Final Fantasy 16 will be very dark: it will include elements such as torture, suicide, drug use and other more complex themes – Final Fantasy XVI

The fans of the saga Final Fantasy they want to Final Fantasy XVIa title that, as the weeks go by, shows more information and different trailers. Little by little they are showing more information and from Square Enix they want a pitch to match. We recently reported that Final Fantasy XVI made the cut in … Read more

Faced with the budget deficit, Georges Ugeux announces dark days: “People will start to suffer and they are not the richest”

But then, what solution is available to us to rectify the situation? Georges Ugeux wants to be pragmatic and does not envisage happy days in the immediate future for the population. “From the moment you have easy money, you also spend easily. We have to go back to the blackboard and look at what we … Read more

Never-before-seen photos reveal dark creatures from the depths of the Indian Ocean | Biodiversity

These were some of the curious and somewhat somber-looking creatures that researchers from the Museums Victoria Institute, in Australia, found in the depths of the Indian Ocean when diving on a little-explored island in the region, the Cocos Islands Marine Park. “We discovered an incredible number of potentially new species living in this remote marine … Read more

Elden Ring developers compare working at FromSoftware to playing Dark Souls

The Elden Ring is one of the biggest video game success stories of 2022, but its developer FromSoftware is making headlines amid rumors of a crisis and low wages at its development studio. The latest title comes from FromSoftware to widespread critical acclaimAnd it was of high quality This is also reflected in the sales … Read more

Newsletter” Binance CZ warns: 487 million new WhatsApp numbers are for sale on the dark web! Be careful with your funds|

(Recap:Binance Investor Protection Fund “BNB Accounts for 44%” Causes Community Doubts: Just like FTX is full of FTT)(background supplement:Binance announces the details of the “Industrial Recovery Fund”: CZ ​​spends 2 billion BUSD! 150 companies have applied) currencyAnn founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted at 1 pm today to warn that 487 million new WhatsApp … Read more

After a secret investigation, the dark secrets of an elite ex-policeman were revealed: wealth was also loaded through criminal means

It is likely that J. Šiuipys was not an ordinary policeman, one witness mentioned that he served in the elite “Aro” forces. The defendant himself in the courtroom, while explaining the origin of the property, mentioned that he also receives an official pension of 175 euros in addition to other income. Last July, a colleague … Read more

He sat in the kitchen after dark, smoking and drinking. Bruce Springsteen understood people like his father

Nov 25, 2022 at 4:25 p.m I Paid content Even an outsider can be a romantic hero. BRATISLAVA. If anything was clear to Bruce Springsteen in his early teens, it was that he did not want to live like his father. The article continues below the video advertisement The article continues below the video advertisement … Read more

Cardinal Parolin: Ukraine must not be left in the dark and cold

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, opening the academic year at the European University in Rome, gave an interview to the Italian Catholic television TV2000, during which he confirmed that the Vatican is doing everything possible for peace in Ukraine. Jānis Evertovskis – Vatican Cardinal Parolin emphasized that it is “unthinkable and unacceptable to … Read more