USA – China. The Destroyer affected the waters in dispute

“We strongly demand that the US stop this kind of provocative actions. Otherwise, it will suffer the serious consequences of unpredictable events,” said the command of the southern theater of hostilities of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (ALW). A US naval ship entered the waters of China The US VII Fleet announced that the destroyer … Read more

NATO is strengthening the security of the Baltic States, additional fighter jets are being deployed in Lithuania

From the end of January, the fighters of the Royal Danish Air Force will strengthen the NATO Baltic Air Police mission from Šiauliai. The HDMS Peter Willemoe frigate will be on duty at the NATOangl. NATO Standing Naval Forces). The decision to strengthen NATO’s capabilities in the Baltic States was taken in response to growing … Read more

D’Alema, the king destroyer between Conte and the current of Bettini

Like Sorrentino’s Jep Gambardella, the historic exponent of the Italian left does not want to participate in the party. He wants to have the power to make it fail. The party against Draghi at the Quirinale now has a real leader Come Silvio Berlusconi is a candidate for the Quirinale because in reality he wants … Read more

Finland will buy 64 F-35 fighters from the US for 10 billion. euro contract Business

“The F-35 met the requirements of readiness, industrial cooperation and price,” Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen told a news conference. “When comparing military capabilities, the entire F-35 system best suits our needs,” he added, adding that he was referring to the “combat, intelligence and resilience parameters” of these aircraft. Lockheed Martin took part in the competition … Read more

Chinese military begins deploying Type 055 destroyer Anshan

The Type 055 Anshan destroyer number 103 was commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Northern Sea Fleet on November 11, 2021. The Anshan is the fourth destroyer of the Type 055 class and the third commissioned this year. Photo : Naval News The Type 055 destroyer is the largest surface combatant currently under … Read more

Russia tracks US destroyer with guided missile in Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin oversees the joint exercises of the North Sea and Black Sea fleets aboard warships. Photo/ MOSCOW – Military Russia tracked the guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke that entered the Black Sea on patrol with NATO allies. The TASS news agency quoted the information from the Russian Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) on … Read more

The ferocity of Ka Long Angus, the destroyer of Indonesia at Hylo Open 2021

Friday, November 5, 2021 – 06:40 WIB VIVA – Competition in the BWF World Tour Super 500 Hylo Open 2021 getting fiercer. In the round of 16 yesterday a surprise was created. One of the representatives Indonesia, Tommy Sugiarto. He was eliminated from the Hylo Open 2021 after being finished OF Ka Long Angus from … Read more

Pirates wanted to hijack the ship. They saw a missile destroyer – o2

The SOS signal was sent on Monday at approx. At 13 local time, the container ship MSC Lucia. The merchant ship was headed for Togo. The Panamanian-flagged vessel was attacked by pirates approximately 160 km off the coast of Nigeria. The SOS signal was picked up by the warship. Officers rushed to the rescue The … Read more

Arema FC Hands over Bus Destroyer to Persebaya Management

Surabaya – Arema FC hand over player bus destroyer to management Persebaya. The hope is that the perpetrators will receive training. The handover was carried out at the Yogyakarta Police, Thursday (10/21/2021) night. The moment was attended by Arema FC Media Officer Sudarmaji who represented Persebaya’s management and secretary, Taufiq Hentihu and the police. Also … Read more

After a “devastating” kick to the head, a fighter falls unconscious on the ring floor (video)

Italian fighter Gevorg Petrosyan was defeated by Taiwanese Superbonne Panchamic in the featherweight category, within the “ONE Championship” martial arts championship. Superbon hit a strong kick to Petrosyan’s head, knocking him unconscious in the second round of the fight, which brought them together today, Friday, in Singapore, for the title of “ONE Championship” martial arts … Read more