Juno probe spotted familiar lightning on Jupiter

Jafra News – A strange sight was spotted by several spacecraft that visited the largest planet in our solar system, including NASA’s Juno probe, where clouds made of water hide under the brown ammonia clouds that cover Jupiter. As on Earth, lightning is often generated within these clouds The data obtained by Juno provides new … Read more

NASA is on a mission to search for life on Saturn

Jafra News – The US space agency “NASA” plans to send a robot in the form of a “snake” to one of the 83 moons of “Saturn”, in search of an environment capable of supporting life. The American New York Post said that the “snake robot” is about 4 meters long and weighs about 100 … Read more

A secret relationship involving the heroine of “The Kingfisher” with the production company

Tell me – Turkish media revealed the dissatisfaction of the producer of the series “The Kingfisher Bird”, Yalı Çapkını, after circulating rumors about the association of the two heroes of the work in a secret love relationship. Turkish journalist Bilal Ozjan wrote, in a post on his official Facebook page, that the producer of the … Read more

PLN Claims To Have Provided 616 SPKLUs

PT PLN (Persero) claims that currently it has provided 616 Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) spread across various locations in Indonesia, to support the use of battery-based electric cars. It’s just that, said Director of Commerce and Retail of PLN Edi Srimulyanti, the distribution is still concentrated in Java, Sumatra and Bali. “We have … Read more

Toyota Indonesia Responds to the Toyota-Daihatsu Crash Test Scandal

Not long ago, several Daihatsu car models were hit by a scandal related to the cheating of their crash test results. This incident also dragged the name of Toyota. Quoted from Asia.nikkei.com, on Saturday April 29 2023 yesterday. Daihatsu has made modifications to the inside of the doors during side crash safety tests which were … Read more

With the steps… How to take a screenshot on iPhone phones

Tell me — every iPhone has a clever screenshot trick that’s easy to overlook — but incredibly useful. With a smart feature that allows you to add a magnifying glass to a part of the screenshot to enlarge the essential information. You can also hide the rest of the image if you don’t want to … Read more

Often a sperm donor, a father in the Netherlands has 600 children scattered in various countries

A father from the Netherlands is estimated to have 500-600 children spread across various countries in the world. He can have many offspring because he often follows sperm donors. Seeing these conditions, a Dutch court ordered the man to stop donating his sperm, Friday (28/4/2023). Based on a report by the De Telegraaf newspaper, the … Read more

Watch the pictures .. NASA’s helicopter completes its 51st flight over Mars

Jafra News – NASA’s Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, has completed its 51st flight over the surface of the Red Planet, continuing to impress the scientific community. During its 51st flight on Saturday, April 22, Ingenuity took a picture of its companion robot, the Perseverance rover, from a height of 12 meters (40 feet) above the surface … Read more

The series “The Price” will return in a second part..and this is the date of its presentation

Tell me – over the course of 51 episodes, the audience was associated with the events of the series “The Price”, and after it ended, they began to wonder about the existence of another part of the work and the date of its presentation, so that the Lebanese actress Sarah Abi Kanaan revealed the start … Read more

Getting to Know the Exosphere, the Layer of the Atmosphere Directly Bordering Outer Space

The atmosphere is the atmosphere is a mixture of several gas layers that surround the earth, with the main gas content being nitrogen and oxygen. The atmosphere is bound to the earth due to the force of gravity, which one of its functions is to protect the earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The exosphere is … Read more