North Korea is conducting a third missile test in ten days

Earlier, the North Korean Foreign Ministry accused the United States of provoking new sanctions on Pyongyang and threatening not to owe a response. This is the third rocket test by North Korea in ten days. The South Korean National Security Council deeply regretted the North Korean missile tests. The US Indian and Pacific Command has … Read more

Healthy diets that are not extreme: Mediterranean, flexitarian and Nordic

As if that were not enough, the Mediterranean diet promotes the consumption of this type of oil and, especially, as an option against butter. In this eating pattern, the consumption of products such as red meat, sweets and eggs is reduced. Its biggest benefits? It helps to lose weight, control blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia, while … Read more

Hard heels and sweaty feet – how to prevent it

Winter can significantly affect the well-being of our foot skin, admits beauty consultant Dārziņa. There is cold air outside and central heating indoors, and this difference reduces the humidity and often makes the skin dry. What to start? To prevent the problem of dry skin, a caring foot cream should be used every day after … Read more

“20,000 terrorists”, power struggle and debt to Putin: what’s going on in Kazakhstan?

Bahrain failed Kazakhstan seems to be doing better than other Central Asian countries in terms of socio-economic development, but there are serious problems behind the showcase of success, Kazakh political scientist Dosim Satpayev explains in an interview with the Kazakh editorial office of Kyrgyzstan’s “24kg” and “Radio Freedom”. “A significant proportion of the population is … Read more

Six people have been charged with raping and torturing prisoners in Russia after the video was released

Last autumn, the NGO published videos showing the torture of prisoners in a Saratov prison, secretly taken out by a former Belarusian prisoner, Sergei Savelyev, who has now sought asylum in France. After serving a 7.5-year prison sentence for drug smuggling, Saveyev worked as an administrator for the prison’s internal computer network, giving him … Read more

The European Commission is issuing a final warning to Poland for non-payment of fines in a coal mine case

He found that a notice of commencement of payments had been sent on 3 January within 15 days of receiving the notification. In September 2021, the Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) ruled that Poland should suspend the operation of the KWB Turów coal mine and pay a fine of € 500,000 a … Read more

The audience arrives at the premiere of Jānis Kalniņš’s opera “Hamlets” at the Latvian National Opera – Photo

On January 13, 2022, the Latvian National Opera saw the premiere of the musical tragedy “Hamlet” by Jānis Kalniņš (1904-2000). The new production consists of the musical director and conductor of the show Mārtiņš Ozoliņš, director Kristina Wuss, set designer Andris Eglītis, costume designer Kristīne Pasternaka, choreographer Agris Daņiļevičs and lighting artist Mārtiņš Feldmanis. The … Read more

Borrell: No talks on Ukraine while Russia exerts pressure

“Russia [karspēka] The relocation is part of the pressure, “Borrell told reporters ahead of the meeting of EU defense and foreign ministers, insisting that” there must be no pressure to negotiate. “ The informal meeting takes place shortly after intense talks between US and Russian officials in Geneva on Monday, during which no agreement was … Read more

The risk of hospitalization after infection with omicron is approximately three times lower than with the delta variant

Although the omicron variant appears to be more infectious than other coronavirus variants, studies in South Africa, the United Kingdom and some European Union (EU) countries have shown a lower risk of hospitalization after being infected with the omicron variant. Based on research, it is currently estimated that this risk is about one-third to one-half … Read more

France accuses the Malian junta of using Russian mercenaries to hold power

“Vagner is there to support the junta, but in doing so makes people think they are fighting terrorism,” Ledriane told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly on Tuesday. “Vagner did not come because the international community is resigning, but because the junta wants to stay in power by any means,” the minister … Read more