This representative of the royal family will follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and leave England

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties at the beginning of 2020 and shortly after announcing their decision moved to permanent residence on the other side of the ocean – the United States. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex currently live in a luxurious mansion in Montecito, California. Here they are … Read more

VIDEO: “You won’t take him anywhere!” A woman fights bravely for her husband, who wants to take him into the occupying army

Makijivka is located in the Donetsk region. Since 2014, it has been controlled by the authorities of the “Donetsk People’s Republic”, created by Russian-backed separatists. The video shows a man of the suit’s build, dressed in military clothing with the symbols of the so-called “New Russia”. The woman claims in the video that the person … Read more

Where can an accidental phone call or How Lelde Vikmane got to Paris get married

It turns out that both Lelde and Erik used to work in aviation, but at the beginning of their story, accident also played a role. At that time, Lelde worked in the public relations department of AirBaltic, and Eric worked in the quality control of Air France. The charming Latvian once called for work, and … Read more

Comments on: Ukrainian refugees in Riga could be left homeless

Another optimism of Latvians – let’s take in refugees, then think about what and how next. I am not against refugees, but we had to think about how many refugees we can take in, and the refugees might not just be beggars, but go to work. There is no Leiputria here and no one falls … Read more

Comments on: Expert: Russia may not be strong enough to pose a serious threat to NATO members

Without NATO, we, like cockroaches, would flee the Russian occupiers sooner than the Ukrainian soldiers. How many people remained in Latvia. Thanks to NATO, our statesmen can shake hands with those who forcibly took out a loan to keep a CCCP apartment or house in order. Anyone know how much EUR you can get for … Read more

“The situation is terribly gloomy.” Even five-year-olds are involved in the cultivation of cocoa

The project in Latvia is managed by the Environmental Education Foundation, and the information gathered by it shows that 2020 was marked as the worst year in the world in the field of children’s rights. The number of children in employment rose to 160 million, the highest level in 20 years.1 Terribly gloomy situation “If … Read more

Comments on: Is there really such a despair? Putin has retired a general weighing 127 kg

No matter how much happens, there is a reason for the right lies (propaganda) and that is that the Ukrainian side lost 50 of its high-ranking officers in a rocket attack a few days ago when they gathered to decide on a further war with Russia. There is also a reason to mention vodka. As … Read more

EU economic ministers will discuss the wider use of indigenous energy resources

Indriksone points out that a new, important dimension has emerged in this context to reduce consumption. Consequently, the amendment of the directives is one of the elements that will help reduce dependence on imported fossil energy resources, as well as promote the use of renewable energy sources and attract investment. The measures included in the … Read more

Active construction works continue on state roads; they take place in more than 80 stages

VSIA Latvijas Valsts ceļi informs that construction works on the highway Jelgava-Iecava (P93) near Garoza are starting in Zemgale, in Kurzeme – on the road Līga-Kandava-Veģi (P130) in the section from Līgai to the turn to Pūce (V1474) and from Sabile to Veģi. Restrictions on repair stages have been renewed since Monday, where they were … Read more

Rescuers have removed a missing person from the Gauja in Cēsis

She informed that firefighters had handed over the dead to the State Police. It has already been reported that on Wednesday at 17.39 the SFRS received a call to Gaujas Street in Cēsis, where two people went swimming. It was found at the scene that one person had reached the shore on his own and … Read more