Depok Education Office Releases New PPDB 2022 Rules for Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School. Here’s the Registration Flow

EDUCATION SWARA (DEPOK) – The Depok City Education Office has officially released a technical guide for the Admission of New Students (PPDB) for the Depok City for the 2022-2023 school year for Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School levels. The selection paths opened at PPDB 2022 include: ZONATION, AFIRMATION, TRANSPORTATION OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN PTK, … Read more

At a rate of Rp. 8 million, these are the facilities that VIP guests of a bikini party get in Depok

Police raided a bikini party held by hundreds of young people at Pesona 2 Housing in Depok, West Java, Sunday (5/6/2022) early yesterday. [Dok. Istimewa] The police immediately dispersed the bikini party after receiving the report and confirming that the activities were not authorized. – Committee bikini party in DepokWest Java set ticket prices … Read more

A Series of Police Findings Regarding Private Parties in Depok Housing

Depok – Private party held in a house in a housing in Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java, was raided by the police. The police raided the party after receiving complaints from local residents. The party was held on Saturday (4/6) night until Sunday (5/6) in the morning. The police dismissed the party was ‘bikini party’but did … Read more

Police Check Private Party Organizers in Depok, Here Are The Results

Jakarta – Police check organizer private party which was filled with a bikini party at a luxury house at Pesona Depok Estate, Sukmajaya, Depok. What was the result? “What is clear is how many people have been informed, including the organizers,” said Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Endra Zulpan, Wednesday … Read more

Bikini Party in Depok, PBNU Asks for Strict Action If Prostitution Is Indicated

Jakarta – PBNU chairman Ahmad Fahrur Rozi (Gus Fahrur) regrets the incident bikini party in Depok, West Java. He reminded parents to be diligent in supervising their children. “I am very concerned and regret the incident and hope that the security forces will be able to immediately reveal and arrest the organizers of the event … Read more

Chronology of 2 Depok Residents Killed by Landslide While Eating Food at Saung Tiga Restaurant

Report from reporter, Dwi Putra Kesuma TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, SAWANGAN – Land disaster Avalanche from Saung Tiga RestaurantSawangan, Depok Cityswallowed two victims die. From the information gathered, the two victims die are male and female. Victim die a man with the initials SU (55) a resident of Mampang Village, Pancoran Mas. While the victim die a … Read more

2 Victims Who Died Due to Landslide at Saung Makan Depok Are Teachers

Depok – Two people died due to landslide overrides the dining hall in Sawangan District, Depok City. Two of the dead were teachers. “(Death victims) everyone teacher at SDN Depok Baru 2,” said Head of the Disaster Management Division of the Depok City Fire and Rescue Service (Damkar), Denny Romulo Hutauruk, in a statement to … Read more

Wanda Hamidah admits that she hasn’t seen her children in 3 weeks, this is what her ex husband says

Jakarta – Party Daniel Patrick Schuldt responding to his ex-wife’s confession, Wanda Hamidah |, did not see the child for 3 weeks related to the case of vandalism. They stated that Wanda and her child were still in direct communication. “Surely we will convey (Wanda’s communication). In fact, direct communication as well. We don’t have … Read more

A house in the Pesona Khayangan Housing Complex, Depok, was searched by the Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office Investigators All

DEPOK, – The DKI Jakarta High Prosecutor’s Office searched a house on Jalan Pesona Khayangan, Mekarjaya, Sukmajaya, Depok, early Thursday (19/5/2022). At that time, at 02.00 WIB in the morning, the investigative team District Attorney’s Office Jakarta leaves a two-story house in the Pesona Khayangan housing estate. They brought a black suitcase and a … Read more

Metro Police Arrest Foreign Man Suspected of Skimming in Depok!

Depok – Social media is shocked by the action skimming which is conducted a foreign man. The perpetrator was arrested in the Beji area, Depok City. The Beji Police Chief, Kompol Cahyo, confirmed that foreigner arrest the. Cahyo said the perpetrators were processed at the Polda Metro Jaya. “That’s right, the foreigner (already secured) with … Read more