Wapiti deer is finally freed from 16 kilo heavy car tire around neck after two years | Abroad

The four and a half year old male had to be sedated first. His antlers were then also removed, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife region account wrote on Twitter. “We would have preferred to cut the tire to save the antlers,” wildlife manager Scott Murdoch said in a statement Monday. But there was no other … Read more

On the first completed ecoduct near Humpolec, the photo trap caught a fallow deer and a hare

As soon as the construction machines left, nature conservationists installed a photo trap there. In the first week, she caught a fallow deer, several hares and a fox. Defenders expect that the use of the ecoduct of wild animals will increase significantly over time. It is an overpass on the 95th kilometer of the D1 … Read more

Putin and Shoigu were nearly knocked down by a herd of deer in the taiga – details

September 26, 15:27 Share this Copy link The President of the Russian Federation arranged for himself a multi-day vacation in the taiga The taiga in Siberia is Putin’s favorite vacation spot. Photo: collage “Today” Russian President Vladimir Putin gave himself a rest with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the taiga. Not without incidents. The head … Read more

Deer boat accident victim died of injuries

One of the victims of the boat accident on the Maas near the Limburg Herten died in hospital from his injuries. It is a 20-year-old man from the municipality of Maasgouw, reports 1Limburg. Five people were injured in a collision between two motorboats yesterday, two of them seriously. The collision happened around 3:30 p.m. One … Read more

Deer Park, the refinery bought by Pemex, ‘nothing else’ lost 360 million dollars so far this year – El Financiero

The oil refinery that Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) is buying in Texas has accumulated a net loss of around $ 360 million this year, adding to the challenges Mexico faces in seeking its energy independence. The oil company agreed in May to buy Royal Dutch Shell’s majority stake in Deer Park Refinery. The forced closure of … Read more

Portrait of a modern man. Dmitrijs Petrenko is staging the play Dark Deer / Day in Daugavpils

Dark deer is Inga Ābele’s first play. After its publication in 2000, the work was successfully staged at the Valmiera Drama Theater, the New Riga Theater, as well as shown abroad (Greece, Germany). In 2006 Dark deer screened by director Viesturs Kairišs. Now director Dmitrijs Petrenko will present his play vision at Daugavpils Theater. “There … Read more

The deer version of GTA “Very Ordinary Deer” will be officially released in November, and the special edition of wide-shoulder painter sattou is sold separately | 4Gamers

The adventure game DEEEER Simulator, developed by Gibier Games and published by PLAYISM, will be released on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) on November 25. “Very Ordinary Deer” will be available for early access from January 2020. The official version will take on the future Ver3.0 story in the … Read more

Jelínek’s mental coach about Plíšková’s campaign: Sascha told me: Wait, you’ll see at Wimbledon!

Karolína Plíšková is happy to advance to the Wimbledon final. Paul Childs, Reuters How was it when Karolína did not use eight breakballs in the semifinals with Belarusian Sabalenkova and played a double mistake in the first set of her opponent? A lot of players would probably disintegrate completely after such a course. To be … Read more

Province of Friesland wants to shoot 200 ‘dangerous’ fallow deer

The province of Friesland wants to shoot more than 200 fallow deer in the vicinity of the village of Oranjewoud. This is necessary because the animals pose a danger to road safety, says the province. The number of fallow deer has increased to about 300 animals in recent years. They unexpectedly cross the road in … Read more