Ubisoft confirms digital presentation for ‘E3 2021’ [VIDEO] | Videogames | Ubisoft | E3 | E3 2021 | Ubisoft Forward | VIDEO GAME

After the development of the ‘E3’ this year but in a digital format, and that various companies confirm their presence, Ubisoft he has done the same. That’s right, the French company has confirmed that it will develop a digital presentation, which will be named ‘Ubisoft Forward’ during the development of ‘E3 2021’. SIGHT: PlayStation 5: … Read more

DANA, LinkAja, GoPay to OVO Are All Related, Digital Wallets Become Oligopoly?

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – The struggle for the unicorn ecosystem with the support of digital wallets continues to grow. The news reported by The Strait Time said that SuperApp from Malaysia, Grab entered the Elang Mahkota Teknologi (EMTK) ecosystem. The conglomerate that controls Bukalapak and has an association with the Dana digital wallet. EMTK also has … Read more

Sotheby’s sale of digital “NFT” works reaches $ 16.8 million

Sotheby’s sale of “NFT” digital works reaches $ 16.8 million A sale of digital works by artist Pak stamped “NFT”, named after the hot new authentication technology, reached $ 16.8 million, a hit for Sotheby’s, which hosted the event. . A month after the sale of “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by digital artist Beeple, … Read more

AI, digital tools give more control over Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

The parties involved are also developing digital tools, such as apps and avatars, for people who already have the diseases. So that they are notified at home when the disease changes and care providers can intervene in time. The parties are setting up a new ICAI lab for this: AI-RONDO (Risk Profiling and Decision Support). … Read more

Does the popularity of NFT mean that the age of digital art is coming? _China Economic Net-National Economic Portal

A video clip was sold for 100,000 US dollars, a Twitter sold for 2.916 million US dollars, and a JPG file composed of 5,000 pictures was sold at a sky-high price of 69.35 million US dollars… This sounds incredible, but they are real. occur. And what makes all of this comes from a concept that … Read more

Košík.cz created 15,000 digital twins of warehouse items due to more efficient logistics

Online supermarket Košík.cz since the beginning of the year he has created 15,000 digital twin stock items. The company promises to double the warehouse capacity and more efficient operation. At the same time, the digital model aims to improve loading planning and thus save up to 15% on the emissions of delivery trucks. Košík.cz used … Read more

Bloomberg: Biden’s team perceives the Chinese digital yuan as a potential threat

Published: 12 abr 2021 10:27 GMT According to media sources, US officials are trying to understand whether the Chinese currency could be used to circumvent Washington’s sanctions in the future. The Chinese government’s plans to boost payments with the digital yuan have put the Joe Biden Administration on alert, which is studying the potential implications … Read more

Cash Only: Slap is the Ringhoffer of the digital age. Industry crushes rising prices

It is surprising how few Czechs know the name Josef Průša or the name of his company Prusa Research. The maker of 3D printers that won this week title of Entrepreneur of the Year, is – at least in my humble opinion – the most interesting domestic businessman of the first two decades of the … Read more

Western Digital launches two types of SanDisk Ixpand wireless chargers

Western Digital (www.westerndigital.com/en-kr) launched the new products’SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger Sync’ and’SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger 15W’ Will be released in Korea. Western Digital plans to provide fast and stable charging performance to devices that support the wireless charging standard’Qi’ interface through two products, expand the product line to the wireless charging category, and meet the … Read more

Microsoft Opens Preview of 64-bit One Drive to allow users to transfer and store larger size files | Software Intelligence | Digital

Microsoft released earlierPreview version of One Drive with 64-bit architecture, Allowing users to store larger file content. The currently released version is still in the preview stage and is expected to be used in conjunction with the upcoming Windows 10 update that is expected to be released. If you want to use this version of … Read more