Deputies by half, abolish the Senate completely. Czechs want to brush the parliament

Germany will have fewer MPs from the next term. From the current 736, their number will be reduced to 630, government lawmakers voted on Friday. The readers of would thin out the Czech Chamber of Deputies, they would even abolish the Senate completely. Almost 22 thousand readers think that the number of members … Read more

What do retired Belgian deputies or ministers earn? The maximum is set at 7,813 euros per month, “a comfortable amount”

The “pension bonuses” received by former presidents of the Chamber have put Herman De Croo and Siegfried Bracke in the hot seat. Illegal supplements or not? This continues to generate a lot of ink. Some claim that it is not a fraud since the amounts in question have been approved, each year, by Parliament… Even … Read more

Vienna, protests over the presence of Russian deputies at the OSCE meeting

It has aroused criticism and controversy OSCE meeting in Vienna, the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. The fulcrum of the debate is the presence of Russian deputies who, for the first time since the beginning of the war, were able to leave Moscow and travel to the countries of the European Union. Their … Read more

A group of deputies from the Green Party announces its support for Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections

Deputies of the Green Party, express their support for Marcelo Ebrard in the race for the 2024 presidential elections, this Monday.Courtesy A group of at least 16 deputies out of the 41 from the Green Party announced this Monday their support for Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard for the 2024 presidential elections. This is the … Read more

Deputies Cariola, Ñanco and Orsini participated in a conference in Havana

The DR deputies Ericka and Maite Orsinialong with his pair Karol Cariola (PC)traveled during this week until Havanacapital of Cuba, to participate in the Congress of the Progressive International on the “New International Economic Order” (NOED). This transfer, which caused the absence of parliamentarians in the sessions between January 25 and 28, was authorized by … Read more

The sums of money donated by Harfoush to support the sit-in of the deputies

The owner of the “Third Republic of Lebanon” initiative, Omar Harfouche, wrote on his Facebook page, “For transparency in front of public opinion, the government and in order to avoid fabricated events that may be carried out by some factions funded by parties hostile to the Lebanese civil peace, and in order not to confuse … Read more

“Africans are not the only victims of Emmanuel Macron’s contempt”, criticizes Marine Le Pen

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP During her trip to Dakar, the leader of the RN felt that the head of state did not respect the sovereignty of Senegal. She left her troops the fight against pension reform and flew off to Dakar … Read more

The strange race of the former deputies to the high-speed train tickets

Surely they would have appealed to Giuseppina Giugliano, the famous janitor who commutes from Caserta to Milan because of the high rents. Bundles of high-speed train tickets released by the House travel agency. In the last three months of the last legislature, a large group of deputies thought of attacking the trains. With the Chamber … Read more

“A partisan visit”, “a political error”: the Belgian political world reacts to the controversial trip of four MR deputies

A visit that raises all the more questions as part of it took place in Laâyoune, the most important city in Western Sahara and located in a region considered a “non-self-governing territory” by the UN. The dubious trip, paid for by Morocco, of four MR deputies to Western Sahara In a news already marked by … Read more

Nasrallah’s deputies: “He who makes people foolish is the most stupid of people”

It was said, quoting parliamentary sources, that “a number of deputies, from different blocs, expressed regret that the level of the speech of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has declined to a degree that is personally shameful for him, and he is the one who does not stop lecturing on morals and values ​​whenever … Read more