Asus ROG Delta S Wireless introduced with 2.4GHz and Bluetooth mode

Wireless gaming headset for PC, consoles and mobile devices News 30.06.2022 / Robin Cromberg Image: ASUS Asus expands the Delta S series with a new wireless gaming headset with flexible connection options. The ROG Delta S Wireless can be connected via a 2.4 GHz dongle or Bluetooth, it also offers 25 hours of runtime, 50 … Read more

ROG Delta S Wireless Dual-Mode Wireless Headset for Gaming Launches | Apple News | Apple Daily

ROG earlier announced the launch of the first dual-mode wireless gaming headset, the Delta S Wireless, with dual-mode 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, suitable for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 / 5 and other host usage scenarios; ROG AI beamforming The microphone, which supports AI noise reduction technology, helps maintain clear game voice calls, … Read more

“Sound” is immersive! ROG Delta S Wireless Gaming Headset Debut | XFastest News

ROG Republic of Gamers launches the first dual-mode wireless gaming headset – “Delta S Wireless”, with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® connection modes, players can experience the freedom of wireless connection as they wish, and multi-device compatibility; with the industry-leading ROG The AI ​​beamforming microphone and AI noise reduction technology complement each other, presenting extremely clear … Read more

No light pollution adds new combat power! ROG – ROG Delta S Wireless Out of the Box / Dual Mode Connectivity, AI Beamforming Microphone, Multi-Platform Compatibility

In the past few years, ROG has won the love of countless fans with its excellent design and free RGB lighting effects, and even installed LED bulbs on the Delta S Animate, so when I received the XF with a rather conservative design The ROG Delta S Wireless, which immediately makes people want to open … Read more

Delta showcases its latest DC and AC electric vehicle charging solutions. V2X charging innovations will be showcased at Automotive Summit 2022.

Bangkok, Thailand, June 23, 2022- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. showcased its latest products and solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. and talks about the vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging system for Thailand at the Automotive Summit 2022 held from June 22-23, 2022. At Delta’s booth, BITEC Exhibition Center It showcases a range of electric vehicle chargers … Read more

Spain. A sand shark in the delta of the Ulla River. A species that has “never been” seen there before

A 300 kg sand shark has been found in the Ulla delta in northwestern Spain. The animal was accidentally caught by one of the fishing vessels and released into the wild the next day was found dead. This species was observed for the first time in the Galicia region, experts note. Female sand shark (Odontaspis … Read more

We will hear more about Lancia: Over the next decade, 3 models will be created, including the Delta

The famous Lancia brand is still on the ice. With the exception of the home Italy, it does not offer any of its models anywhere. If you want a new Lancia now, you have to go to the Apennine Peninsula, where you can buy a small hatchback Ypsilon. And that’s all. This model, sharing technology … Read more

Lancia will revive the Aurelia and Delta models in a new format – Autoreview

Lancia has announced a development plan for the coming years, although its main points have been unofficially identified yet. last summer and have not changed much since then. Recall that now Lancia is a sad sight: only a middle-aged hatchback is produced under this brand. Ypsilonwhich is sold only in Italy. Although the sales volume … Read more

The Lancia strategy has been unveiled: three electric for the rebirth, the Delta also arrives

Stellaris formalized the plan for the rebirth of Lancia, which will gradually develop into a premium, all-electric brand. The CEO Luca Napolitano thus introduced the new roadmap: “Today an important day, Lancia is now ready for Europe, taking the first step to become a credible and respected brand in the premium segment. Our ten-year plan, … Read more

Delta Corona Virus Found in Wastewater, Could it Trigger a New Wave?

Israeli researchers studying wastewater warn that a new Covid-19 wave could hit this summer. The scientists also suggest that while the Omicron variant is starting to subside, their research suggests the Delta variant is “waiting for its time” and could reappear months later. Reported NoCamels, BGU researcher Prof. Ariel Kushmaro and Dr. Karin Yaniv, who … Read more