Hundreds of vintage Atari games buried in the desert under the cover of night. The legend turned out to be true

In 1982 Atari was one of the the most successful companies in the history of the United States. However, this did not mean that she did not face various serious challenges. A very popular console Atari VCSwhich was also known by the name Atari 2600, had to regularly face the competitors’ offers, mainly Intellivion consoles … Read more

What Is The Line at Neom, a 170 Km Futuristic City in the Desert of Saudi Arabia All – On social media, a video often appears depicting a futuristic city building project in Saudi Arabia. The video begins with a sentence that is quite frowning: “For so long, humans have lived in cities that don’t function properly, pollute, and ignore the environment.” “Now, a civilizational revolution is taking place.” Read also: Saudi … Read more

4 MbS Crazy Plans to Turn the Saudi Desert Into a Las Vegas ‘Paradise’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Arab Saudi back in the spotlight after the government King Salman plans to allow the sale and consumption of drinks alcohol in certain areas. Through a document obtained The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)Saudi Arabia plans to allow the sale and consumption of wine, cocktails, and champagne at a resort located in … Read more

Dakar Desert Rally – Preview

title Dakar Desert Rally Platform Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Epic Store Developer Know Port Publisher Saber Interactive Release date November 2022 As a journalist, you naturally meet a lot of people at a trade fair such as Gamescom. This includes PR employees whose main task is to get everyone … Read more

Black Desert, user’s photobook ‘Topic’ taken with the renewed photo mode

Users create their own character pictorials using the renewed photo mode, which is a hot topic. According to the official website screenshot bulletin board, this summer’s updated ‘Termian’ event Users took their own photobook ‘Black Photo’ at the beach. About 24 users participated, and the screenshot was made using the photo mode renewed in July. … Read more

2022 World Cup in Qatar: How can a stadium in the desert be cooled?

refrigeration doctor Dr. Saud Abdel-Ghani, who invented and supervised the implementation of the cooling system, told the BBC that Qatar wanted to leave an impact that would benefit the country after the World Cup. Dr. says. Abdel-Ghani said years of extensive research led to what he describes as “thermal comfort”, to create a comfortable atmosphere … Read more

World Cup 2022: How desert terrain can cool stadiums – BBC News

Dr. Cool “Dr Cool” Dr Saud Abdul Ghani, who designed the entire system, told the BBC that Qatar hoped to leave behind something that could still serve the country long after the World Cup. The result of years of intensive research, he says, is what he calls “thermal comfort,” which is creating an environment that … Read more

Like from science fiction. The artist created a mysterious city in the desert, it took him over 50 years

Weirdest places to live: It’s among the extremes, yet people live here Now, after more than fifty years of construction, Heizer has finally managed to complete the gigantic project. And he built quite possibly the largest contemporary work of art on the planet, the server reported CNN. Hills, roads and buildings in the desert Despite … Read more