UN: Already in the first days of the war, hundreds of people were killed in Ukraine

The city of Buch after the invasion of the Russian army (warning that the photos show unpleasant sights) Russian troops have murdered at least 441 civilians in Ukraine in the first days of the war, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) announced on Wednesday. Most read VIDEO. Arestovičs to ask … Read more

Days Gone’s director blames the critics and programmers for the critical reception

Days passed It has become a cherished title among PlayStation fans, perhaps in part due to its somewhat harsh reception from critics. It is important to remember that the undead was open world Begin Swipe: It attracted a respectable 71 metacriticaland we Give it a 7/10 on this site. It’s a good game by our … Read more

Tunisia’s foreign currency assets drop to 97 days of imports – Agence Afrique

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) announced on Tuesday that as of December 5, Tunisia’s assets in foreign currencies fell to 97 days of imports. In value, these assets are around 21.6 billion dinars (6.7 billion dollars) against 119 days of imports on the same date last year, specifies the BCT. According to the assessment … Read more

Christmas will change the date of pension payments, at the beginning of the year there will be a delay of up to two days

Pensions paid during the Christmas holidays and at the beginning of 2023 will exceptionally have changed payment dates. Before Christmas, pensions will arrive earlier, but the first January deadline will be delayed. Photo: Czech pensions The headquarters of the Czech Social Security Administration in Prague. Similar to previous years, this year’s Christmas and the subsequent … Read more

A dog that barely lasted 7 days hanging from a cliff… dramatic structure

yunhap newsIn Canada, a dog who lost its owner after falling on a ledge under a cliff was dramatically rescued after seven days, making headlines. According to CTV on the 6th (local time), a female Mastiff-Retriever cross breed dog was found by a rescue team at the end of last month in the Highlands, south … Read more

Days Gone creative director blames poor ratings on ‘biased reviewers’

© More than three years have passed since the release of Days Gone (almost two years have passed since directors Jeff Ross and John Garvin left), and Garvin is still bitter about the game’s poor reception, blaming “biased reviewers who couldn’t get over the fact that a white biker was looking at his companion’s butt.” … Read more

Health sector recommends carrying out vaccination days in the face of an increase in COVID19 cases

Despite the increase in Covid cases, occupied beds do not exceed two percent, while none of the available fans is in one, according to public health. SANTO DOMINGO.- Given the constant increase in patients with flu symptoms in hospitals and consultations with pulmonologists, the medical sector considers it appropriate to carry out vaccination days, which … Read more

Price of Samsung A13 and specifications, cellphone with 50 MP camera and battery that lasts up to 2 days

DIY NEWS – Check out the info price Samsung A13 and specification, HP with camera 50 MP and a battery that lasts up to 2 days, in the following review. HP Samsung A13 still looking for a lot of people. Even though it was released in March 2022, some people are still interested in buying … Read more