Nineteen municipalities are candidates to house a detention house | Prisons

At the end of 2020, the Minister of Justice sent a letter to the governors requesting that, in consultation with the mayors, they look for locations for the detention houses. “All the governors have responded. They have forwarded the information to the various mayors to see if buildings are available to house the detention centers. … Read more

19 municipalities candidates to host detention centers

Nineteen municipalities offer a site to accommodate detention houses for young convicts, such as the Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) wants to create to respond to overcrowding in prisons, report the headlines Sudpresse this Monday. At the end of 2020, the Minister of Justice sent a letter to the governors asking them … Read more

118 migrants have been detained every day, more than two thousand Iraqis alone

All detainees will be tested for COVID-19 and isolated until results are available. The circumstances of the events are being clarified, investigations are underway. Asylum seekers have been notified of the Migration Department, which processes such applications. This year, 3,145 illegal migrants tried to enter Lithuania from Belarus until midnight from Wednesday to Thursday. This … Read more

Constable Sakhir Diallo in detention for calling his superiors corrupt

ARTP SUPPORTS THE POPENGUINE PILGRIMAGE TO ENSURE A GOOD QUALITY OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE The ARTP makes available to the public: 1. A Toll Free Number: the 800 200 200 This toll-free number is intended for users of mobile telephony and Internet services present in Popenguine during the Pilgrimage 2013, to enable them to enter the … Read more

Another 131 migrants were detained, and an Iraqi service dog was defending himself with his teeth

During the day, ie all Sunday, the border guards detained 131 migrants from Belarus who crossed the border illegally, according to preliminary data. In July alone, more than 2,000 such foreigners were already detained. In Druskininkai municipality, an Iraqi tried to attack a service dog, so the Belgian Shepherd bit him in defense. In addition, … Read more

China’s largest detention camp can accommodate 10,000 people

The gate to Detention Center No. 3 in Dabancheng in the Uighur Autonomous Region of Western China. Photo: AP / NTB undefined In long rows, the Uighurs sit in the lotus position, with crossed legs and a straight back. They are marked and numbered, and all stare at a television screen showing black-and-white images from … Read more

China’s largest detention camp can accommodate 10,000 people

This is one of around 240 cells in one of the sections of Detention Camp No. 3 in Dabancheng. Journalists from the AP gained access to the facility during a state-organized trip to the Xinjiang region in the far west of China. AP is the first western media house to have entered this detention center. … Read more

Prisoner’s health does not get better or worse during detention

In the year before detention, detainees have more health problems than non-prisoners. The detention period does not lead to negative health effects, but neither to positive ones. However, detention could provide an important opportunity to tackle the significant health problems of detainees more intensively. This is the conclusion of a study by the Netherlands Institute … Read more

Michal David: First words about cousin’s arrest

According to police, Kočka committed a violent crime and blackmail. “My cousin Jenda is an unguided missile. Maybe let him go soon because he didn’t do anything. Or don’t let go because he did. Everything is possible. I know nothing about it. I definitely don’t do any business with him, so as far as I’m … Read more

She returned the book after 300 years. The godmother put it in her will

The copy that returned to Sheffield, is a reprint of a book written in 1688, created in 1704. The book was returned by post. A letter was attached to the unusual package. According to its contents, the antique copy was in the possession of the woman who died and indicated in her last will that … Read more