The parsnip is leaving, a third of Bruins fans think. Most see the future of the team in black

The best Czech hockey player in recent years, David Pastrňák, could leave Boston in the NHL. The Massachusetts club is out of breath and, in addition, speculates about the striker’s tense relationship with general manager Don Sweeney. Most fans of the Boston Bruins still think that Pastrňák will stay. However, more than a third, specifically … Read more

Will David Pastrňák leave Boston? This is seriously being discussed overseas

The Czech hockey star has had a valid contract in the NHL for the last year, and after the controversial decisions of Boston General Manager Don Sweeney, there is speculation that he will be replaced by another team. David Pastrňák, a native of Havířov, has a contract ahead of him and it does not look … Read more

Červenka is chasing Voráček at the World Championships. Mr. player, says Růžička. He never understood remorse

Since the arrival of David Pastrňák, the main focus on the world championship in the Czech team has revolved around player number 88. However, Roman Červenka, the captain and Pastrňák’s partner from the first formation, shines from the beginning of the tournament. With a balance of 4 + 10, he leads the most productive hockey … Read more

The goalkeeper ruined my raid, Pastrňák laughed. He felt worse, but he could still have a hat-trick

David Pastrňák also shone in the second match after arriving at the World Hockey Championship. With two goals and assistance, he contributed to the Czechs’ victory over Norway 4: 1 and brought the team closer to advancing to the quarterfinals. He flashed an impressive run and in the end, instead of finishing the hat-trick, he … Read more

Parsnip after arrival: I want to bring home gold. I sleep well, we have to win tomorrow

He is already at the venue of the hockey championship. David Pastrňák arrived in Tampere, after a long journey he managed the first training and hurried to rest at the hotel. The star striker realizes that after losing to the Austrians, the national team cannot hesitate in tomorrow’s battle against the Latvians. The parsnip will … Read more

Boston is still alive, forcing a seventh match. Tampa also averted the elimination

The hockey players of Tampa Bay defeated the NHL playoffs in the opening round of the NHL playoffs thanks to Ondřej Palát’s goal at home Toronto 4: 3 in overtime and equalized the series to 3: 3. The decisive seventh match was also forced by Boston, who defeated Carolina 5: 2 on their ice. Czech … Read more

Both Pastrňák and Kämpf scored winning goals in the NHL playoffs, and Palát scored

Hockey striker David Pastrňák contributed a differential goal and pass to Boston to win 4: 2 over Carolina and reduce the series to 1: 2 in the opening round of the NHL playoffs. Tampa Bay, which lost to Toronto at home 2: 5, also loses the same ratio to matches. Ondřej Palát stood at both … Read more

NHL | Pastrňák’s breathtaking comeback. He could have scored more goals, but he was often unlucky

Czech fans certainly secretly hope that Boston will not succeed in the first round of the playoffs against Carolina and that the star striker will be able to join the national championship. “The Krejčí – Pastrňák link would certainly work,” says editor Martin Kézr, who is a guest of the show together with Mladá Boleslav’s … Read more

Pastrňák injured Carolina’s goalkeeper, inexperienced Kočetkov had to score

In the NHL hockey, the second quarter-final series, which were mostly more successful for home teams, started from Wednesday to Thursday night. Carolina welcomed Boston and had to deal with the problem from the beginning. Czech David Pastrňák drove into the goalkeeper Raanta and unhappily injured him. Rus Kočetkov, who had previously played only three … Read more

The coach is amazed at him even during training. In Detroit, they debate whether Crow will follow Hoss

After the exchange from Washington to Detroit, Jakub Vrána shot himself in an unprecedented way. He sparked debates about whether he will score 40 goals in one season. Only seven Czechs have managed this in the history of NHL hockey. The shoulder operation, for which he had been moribund for months and did not return … Read more