the new cases last year … Read more

Russia and Ukraine are no longer competitors in IT for the Czechia, and layoffs in the USA will help us, says Horský

You are involved in the development of software linked to hardware microcomputers and control units. Are there still major problems with the supply of these devices and components? Yes, flaws are still a big problem. I can give an example with Raspberry Pi microcomputers, on which our software can also run. I placed an order … Read more

Czechia – Slovakia 4:1, Gold! Czech women’s hockey players dominated the Youth Olympics. A snowboarder also added to the triumph

The Czech women’s ice hockey players in the basic group already managed a key duel with Sweden, which they defeated 3:2 after raids. Only the winner from the group of four advanced to the finals. After that, Germany and Italy were easily defeated and the federal derby was waiting for them in the fight for … Read more

Pavel’s website was attacked by pro-Russian hackers. It was not the only destination in the Czech Republic

According to Check Point, Russian hackers led by the hacktivist group NoName057(16) are behind the attacks during the presidential election. At the same time, it specializes in destinations in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. This group has a history of successful DDoS attacks on the websites of countries supporting Ukraine. “We have already seen similar cyberattacks … Read more

Property tax in 2023: Who is affected and what are the deadlines

In the Czech Republic, almost 80 percent of adults own real estate. They all have to pay real estate tax by the end of May. However, some taxpayers must also file a tax return by January 31. The obligation applies to everyone who bought, inherited or received a property last year, or changed or approved … Read more

Fiala: The Czechia needs Leopard tanks for itself

“I am following the internal German discussion, I believe that a good solution will be reached and Ukraine will get all the necessary equipment, including tanks,” stated Fiala. “We sent our T-72 tanks to Ukraine, and that’s why we arranged the support from Germany in order to ensure the combat capability of the army,” said … Read more

The Malina energy company is faced with disputes with customers and installers

Energy holding Malina, one of the most predatory companies on the rooftop photovoltaic installation market, is having problems. At the end of the year, more than a dozen assemblers left him, and dozens more colleagues will join them in February at the latest. Some of them have not been paid for months and are going … Read more

The Czechia is modernizing more tanks for Ukraine, Morocco is sending them

“A week ago, Morocco sent twenty T-72Bs to Ukraine. They are being modernized in the Czech Republic,” the Ukrainian army said. According to the Algerian magazine Menadefence, twenty tanks are being modernized by the Czech company Excalibur in Šternberk. Tanks from Africa appeared on footage from the visit of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala to … Read more