Ottignies: several attempts at driving license fraud foiled in two days

Several attempts at driving license fraud have been foiled in recent days at the Ottignies examination center, we learned from the local police on Wednesday. The ottintois police officers were first called to intervene, Monday afternoon, twice, at the ottintois center located along avenue Einstein. Two suspects, born in 1977 and 1984, presented themselves at … Read more

The heat wave could last seven to eight days

The mercury crossed the 25 degree mark in Uccle on Tuesday, probably marking the start of a heat wave, analyzes IRM meteorologist David Dehenauw. It can last seven to eight days. In Uccle, 27.1 degrees were measured around 4:30 p.m. The temperature will exceed 30 degrees in the next few days, probably causing a heat … Read more

The mother from Inarac, who had been missing for nine days, should have gone to the police

Nine days have already passed since Mária Bozsik, who lives in Inárcs, Pest County, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The mother of two children was supposed to go to the police station and then to work that morning, but she did not arrive at either place, wrote the Glance. The search teams are also looking for … Read more

A young woman sleeps with a lion every night for 7 consecutive days.. When she reached the peak of ecstasy, the catastrophic surprise occurred! (details)

2022/08/08 It’s 08:40 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite A video spread on YouTube, in which its owner presents a story of a woman who was complaining of the mistreatment of her husband, so she turned to Asad in search of a solution to her problem. In the details, the wife’s mother showed her daughter … Read more

Verona, kidnapped, beaten and drugged for 8 days in a chicken coop: the torturer caught

He terrified her by screaming “I’ll kill you if you try to leave, now I’m your family.” For a week there were the threats of the torturer who kept her segregated, to mark hour after hour, day after day, the hellish nightmare experience lived by a woman in San Bonifacio. From two Fridays ago until … Read more

3 days off a week.. the Emirate of Sharjah announces the result of the experiment

On Tuesday, the Sharjah authorities announced the results of the evaluation conducted by the Emirate’s Executive Council regarding working 4 days a week instead of 5 in official departments. According to a study conducted by the Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah, the newly implemented work system “contributed to a rise in a number … Read more

Ignitis Gameba selects GE Digital’s OPM production planning software to accurately predict the previous day’s electricity circulation

San Ramon, CA – (work cable) –GE digital It was announced today that the largest energy producer in Lithuania “Ignitis gamyba” has chosen to implement the OPM Production Planning solution for operations management. GE Digital’s OPM production planning solution reduces uncertainty to ensure reliable power generation that meets demand, lowers production costs and increases profitability. … Read more