Violence and psychotropic drugs: this is how migrants live in detention centers for repatriation

The investigation These are some of the shocking images shot inside some CPRs (Standing Centers for Repatriation) that we will show you tonight. Practically inaccessible places. Real cages where undocumented migrants are locked up waiting to be repatriated. Many are also given large doses of psychiatric drugs. There are currently 9 CPRs active in Italy … Read more

Cases of Abuse Caused Widow of 5 Children in South Nias to be Jailed End Peacefully

Click, – The legal case involving a single mother in South Nias ended peacefully after the victim and defendant met at the South Nias District Attorney’s Office. The two of them also agreed to make peace and this peace was initiated by the Head of the North Sumatra High Prosecutor’s Office together with the … Read more

5 Facts of Lawyer Lukas Enembe’s Detention: Toga Dress to Provocation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) detained the lawyer for the Governor of Papua non-active Luke EnembeStepanus Roy Rening after being named a suspect in a case of obstructing the legal process or obstruction of justice on Tuesday, 9 May 2023. The KPK suspects that Roy took a number of actions which made … Read more

With the Cutro decree, what is ‘widespread’ is no longer hospitality, but detention

by Giulia Capitani* Il Cutro decree it is law, despite the battle of civil society and the oppositions, in fact useless in a sick system, which immediately implements the regulations wanted by the government through the emergency decree, and then locks them down with a vote of confidence. With all due respect to the supporters … Read more

Head of Cipinang Detention Center Opens Up about Tio Pakusadewo’s Talk

Saturday, May 6 2023 – 11:54 WIB LIVE Subway – The head of the Cipinang Class I Detention Center, Sukarno Ali, denied the oblique rumor that there was a business monopoly in place. This followed actor Tio Pakusadewo’s statement regarding the issue of a business monopoly in prisons carried out by the son of the … Read more

The mayor of Odessa was arrested for corruption

Trukhanov and others face charges of embezzling 92 million hryvnias (almost 53 million crowns) over a plan to acquire an administrative building at an old industrial factory in Odessa for municipal ownership at an inflated price, Ukrainian prosecutors said. In 2018, the mayor was acquitted of the charges, but three years later the investigation was … Read more

Driving on a motorcycle as a car-only road, singer Jeong Dong-won sent without detention

Jeong Dong-won’s Instagram Singer Jeong Dong-won was sent to the prosecution without detention. The Dongdaemun Police Station in Seoul announced on the 28th that it sent Jeong Dong-won, 16, to the prosecution on the 24th for riding a motorcycle on the Dongbu Arterial Road, a car-only road (violation of the Road Traffic Act). According to … Read more

Explanation by Police about Tapin Police Detainee Dies After Escaping from Detention Center

But – South Kalimantan (Kalsel) Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Andi Rian Djajadi spoke out regarding the Tapin Police drug case detainee who died after escaping from the detention center. He confirmed that the prisoner had a cardiac arrest when he was about to be arrested. The prisoner who died was named Syarifuddin (45). … Read more

nine months that the suspect is in pre-trial detention

Malcom D., barely 20 years old, has been in preventive detention in the Saint-Gilles prison for nearly nine months. “I really regret having been carrying a weapon because I felt in danger, it is illegal, I should not have”, he declared this Wednesday before the 47th chamber of the criminal court of Brussels. Read also … Read more

Four of the ten detainees escaped from the semi-open detention center of Saint-Hubert reported in the Schengen area

Cn Friday, the search carried out by the police following the escape of 10 detainees from the semi-open detention center of Saint-Hubert was interrupted. “The search has been halted for this Friday and the following days as the four fugitives still at large have probably managed to slip through the cracks. They are already far … Read more