Stocks Charles, Tanja Sylvia – Why are obese men at increased risk of death from prostate cancer? – An epidemiological investigation of biological, clinical, and methodological explanations

Background Obesity is a public health problem in Sweden and prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common form of cancer among men. While obesity has a complex relationship with the risk of contracting PCa, obese men are at higher risk of dying from PCa. The cause of the relationship is unknown, and it is also … Read more

Big Brother made them a celebrity. Florek became a deputy, and the reasons for Baranowska’s death are still unknown

For more up-to-date information, visit “Big Brother” was the first program in Poland that initiated the fashion for reality-shows and attracted millions of viewers to TV sets. Every day, participants from different backgrounds, professions and colorful characters visited the homes of Poles. Although there was only one winner, undoubtedly each of the people participating … Read more

‘Tragedy in South African ‘cafe of death’ due to carbon monoxide’

AP NOS News•yesterday, 10:53•Amended yesterday, 18:09 The group of young people who mysteriously died at a club in South Africa last weekend have probably died of carbon monoxide poisoning. South African media report that based on sources close to the investigation into the teens’ deaths. It appears that the teens died from toxic fumes from … Read more

The causes of death of Andy Fletcher, co-founder of Depeche Mode, finally revealed

On May 26, the information took everyone by surprise. Andrew Fletcher, founding member of Depeche Mode was no longer. The keyboardist died at the age of only 60, leaving fans speechless. The one who defined himself as the “useless musician” – he did not write the texts and did not sign the music of the … Read more

Depeche Mode reported the causes of Andy Fletcher’s death. At the family’s request, they were silent for several weeks

Musicians Depeche Mode posted the first post on Instagram since June 18, in which, on behalf of Andy Fletcher’s family, they asked for support from a charity close to the deceased. Now they started with a thank you. More interesting texts can be found on the home page Mary Mara is dead. The actress … Read more

Cuban poet Fina García Marruz dies aged 99 in Havana

The famous Cuban poet Fina García Marruz, last survivor of the group of intellectuals “Origenes” and winner of the 2011 Ibero-American Poetry Prize of Queen Sophia, died Monday at the age of 99 in Havana, announced the Cuban authorities. “Our dear Fina García Marruz, one of the greatest voices in Latin American poetry, has passed … Read more

Andy Fletcher is dead. Music Depeche Mode’s cause of death is given

Andy Fletcher passed away much, much too early, but naturally, without prolonged suffering, Depeche Mode band members wrote on social media on Sunday. They reported that the cause of Andy Fletcher’s death was aortic dissecting aneurysm. Musician Depeche Mode died at the age of 60. Depeche Mode member Andy Fletcher died on May 26, his … Read more

The Horror of David Jordan, Like an ‘Angel of Death’ for Thai Boxers

Wednesday, 29 June 2022 – 00:57 WIB VIVA Sport – Just counting the days before the duel between the proud Indonesian boxers, David Jordan against Thai boxer Panya Uthok. Both fighters will defend the WBC Asia Boxing Council Silver Super Lightweight 63.5 kg belt on Friday 1 July 2022. The duel which will take place … Read more

The circumstances of the death of “Depeche Mode” member A. Fletcher have become clear: he escaped suffering | Names

The results of forensic experts and thanks to everyone who expressed love and concern were shared on the official Instagram of the Depeche Mode group. “We wanted to take a moment to thank Andy for the love you all have shown over the past few weeks. It’s incredible to see your photos, read your words … Read more