Gold, demand at record since 2011: “colossal” purchases by central banks

Listen to the audio version of the article Colossal purchases of gold by central banks – nearly tripling in a year, worth about $70 billion – have driven demand for the metal to a record level for more than a decade. The estimates of the World Gold Council (Wgc) in the final balance for 2022 … Read more

Demand for gold rises to record levels – Banks

A record rise in demand for gold is reported worldwide, with central banks around the world ramping up their purchases, the Financial Times reported, citing data from the World Gold Council. Analysts believe that gold buying by regulators has reached a 55-year high. According to FT ratings 2022 gold demand increased by 18% to 4,741 … Read more

TOP 10 of specialists: who will be the most in demand and which areas are the most stable this year

Photo of Judita Grigelytė (VŽ). Despite the fact that such giants of the technology sector as Meta, Salesforce or Amazon announced large layoffs last year, software developers remain one of the most in-demand specialists this year. True, they are quickly being chased by professionals in the medical sector, who dominate the chart that reviews the … Read more

Constitutional Court leaves to the vote jurisdictional demand of Congress against the Judiciary

During a public hearing, the Plenary of the constitutional Court (TC) left three jurisdictional processes to vote, among them, the one filed by the Congress of the republic against the Power of attorney, arguing that it lacks competence to intervene in ordinary and/or constitutional processes on the exclusive powers of Parliament. The hearing began at … Read more

Court considers Eva Green’s demand for money for canceled film project | Movies & Series

The court in London will examine the legal dispute between a British production company and Eva Green from Thursday. The French actress is demanding money for her work on the never-released film A Patriot. The 42-year-old actress, known for her role in the James Bond movie Casino Royalesays she is still entitled to approximately 1 … Read more

Panel price drop + sluggish demand LGD’s loss in the last quarter hit a new high | Anue tycoon-European stocks

South Korean panel maker LG Display (LGD for short) announced on Friday (27th) that its operating loss in the last quarter hit a record high, reflecting that global demand for smartphones, computers and TVs remains weak amid uncertain economic prospects. LGD announced an operating loss of 876 billion from October to Decemberwon (about 711 million … Read more

Employers put the brakes on Verdi and DBB’s demand for a 10.5 percent increase in public sector wages

10.5 percent more required Employers curb collective bargaining demands from Verdi and DBB 01/26/2023, 10:14 am (updated) Employers’ representatives reject the unions’ demands for the start of collective bargaining. Verdi and the German Association of Civil Servants want 10.5 percent more wages in the public sector. Interior Minister Faeser and the taxpayers’ association warn against … Read more

Microsoft expects its cloud computing business to slow as demand declines

I expected Microsoft Revenue growth in Azure’s cloud business is slowing. The company warned in the current period of further slowdown and a sharp decline in demand for software. These warnings came despite an increase in revenue from cloud computing services by 31% in the second quarter of the fiscal year ending on December 31. … Read more