Madness in the demand for this type of diamond .. What happened?

does not appear increase diamond demand Early COVID-19 lockdowns started no sign of abating, and even the cheapest and smallest stones have benefited from the recent wave of gains. This comes after the past three months witnessed a sharp reversal in the small and cheap diamond market, which was overwhelmed by supply and very narrow … Read more

Replaces gold: Demand has exploded in the last 6 months

Indispensable for weddings in Turkey, but its price has increased by more than 70 percent in the last year. gold your throne silvere is getting ready to leave. Silver, one of the most powerful investment tools of the last period, is now appearing in the showcases of jewelers. When the gold prices, which go up … Read more

High housing prices have exhausted current demand. Houses are on the rise, according to the analyst

The prices of flats and houses will continue to rise slightly. According to OVB Allfinanz Slovensko analyst Marián Búlik, experts estimate that the growth rate of apartment and house prices will slow down and could range from five to 10 percent. Houses should continue to grow stronger, from family houses to cottages to cottages. However, … Read more

Headhunters report higher demand. The hunter gets half a million for his head

According to companies, the biggest rise in the popularity of headhunting has occurred over the past year. “We saw the biggest demand since 2016. After a noticeable decline in the spring of 2020, when the first global coronavirus wave came, companies have adapted to the new situation, making 2021 a record year in terms of … Read more

Kiev rejects demand for Poroshenko’s detention – Abroad – News

The prosecutor’s office claims that Poroshenko, one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen, was involved in a coal sale that benefited financially from Russian-backed militant gangs in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and 2015. Poroshenko’s funds in the investigation are frozen. If convicted of treason, he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Poroshenko, 56, … Read more

Rutte: we cannot brush away extra gas demand from Germany | Inland

Groningen therefore has to supply more gas than expected, while the province is already suffering from gas extraction. That gas demand has been ‘totally misjudged’, the Prime Minister admits. “I want to be honest, I cannot guarantee that the German question will disappear,” he said in the House of Representatives. A final decision on gas … Read more

Musk must return $ 13 billion in shares, Tesla’s shareholders demand

Some shareholders of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla demand that the head of the company Elon Musk return the shares worth 13 billion dollars (280 billion crowns), which he acquired as part of the takeover of the solar panel manufacturer SolarCity. According to them, the court should conclude that Musk forced Tesla’s board of … Read more

Fist against the lockdown: entrepreneurs demand to open again | Financial

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door our reporters 13 jan. 2022 in FINANCIAL Rutger van der Weerd Ⓒ Jos Schuurman The pressure on the cabinet to relax the corona measures is increasing. Retailers are taking action and the catering industry has detailed plans for a reopening of the sector. Entrepreneurs demand that the lockdown … Read more

The Facebook parent, Meta, delays its return to the offices until March and will demand a booster vaccination

Juan Pablo Elverdin (CNN) – Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is delaying its return to the offices until March 28, and will demand a test of booster shots from workers. The company already requires office workers to be vaccinated. Janelle Gale, vice president of Meta’s human resources department, told CNN in a statement that the move … Read more