Gasoline, diesel, heating oil, gas and electricity: where are the prices compared to last February?

“We are very far from having a return to normal, it’s even the opposite”, reacts Quentin Gonay, Technical Director of Wikipower, specializing in group purchases and price comparisons, when he discusses the evolution of gas and electricity prices for consumers. “On the wholesale markets, compared to the pre-covid period, we are at X10 or X11, … Read more

Review of the new Mercedes-Benz C220d (W206), diesel power, Mild-hybrid, powerful-saving, satisfying.

Mercedes-reviewBenz The new C-Class, body code W206, starts the market with a diesel engine model that is available in both C 220 d Avantgarde and C 220 d AMG Dynamic with a selling price of 2,590,000 baht and 2,990,000 baht respectively. What interesting things can be followed in the article. this For this article, the … Read more

The decrease in the price of gasoline and the increase in the prices of diesel and gas

The price of 95 and 98 octane gasoline decreased by 5000 pounds, while the price of diesel fuel increased by 4000 pounds, and the price of gas increased by 1000 pounds. The prices became as follows: Gasoline 95 octane: 562000 LBP.Gasoline 98 octane: 574,000 LBP.Diesel: 651000 LL.Gas: 317000 LBP * In order to preserve intellectual … Read more

Authorized resources for vaccines and Bono Familia would finance the expansion of the diesel and energy subsidy

This Thursday, August 4, the subsidy of Q7 for a gallon of diesel and Q5 for super and regular gasoline ends, for which the government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) presented the Temporary Social Support bill to Diesel Fuel Consumers, for Q5 for each gallon of that product, from August 5 to … Read more

Last week, the average price of gasoline and diesel fuel of the 95th mark continued to decrease / Article

The EC collects data on average fuel prices from member states every week. The EC information about the previous week published this week shows that in Latvia, a liter of 95 grade gasoline cost an average of 1,878 euros per liter in the week from July 26 to August 1, a week earlier the average … Read more

Almost everything is becoming more expensive, but not petrol and diesel | NOW

Inflation is at its highest level since 1975 and we are paying more for gas, electricity, food, drink and much more. Only petrol and diesel have become less expensive and even dampen inflation. From figures from UnitedConsumers it turns out that 1 liter of petrol now costs 2.25 euros, where the price two months ago … Read more