Peugeot changes the prices of its cars for a few days. A discount of up to 185,000 applies to SUVs

Price turbulence If we look for a car with a lion in the emblem, which changed prices the most in the past year, the clear winner is the Peugeot 3008. Last year, it adjusted its price list a total of five times, while keeping the last changes until the end of the year. He has … Read more

Prima Party Confident Upload Verification Documents to Sipol Completed 5 Days

Jakarta – KPU has reopened Sipol access Prime Party for the re-verification process according to the Bawaslu decision. Prima is sure that the document upload process will be completed within 5 days. “Starting at 6 pm the Sipol will be opened and we agree that the time will be accelerated to 5 days,” said Secretary … Read more

Oltner Cabaret Days – Josef Hader wins Swiss cabaret prize Cornichon 2023 – culture

Contents The Austrian actor, film director and cabaret artist is considered a master of his craft and a darling of the public. In the course of almost four decades, the 61-year-old Austrian has been awarded almost all the renowned cabaret prizes in the German-speaking world. The only thing missing was a Swiss cabaret prize. Now … Read more

This is how Yailin looks days after the birth of Cattleya – Metro World News

Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA became parents last Monday, March 13, to a princess named Cattleya. A name in honor of an orchid. A few hours after becoming a mother, Yailin gave the happy news to her followers on Instagram of her with a picture of the girl and Anuel. Cattleya with her … Read more

A weekend to discover the jewels of the territory, culture and art protagonists of the spring Fai Days

You protect what you love but you love what you know. In the wake of this spirit, the Fai days of spring, now in its 31st edition, to discover the treasures and “hidden” beauties of the area. A weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, dedicated to culture and art to explore the cultural heritage … Read more

Manchester United embarrassed April program, played 9 games in 28 days: PPTVHD36

Manchester United are set to face a brutal schedule after returning from the international break, playing nine games in 28 days throughout April. Premier League football is in the middle of the international break before kicking back on April 1, which Manchester United They are the only team in Europe’s top 5 leagues to still … Read more

An 88-year-old mother who had a stroke chose hospice care and nurses, but let her starve to death by “depriving food and drink for 25 days” | International | CTWANT

An 88-year-old woman in the UK was cared for by hospice care and died slowly without eating or drinking. (Photo/retrieved from Daily Mail) An 88-year-old woman in the UK, Sarene Taylor, was sent to the hospital for treatment due to a stroke 4 weeks ago, but the doctor said that there was nothing she could … Read more

Surprise.. The first episodes of “Full Issue” were shown two days before Ramadan

11:59 PM Monday, March 20, 2023 I wrote – Mona Al-Muji: The Shahid VIP platform has started showing the first episode of the first Ramadan series this year 2023. It will be revealed two days before the holy month, and it is a full-length series starring the artist Dina El-Sherbiny. The first episode revealed the … Read more

U17 national football overseas training to improve combat effectiveness with small fights and 4 warm-up matches in 5 days to simulate the Asian Cup – yqqlm

Original title: U17 national football overseas training to improve combat effectiveness with small fights and 4 warm-up matches in 5 days to simulate the Asian Cup Do you want to receive such sports information and commentary every day? Please click Follow in the upper right corner of this article, thank you for your support. The … Read more

Zoe Hochbaum, days after the premiere of Asphyxiated: “It’s a luxury”

Zoe Hochbaum before the premiere of Asphyxiated Three days remain for the theatrical release of suffocated, the national film that brings together figures of the stature of Zoe Hochbaum With Leonardo Sbaraglia, Juliet Diaz y Marco Antonio Caponi. After that, the film directed by Luciano Podcaminsky It will go to streaming platforms. in chat with … Read more