New Chinese SCB 19 vaccine protects against delta variant | International

Chinese pharmaceutical company Clover Biopharmaceuticals announced that it has developed a vaccine whose trials show 79% effective in protecting the patient from complications of any severity caused by the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, local media reported today.(Colombia, against the clock to achieve immunization). Also, lThe pharmaceutical company -which plans to supply 414 million doses to … Read more

Which vaccine is most effective against the delta? Here is the official ranking

Moderna 95, Pfizer, 80 and Johnson & Johnson 60 percent efficiency. However, according to researchers from the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the ranking with percentage effectiveness is not important. Other numbers are much more important. “Fully vaccinated people are 11 times less likely to die on covid ten times less likely … Read more

Delta variant concern for children

With the opening of schools and pre-school education units, an increase has been observed in the number of children with fever, complaints such as fatigue and sore throat for the last week. According to the news of MERT INAN from Milliyet: Diyarbakır Pediatrics Hospital Chief Physician, who told Milliyet about the situation in Diyarbakır, where … Read more

The most risky group in the delta variant! They are not aware of the danger!

England speaks the statements in the science report prepared for the government. First seen in India and now the dominant species in the world Delta variantThe reviewing team presented its report. The report, prepared by science consultants who advise the British government, included information revealing the importance of vaccines. in Hürriyet newsAccording to the report, … Read more

LAST MINUTE || How does the delta variant affect pregnant women?

prof. Dr. Tekin shared the following information about the condition of pregnant women in intensive care: “Pregnant women who went to the intensive care unit in the early stages of the epidemic were more likely to return to the service. Unfortunately, the number of pregnant women who were sent to the intensive care unit in … Read more

Cloth Masks Are Ineffective at Protecting You from the Delta Variant of Covid-19, Here’s Why

But while the results of the study helped to further strengthen the overall effectiveness of wearing masks, it was also found that there were some differences between the different types of PPE, particularly when it came to cloth masks. The researchers noted that while cloth masks offered 37 percent filtration efficiency, their effectiveness was reduced … Read more

Delta variant, Vietnam on its knees and cities in hard lockdown: only 6% of the population has finished the vaccination cycle

Ho Chi Minh City it’s a waiting anthill. Among its small streets, teeming with people on the move until May, you can now see mostly men in dark green managing the biggest epidemic Vietnam has ever faced. From 23 August the old woman Saigon – after the war the city is named after the father … Read more

Last minute: Delta variant of Covid-19 increases the risk of death in pregnant women

Frightening Delta description! It increases the risk of death in people prof. Dr. Özlem Moraloğlu Tekin said that the Covid-19 mutations brought about an increase in the number of cases, and this was also reflected in the pregnant women. Pointing out that there has been an increase in hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions, especially … Read more

What’s Your Variant? New Type of Covid-19 Virus That Is Reportedly Immunity to Vaccines, Detected in Indonesia?

DIY NEWS – Known there are varian Covid-19 latest, varian it has a name that is Mu, like what type the newest? see in this article. Latest type or varian other than Covid-19 is known to have been found, varian that is named varian Mu. Even WHO as authority health the world has officially confirmed … Read more