Covid-19. For the moment, the number of patients in intensive care is not falling in Brittany

“We remain, for the moment in the West, on a plateau in terms of Covid hospitalizations in intensive care units”, explains Professor Pierre Tattevin, head of the infectiology department at the University Hospital of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), in Brittany. “We are not yet observing, as is the case in Ile-de-France or in other regions, a drop … Read more

Covid: athletes; ok return to race protocol commission – Sport

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 18 – The technical commission at the Ministry of Health unanimously approved the Circular for the resumption of sporting activity for competitive athletes recovered from Covid. ANSA learns this in the commission’s circles. The Circular is based on the ‘Return To Play’ protocol of the Sports Medicine Federation (Fmsi), which reduces … Read more

Make it easier for the community, IndiHome Service Prices Decrease, Quality Increases

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA.COM – As a service fixed broadband featured property PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom), IndiHome offers various product variants and fast internet packages. Every year, IndiHome improve service quality by reducing the price of home internet packages significantly. This price reduction was implemented to make it easier for customers to fulfill their daily … Read more

Decrease in cases on all three islands, increase in hospital admissions

Photo – Hester Jonkhout On all three islands, Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, the number of new infections is falling, but hospital admissions are rising as a result of Covid-19. Curaçao had 407 people tested positive yesterday. The limit of 9,000 infections was therefore passed. One patient in the CMC died. Five new covid-19 patients were … Read more

Emirates News Agency – A decrease in the number of injuries and deaths from “Corona” in Russia

Sunday, January 9, 2022 – 1:45 pm MOSCOW, January 9 / WAM / The death toll from the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” in Russia has witnessed a decrease for the two indicators during the past 24 hours. And the Russian health authorities announced in their daily report, according to the “Interfax” news agency, that 16,246 new … Read more

Poultry prices today 11/14/2020 in Egypt and a decrease in chick prices today

We publish to you, through our website, the Compass News Agency, the average price of poultry today for the transactions on Saturday 14/11/2020, as the poultry exchange witnessed stability in the local market, with the Sassu registering 33 pounds, the Baniya 60 pounds, and the hips 25 pounds, and according to what came from the … Read more

Bitcoin continues to weaken, its price is the lowest since September

The price of cryptocurrency has dropped below $ 41,000. LONDON. Bitcoin continued to weaken at the end of the week. Its price fell below 41,000 USD (36,235.08 euros) on Friday and the lowest since last September. Sale he also affected other cryptocurrencies. The article continues under the video ad The price of the most famous … Read more

Decrease in “mortality” in South Africa, suggesting low case fatality rate from Omicron strains-Bloomberg

In South Africa, “excessive mortality” during the expansion period of the new coronavirus infection, which is mainly composed of the Omicron mutant strain, has leveled off at a level well below the expansion period of the infection caused by the mutant strain. Excessive mortality, which indicates an increase in mortality compared to normal, is considered … Read more

Weight loss protects against serious complications – healing practice

Severe COVID-19 courses from high body weight? What role does weight play in developing severe complications from COVID-19 and can weight loss help prevent severe COVID-19 courses? Experts from the Cleveland Clinic (USA) tried to answer these questions in a recent study. According to their results, weight problems play a role in the occurrence of … Read more

Vitamins that decrease in old age and their effects in the body… We need these vitamins in old age!

To strengthen the muscles: Magnesium Magnesium, which is necessary for bone tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue, strengthens immunity. Magnesium, which is effective in regulating blood pressure and sugar, also provides physical and mental relaxation. Magnesium, which has positive effects on muscle aches and insomnia, which is common in advanced ages, is mostly found in … Read more