Bologna Ancona trains: electrical failure and severe delays – Chronicle

Bologna, 25 June 2022 – Chaos of the trains on the railway line Bologna-Ancona. Traffic was slowed due to a pantograph failure and consequently to the power line on the southern track of the section Faenza-Forlì, from early afternoon. The Intercity 609 Bologna Centrale (14:00) – Lecce (22:49) train, stopped from 14:40 between Faenza and … Read more

NASA asteroid mission suspended due to program delivery delays: The Indian Tribune

AP Boston, 25 Jun NASA suspended the asteroid mission on Friday, blaming delays in the delivery of its navigation software. The Psyche mission is supposed to launch to the strange metallic asteroid of the same name in September or October. But the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is months behind in the delivery of its navigation, … Read more

Delays and pressure matches .. the World Cup threatens the next Real Madrid season!

Real Madrid is waiting to know the date of the next Club World Cup, as it is clear that it will be postponed due to a conflict in dates with the World Cup for teams. The royal team had declared its dominance over the world by achieving that championship 4 times, the last of which … Read more

A Brexit loophole used by British airlines to ease holiday flight delays

British airlines are using loopholes in Britain’s exit process from the European Union to prevent passengers from traveling this summer due to uninterrupted travel. Some of the country’s largest airlines lease full-fledged aircraft from abroad to maintain flight programs in the face of huge staff shortages. TUI, British Airways, Jet2 and easyJet use a system … Read more

NVIDIA delays the release of the RTX 4090 until September or October to avoid excess stock

With mining on the floor, and a stock that entered in quantities being that the gamer demand is not the best, the market suffers, and that is why it seems that IDIA is delaying the release of its top-of-the-line next-gen graphics card until September or October. to prevent the market from being flooded with product … Read more

Meta ends his smartwatch and delays his augmented reality glasses

Image: Bloomberg It looks like we might have had an exciting new competitor in the world of wearables. Unfortunately, Bloomberg He claims that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has just stopped development of a dual-camera smartwatch in favor of another type of wearable device. Its launch had been planned for the spring of 2023 and it … Read more

It fights all kinds of cancer, the number one enemy of diabetes and cholesterol! It delays aging, prevents cell damage! It was a source of healing for the Romans 2000 years ago…

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of our time. Many factors cause cancer, from the food we consume to the air we breathe. So, how can we prevent the risk of cancer? It is known that broccoli, consumed by the Greeks and Romans 2000 years ago, is a great fighter against cancer. Broccoli, … Read more

the delays of today 6 June after the accident in Rome

Tracks released from seizure, but not yet accessible. It will take about three days for the restoration of regular circulation in the knot of Rome after on Friday the Turin-Naples train goes into the Serenissima gallery. Ferrovie dello Stato has adopted changes to the high-speed and regional train circulation program in Lazio and Campania. Traffic … Read more

NAD treatment delays aging – SERDAR DAĞ

The NAD enzyme, which is naturally present in our body and helps cells produce energy, begins to decrease over time. Like oxygen and glucose, NAD deficiency also leads to cell death, thus accelerating the aging process. NAD produced in the laboratory should be given to patients by the doctor to take precautions Death is scary … Read more

Rumor: Nvidia Delays GeForce GTX 1630 Desktop Video Card Until June 15 – Computer – News

Nvidia may have delayed the release of its GeForce GTX 1630 until June 15. That claims tech website VideoCardz based on its own sources. According to previous reports, the card would initially be announced on May 31. Nvidia has provided this new embargo information to its partners, writes VideoCardz, which publishes an embargo timeline. Such … Read more