So how much do we give without gasoline? The electrified Kia Sorento will show whether it can match the diesel

SUVs rule the world and increasingly offer plug-in hybrid drivetrains. This piques our curiosity. Will electrification bring even a large car to efficiency comparable to diesel? What proportion of driving on electricity can realistically be achieved? For a long-term test, we borrowed one of the largest non-premium SUVs on the market, the Kia Sorento. An … Read more

Deer fast charging in the cold – but still cheaper than diesel and petrol

Many electric car owners have probably known the effect the cold has on the battery this winter. Consumption increases and the range becomes significantly shorter compared to the hot summer months. A cold battery also takes much longer to fast charge than a warm one, which leads to a higher price. ─ The price of … Read more

Ideal petrol and diesel engine speed

Optimum speed of the diesel engine A diesel unit equipped with a turbocharger is on longer routes at a constant load probably the most economical choice. The earlier ones were not too complicated and they liked understeer, which unfortunately the dual-mass flywheels of modern engines do not tolerate. The effort to save can thus turn … Read more

It’s trendy with the green license plate, but we’d rather wait for the diesel – Mazda CX-60 2.5 E-Skyactiv PHEV test

On paper, Mazda’s most powerful car ever, the plug-in version of the new CX–60, which is also the company’s first plug-in hybrid, promises a lot. However, it is the powertrain that deserves better for this sporty family SUV that promises to be a challenger to even premium brands. The good news is that it will … Read more

It turns out that the history of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport & Triton Diesel Engine came from this car – Talking about mobil dieselbrand Mitsubishi including one of the pioneers in the country. This Japanese manufacturer has been playing diesel cars in Indonesia for decades. And now a product that is quite well-known today for its toughness and performance, namely Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Triton. But do you know the history of the … Read more

Minivan Toyota Innova Crysta is back with a diesel engine and “mechanics” – Autoreview

A photo: | Toyota Toyota Innova minivan debuted last fall third generation – with a load-bearing body, a transverse engine and front-wheel drive. In most markets, he completely replaced the former Innova, but not in India. Here, cars of two generations will be sold in parallel: after a short break, the frame Toyota Innova … Read more

Diesel ready to explode with Russian embargo: new sting on consumers

Not long now more than a week to February 5thday when the embargo will go off on the import of processed petroleum products from Moscow. Maximum alert on the price of diesel already today soared above 1.9 euros per liter in Italian service stations and some time ago reached up to 2.5 euros in some … Read more

Do you remember the Sudanese “Van Diesel”? He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and had his license revoked

After his story filled Sudanese media and social media, following his appearance a few weeks ago driving his car in reverse, in the famous “Van Diesel” manner, the Khartoum Traffic Criminal Court convicted the perpetrator of the unusual offense with two months in prison and 10 years’ license revoked. In the details, the judge of … Read more

Problems with diesel? Treat him to decarbonization! – Auto-moto – Commercial news

There are moments that do not please the owners of a car with a diesel engine: Black smoke pours from the exhaust. The engine loses power. The revolutions fluctuate when idling. The car suddenly “eats” more, or even fails the emission control. PR service 27.01.2023 00:00 The causes of these problems can be different. However, … Read more

Three times in two years. It makes charging cars more expensive again, yet it’s cheaper than diesel

Pražská energetika announced an increase in the price of electricity for electric car chargers. E.On confirmed to the Aktuálně.cz editors that in this quarter they will also proceed with at least a slight increase in prices, ČEZ is evaluating the situation. Some prices will reach double compared to the beginning of last year, which means … Read more