Dead Space remake forced developers to greatly improve the capabilities of the Frostbite engine

© The Frostbite game engine, well known to players from the Battlefield series, first began to be actively used after 2008 in many games released by Electronic Arts. The remake of Dead Space, which currently uses its most advanced version, was no exception. The developers of the updated horror from the studio EA Motive admitted … Read more

These are the four options for Android developers that I always activate on my Xiaomi phone

Maybe some of you don’t know it yet, but all Android phones integrate settings specially designed so that users can developers get the most out of certain features of any phone. Some of the tools that integrate they are also quite useful for any user and, in fact, we ourselves often use them for certain … Read more

Nintendo Switch sports RPG, an update blocks the way to the “secret room”. The story of hardships was so real, the developer’s frank room-AUTOMATON

Developer Sidebar Games announced on January 30th that the RPG “Sports Story]delivered the latest update. In the patch notes, it seems that the “secret development room” is mentioned and attracts the attention of fans.foreign mediaThe Gameretc. have been reported. *Introductory video at the time of the announcement of the Japanese version. “Sports Story” is a … Read more

Highly acclaimed prison simulation developer’s new self-made spaceship work “The Last Starship” released a trial version-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“The Last Starship” has launched a trial version on Steam, players can take the lead in experiencing how to make and manage spaceships. In addition, this work is scheduled to participate in the Steam New Product Festival, and it is scheduled to launch an early access version after the event. “The Last Starship” is a … Read more

Heroes 3 got a release date. The developers of Songs of Conquest are preparing a bunch of new features

The developers of Songs of Conquest have revealed the exact development plan for the game in 2023, giving us a rough idea of ​​when version 1.0 will arrive. Last year Lavapotion studio made public plans for the future of the turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest. At the beginning of the year, players will be … Read more

a free event dedicated to developers and the tech community, organized on February 2, 2023 in Paris by OVHcloud

There are many challenges today if you work in tech. You must stay up to date with the latest technologies, but innovate without giving in to fads. Adopt the principles of cloud native, code more efficiently, automate, secure its applications, intelligently manage its data and reduce the energy cost of its infrastructure, etc. Here are … Read more

The Siko family empire will be lost for the first time in thirty years. He expects a loss of up to 100 million

“They build less. People from the construction industry report that sales of lost formwork – a basic component for the construction of single-family homes – dropped by eighty percent in December and January. This is already evident here. From last September until the end of the year, our sales in volume units were falling, at … Read more

The developers of Zunda Towers intend to build a third office high-rise :: Dienas Bizness

Rents in Class A office buildings in Riga currently range from 12.5 to 25 euros per square meter (m2), but this number is by no means decisive, because in order to choose the most advantageous offer, tenants must also evaluate a number of other factors, according to the survey conducted by Dienas Biznesa. In recent … Read more