If it changes color, you are infected.. Develop masks that diagnose corona infection within 90 minutes

Scientists and researchers continue to develop technologies that contribute to limiting the spread of the Corona virus, in the hope of putting an end to the Corona pandemic. A group of scientists has developed masks that contain biosensors that can diagnose and warn people with corona through their breath. Scientists have found a way to … Read more

The number of deaths with COVID-19 in Russia exceeded 17 thousand. :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sofia Sandurskaya / AGN “Moscow” Over the past day, 111 people have died in Russia, who had previously been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, according to the federal operational headquarters. The total death toll since the start of the pandemic has reached 17,025. Sobyanin promised victory over coronavirus within six months The material is being … Read more

New test diagnoses disease in just 20 minutes – Naturopathy & Naturopathy specialist portal

COVID-19 diagnosis in just 20 minutes It is pointed out again and again how important it is to carry out as many tests as possible for the new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in order to break the chains of infection. But the test results are often only available after days. But researchers have now developed … Read more

New technique to better diagnose prostate cancer

A team of Montreal researchers has developed a new and better way to detect prostate cancer, by combining two existing techniques. The scientific team at the Research Center of the Center hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CRCHUM) and Polytechnique Montréal first used Raman microspectroscopy imaging, a method of observing and characterizing molecular composition. This technique … Read more

Blood test could diagnose brain damage in neonates

Marcela Boyacá MesaLatin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health A study by researchers from Imperial College London in collaboration with groups in India, Italy and the United States concluded that a blood test could help detect severe neurodiscapabilities such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy in infants with oxygen deprivation at birth. These findings, … Read more

Alzheimer’s, a simple blood test can diagnose the disease twenty years earlier

A‘blood analysis to locate theAlzheimer before it shows its effects. Scientists have discovered that small fragments of a protein that appears in the brains of people who suffer from it also begin to circulate in the blood at the beginning of the disease. Read also> Coronavirus, WHO: «No seasonal epidemic but only wave» The finding … Read more

The number of people infected with coronavirus in India exceeded 1 million :: Society :: RBC

In India, the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus exceeded 1 million, according to website ministries of health and family well-being of the country. In total, according to the Ministry of Health, 1,003,832 people were infected. Most patients were identified in the state of Maharashtra (284,281), another 156,369 cases were recorded in Tamil Nadu and … Read more