The Chinese began exploring the interior of the Earth. They want to reach a depth of over 11 kilometers

Drilling began in the Tarim Basin desert in China’s northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The project is expected to be completed in 457 days and has been hailed by Chinese media as a “landmark in China’s deep-earth exploration”. The narrow shaft is expected to penetrate more than ten layers of the continental Earth’s crust to … Read more

What does Barcelona need to officially win the La Liga title? Sports depth

April 13, 2023 – 09:30 Despite its goalless draw with Girona and wasting two valuable points at home, Barcelona approached a new step in winning the Spanish League title by consolidating its lead in the competition table, taking advantage of the defeat of its direct competitor, Real Madrid, in the same round. Real Madrid, the … Read more

VIDEO: What life looks like 8,000 meters below the surface. Scientists have footage from a record depth

While sailing on the Pacific Ocean, scientists had the opportunity to enjoy an unusual discovery. While sailing at a depth of 8,336 meters just above the sea floor, the target fish became the fish observed at a record depth. The footage was shot by scientists from the University of Western Australia and Tokyo University of … Read more

Sea of ​​Japan: a fish filmed at a record depth of 8336 meters

Posted5 avril 2023, 18:16 Japanese sea: A fish filmed at a record depth of 8336 meters An expedition obtained images of a species of snailfish that swam lower than any species discovered so far. The film that shows fish at unheard of depths. University of the Western Australia/YouTube The Pseudoliparis must like peace. If this … Read more

Scientists discovered fish at a record depth of over eight kilometers

Scientists from Japan and Australia have been collaborating on ocean research for about a decade, using unmanned submarines to monitor the environment at great depths in the Ryukyu Archipelago Trench, as well as in the Japan and Bonin Trench. And just in the last named, according to the website The Guardian managed to come across … Read more

Juliana from Big Brother spoke in depth about her health problem: “The body speaks”

After returning to the house Big Brother to celebrate the fake wedding of Marcos, Julieta and Nacho, Juliana Diaz He talked about his health problem and how it influenced his time on the reality show. The young woman from Venado Tuerto gave an interview with teleshow and opened up her heart about her participation in … Read more

A M 3.2 earthquake shook Tabanan Bali, a depth of 42 km

Jakarta – Earthquake magnitude 3.2 rocked the region Tabanan, Bali. The earthquake did not create a potential for a tsunami. BMKG reported that the earthquake occurred on Friday (24/3/2023) at 06.11 WIB. The point of the earthquake was at 8.80 south latitude and 114.82 east longitude. The distance from the point of the earthquake was … Read more

Really the same price as oil and electricity!BYD launched a “depth bomb”: 134,000 to buy Song Pro DM-i super hybrid – Fast Technology – Technology Changes the Future

Really the same price as oil and electricity!BYD launched a “depth bomb”: 134,000 to buy Song Pro DM-i super hybrid This time, the magic car is really more fragrant! The strongest car price reduction wave in history started by Dongfeng is still going on. With the increasing influence of subsidy policies, this consumption-promoting wave has … Read more