if the situation becomes difficult to manage, Lithuania will ask for help in accommodating migrants in other EU countries

“Obviously, there are some things where the European Commission, European Union institutions help Lithuania and, I hope, will help more. The first is to reduce the potential of the flow itself. The biggest expectation here is the opportunity for the EU to use its negotiating positions with the Iraqi government, “I. Šimonytė told reporters in … Read more

Nasopharyngeal cancer is difficult to detect, let’s recognize the causes and symptoms

AKURAT.CO Nasopharyngeal cancer is a disease in which malignant cells (cancer) attack the head and neck, or rather behind the nasal cavity (inside the nose) and the top of the throat. Scientists and doctors do not yet know the exact cause of nasopharyngeal cancer. However, the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has been associated with this type … Read more

47 J. Jocytė’s utility scores beat a difficult victory for the eighteen-year-old

The Lithuanian team of eighteen-year-old girls returned to the field after a day of rest in the FIBA ​​Challenger tournament. Only after the struggle did the students of Vilius Stanišauskas demand a lot of effort 75:71 (22:18, 20:17, 12:13, 21:23) beat their peers from Hungary. Lithuanians have won three victories in this tournament and suffered … Read more

Kendji Girac facing the Delta variant: he faces a difficult decision

In recent months, the world of music has also been strongly affected by the health crisis since all musicians and singers have been stopped for many months. They had returned to the concert halls but not everything is going as well as they had hoped. Like the group IAM which had to cancel a concert … Read more

Virginie Efira talks about her difficult adolescence

Virginie efira covermedia Virginie Efira knows that going to the cinema when you are a teenager and that you have not mastered aesthetic codes can attract some hurtful remarks. The actress confided in Vanity Fair magazine about some of her childhood misadventures. Virginie Efira was recently in Cannes to climb the stairs with the Benedetta … Read more

Apple confirms iPhone issues: – It’s difficult

Bad news for you who have a new iPhone high on the wish list. Apple has for the first time confirmed that the global shortage of microchips can hinder the delivery of iPhones. It writes a number of American media, among others Reuters. Problems with obtaining enough microchips, which are absolutely necessary for the production … Read more

If we do not get vaccinated and take precautions, this autumn will be very difficult – Namık GÖZ

In the coronavirus pandemic, we experienced in the last autumn and winter footsteps of nightmare-filled days started to come. The number of cases in four thousand at the beginning of July, when the restrictions were lifted In a very short time, it increased 4 times and reached 17 thousand. last fall Even in Bursa, the … Read more

Al-Machnouk apologizes for not participating in the consultations: The following is more difficult

Representative Nohad Al-Machnouk tweeted, and wrote on his Twitter account: “I apologize for not participating in the binding parliamentary consultations, with all due respect to the invitation of His Excellency the President of the Republic in accordance with the constitution, and my affection for President Najib Mikati.” Al-Mashnouq said, “I do not see any prospect … Read more

Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the most difficult situation in his life

star revealed Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, winner of Award golden ball five times, about the most difficult moments in his career sports. Ronaldo considered the most difficult moments she was At the beginning of his career when he moved to a team Sporting Lisbon at a young age. And the Dugout website quoted Ronaldo as saying: … Read more

Don reveals the most difficult moment in his sports career

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo revealed the most difficult moments in his sporting career. Ronaldo considered that the most difficult moments were at the beginning of his career when he moved to the Sporting Lisbon team at an early age. The Dugout website quoted Ronaldo as saying: “When my family said goodbye to me, … Read more