Even nuns watch porn. Pope Francis warned against the devil

Pope Francis described watching pornography on the Internet as a vice for many Catholic believers, but also for priests, monks and nuns. From there, according to him, the devil enters and weakens the soul. “Priests and nuns also have the vice of porn on the web. Beware: from there the devil enters and weakens the … Read more

Interstellar x NASA watch RED3.721 with Martian dust inside.

In addition, this watch also put the numbers 1-7 around the Martian dust to be a small gimmick. It reflects the number “7 Minutes of Terror”, which is the time when Persivia Rence made its way through the atmosphere of Mars and landed on the ground. price of watches RED3.721 performance Interstellar x NASA Putting … Read more

Game line, don’t miss it! Last day to buy Vampire Survivors, a famous indie game for 63 baht.

If you are a gamer You may have heard of games like Vampire Survivors Let’s come together. This game is preparing to increase the price soon. Vampire Survivors Developed by the Poncle team and launched on Steam since Dec. 2021 in the form of Early Access with a cute price of only 63 baht, but … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Announcing the virtual event Connect on October 11

Meta The list of meetings was not announced. But the job is expected to take all day. via online streaming In addition to revealing the Project Cambria eyewear set Meta will also discuss an update to Horizon Worlds, the Metaverse social network app that has been making mockery in recent weeks for its cartoon graphics. … Read more

Why did Apple remove the SIM card slot from the iPhone 14?

Kaiann Drance, vice president of iPhone marketing at Apple Speaking at the iPhone 14 launch event, “With an eSIM, you can quickly transfer an existing cellular plan or get a new cellular plan.” Drans also added that the eSIM can make the device “More secure,” stating, “People can’t remove the physical SIM card if your … Read more

The first hotel in Dubai to launch the cryptocurrency payment initiative… and an administrator explains to CNN

The Manor Hotel by GI has started using cryptocurrency to provide its services and reservations, becoming the first hotel to launch this initiative in Dubai. The managing partner of the hotel, Muhammad Al-Qasim, said in an interview with CNN in Arabic that the idea of ​​​​cooperation and launching this project began when it became clear … Read more

Apple Event launches iPhoneSE 2022, look back 6 years, the evolution of iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone SE Gen 2nd continue to iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE Gen 2nd is called more than 4 years before Apple agrees to launch. iPhone SE The new one, which is the same year Apple introduced the iPhone 12, but it opened before the beginning of the year as usual. … Read more

It turns out that infrared spectroscopy can be changed to the size of a cellphone

Infrared spectrometers are expensive and powerful instruments that scientists use to analyze the chemical makeup of samples, and a new research project has shown what this technology would look like if it were packaged into a smartphone. Citing the Newatlas page, this breakthrough relies on newly developed LEDs that can be tuned to detect different … Read more