This is the difference between ISIS and Boko Haram

loading… JAKARTA The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS is a powerful terrorist militant group that has controlled large areas of the Middle East. The group first appeared in Iraq in 2004. ISIS is notorious for its brutal violence and murderous attacks on civilians. This self-described caliphate has claimed responsibility for hundreds of … Read more

The big difference between domestic and export prices. Why?

In August 2022, compared to August 2021, the average producer price level in Latvian industry increased by 35.0%. The price level for the products sold on the local market increased by 61.6%, for the exported products – by 13.2%, according to the data of the Central Statistics Office. Experts explain the big difference between domestic … Read more

Jacek Braciak on political divisions in the acting community. “I don’t see any difference between the TVP series and TVN”

– For example, the fact that participation in the production of Telewizja Polska is perceived by some as an ideological declaration. They say speaking out there means “agreeing with that propaganda tube”. Of course, TVP is in fact it, especially the journalistic parts, but this does not mean that all channels should be boycotted. I … Read more

Ghislain’s motorhome accepted, then failed, at the technical control: “I don’t understand the difference in judgment from one station to another”

Ghislain, recently retired, gave himself an end-of-career gift. It is a Ford Transit motorhome dating from 1994. Handyman and traveler, he wanted to combine his two hobbies to celebrate the end of a very diverse career. Ghilsain chained jobs in the army, the building, but also officiated as a chief operator at the airport of … Read more

Rumored Google Pixel 7 specs reveal little difference between the new phone and the Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 was announced in mid-October 2021, and now its successor is on the horizon, but if the rumors are true, it will be an almost identical phone. Where have you been this year? The Pixel 7 will feature the new Tensor G2 chip, which will bring some updates to the GPU, NPU, modem, … Read more

Sony PS5 cost reduction? 6nm SoC change… Is there a performance difference?

In relation to Sony’s console game console PS5, it was reported that the third model, which was recently provided under the code name “CFI-1202”, has applied some cost savings. Sony PS5 is applied with TSMC 7nm SoC based on Zen2 architecture, and it is analyzed that the SoC provided as CFI-1202 recently applied 6nm process … Read more

Don’t be mistaken! Understand this is the difference between rheumatism and osteoporosis that is often not realized

JOURNAL SOREANG – Many people still misinterpret the difference disease rheumatism and osteoporosis. Some even mention rheumatism and osteoporosis is disease the same thing, even though from a medical point of view they are clearly different. Here aretheh difference disease rheumatism and osteoporosis compiled from various sources. Read Also: Performance statistics for the French national … Read more

Hurricane Fiona: prevention made a difference, according to Geneviève Guilbault

The Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, congratulated herself on Sunday for the $16 million committed by her department to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine for work to prevent climate change which has made a big difference during Hurricane Fiona, she says. • Read also: Hurricane Fiona: Hydro Ottawa sends reinforcements to Nova Scotia • … Read more

What is the difference between milk and whey? packaging can be deceiving

Those who go to the supermarket should pay attention to food labels, as some products have similar packaging, even if they are different. Among the cases that went viral on social media is whey. In several posts, people question the fact that the whey is sold in boxes, very reminiscent of the traditional packaging of … Read more