“The key is deforestation”, according to Marie-Monique Robin

In your last book, you affirm that the current pandemics are above all the result of the deforestation of the planet. How did you come to this conclusion? I built my book (1) by interviewing 62 leading scientists from all over the world to understand how viruses that circulated quietly in small ecosystems found themselves … Read more

Renewables, EU regulations do not stop deforestation. Greenpeace: “Climate change cannot be fought by cutting down trees”

The European directive on renewable energies (Red) will be modified soon, but the changes foreseen in the drafts do not seem sufficient to guarantee that the use of woody biomass (wood and pellets) is due to destruction and degradation of European forests. Which is already happening. To say “enough for the renewable phase”, on the … Read more

Record-high deforestation figures for the Amazon: – Dramatic – VG

DISAPPEARS: Large areas of forest disappear every month in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Photo: Leo Correa / AP In June, 1062 square kilometers of the Amazon rainforest were deforested in Brazil. This is the highest figure for June since the measurements began in 2015. June was the fourth consecutive month with record high deforestation … Read more