The Russo brothers had to deal with the cast receiving death threats on their latest Netflix project

There is great hope among creators, including director Matthew Michael Carnahan, that key cast members may move from the project to slightly less intense work in the future. Given how overwhelmingly positive most of the reviews have been, that’s certainly possible or even likely. Regardless, everyone involved should be happy to hear that they made … Read more

The child who died in the arms of Fray Tormenta, the fighting priest

Hobby Mexico City / 20.01.2021 11:17:33 When he officiates mass he is father Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, when he gets into the ring it is Fray Storm. This is the life of one of the most famous and controversial gladiators in Mexican wrestling. Since I was little, Fray Storm found in the church the refuge that … Read more

Death threats against former mayor Pedrito Pereira investigated | THE UNIVERSAL

The former mayor of Cartagena, Pedrito Pereira, denounces that since the end of last year he has received intimidating text messages against him and his family by unknown persons who threaten him under the pretext of participating in the recall actions against the current president of the city, William Dau. “Since November of last year … Read more

“With the pandemic, health and death insurance have grown a lot”

Juan Manuel Sánchez-Albornoz, president of the College of Insurance Mediators of A Coruña. | // THE OPINION After three terms as president of the College of Insurance Mediators of A Coruña, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Albornoz has just taken office for the fourth time to continue leading an entity that is currently experiencing a delicate situation due … Read more

Pepe Aguilar shares details of the death of Flor Silvestre

The Aguilar Dynasty lived a very strong and sad moment at the end of November 2020, before the death of the beloved and respected Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla, better known as Flor Silvestre. The iconic singer and actress from the golden age of Mexican cinema, died at the age of 90 at her home at the … Read more

COVID-19: Deaths increase in Manaus homes, death certificates are issued door to door | International | News

Manaos – More than a thousand people have been buried during the last week in Manaus, the city of the Brazilian Amazon collapsed by the pandemic, where the dead begin to grow in homes, while families line up to get a certificate that allows them to be buried . To help cope with the situation, … Read more

The work of the first gay activist is free of copyright 70 years after his death

The poet, writer and criminologist George Cecil Ives (1867-1950) had to bite the bullet so that the group he founded in 1897 was not noticed in Victorian England. Created the first organization in defense of gay rightsbut he clothed it with a society of scholars with the name of Order of Queronea. Five years earlier, … Read more

Kaley Cuoco mourns the sad loss of her dog Norman

“I have felt a pain as I did not know it was possible. Norma, you were my whole world for fourteen years. Thanks for smiling at me while leaving this world, confirming, once again, that our language was only ours. You will always be in my heart, “the ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress wrote on her … Read more

Death after cosmetic surgery: Daniel Ojeda is prohibited from practicing as a surgeon – Police

The Member of the Concordia Appeals Chamber, Mariano Caprarullo, reversed Judge Mario Figueroa’s decision, and prohibited surgeon Daniel Ojeda from practicing as a plastic surgeon until there is a final judgment in the case. The Concordia specialist will not be able to use his medical license until his procedural situation is resolved, he informed Elonce … Read more

Peter Mark Richman, actor of “Dynasty” and “Sensation of life” dies

Play series Madrid Updated:01/15/2021 10:09h save Related news In more than five hundred television series he acted Peter Mark Richman, a film, television and theater actor who has died of natural causes at the age of 93, according to «Deadline». He was married and had five children. Although he was going to become a pharmacist … Read more