Jan Boskamp: ‘If we go out for dinner and you order a steak, I really won’t be chewing on a piece of leather’ | Dutch football

met videoFootball analyst Jan Boskamp (74) feels fifty again. The former Feyeno player has received stents and a pacemaker and is bursting with energy again. “But I was almost done,” he says. He knows all too well why he got it to his heart. “I suffer from diaperitis and I like to eat too much.” … Read more

Judge suspends domestic violence lawsuit and orders the aggressor to take the victim out to dinner and to the revue – Observer

A judge of the Court of Amadora accepted the recommendation of a public prosecutor who proposed, in a case of domestic violence in which the crime of offense to physical integrity was proven, that the process was suspended, leaving the aggressor obliged to take the victim on “playful walks”. The case was revealed this Friday … Read more

Do not serve “these three dishes” at the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve, adults play cards and mahjong, and children receive red envelopes in a happy and harmonious way. However, while eating good food, one must also pay attention to whether there is any violation of taboos. Folklore expert Liao Dayi reminded that there are three dishes not to be served on New Year’s … Read more

4 ways to eat fruit, breakfast, lunch, dinner, when should you eat fruit?

Eating fruit that is useful. If you eat at the right time, it will have even more positive effects on your body! Today we have 4 how to eat fruitLet’s introduce in the morning, lunch, and evening, what fruit should we eat each time? Let’s see! how to eat fruit 1. Morning Eating fruit in … Read more

7 restaurants on cliffs in Mexico where you can have an unforgettable dinner

We share with you some restaurants on cliffs in Mexico that are located right in front of the beach and have enviable panoramas. You have to meet them! Mexico It has some of the most spectacular natural settings in the world, which also results in wonderful venues that converge incredible gastronomic proposals and dream landscapes, … Read more

Enjoy the New Year by watching movies together | Bona: The cinema prepared a Spring Festival dinner for the audience_Cultural News_Cultural Channel

Hu Yi, a reporter from Red Net Moment, reports from Changsha The 2023 Spring Festival file is about to officially kick off. The 7 fixed-file films are now ready to go, and various posters and trailers also make the audience dizzy. Recently, the Hunan Film Industry Association, together with Hongwang, Hunan Movie Channel, and Tao … Read more

Diet, false myths to dispel: from fat-burning pineapple to pasta to avoid at dinner

10/12 ©Getty TOTAL KILOS IN TOTAL DAYS: THE FAST DIETS/2 – Once the kilos lost with an ineffective and often dangerous diet have been regained, the instinct is to start another one, thus giving life to the so-called “yo-yo effect”. What you need to do, if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, … Read more

Dinner with a Kremlinist: a scandal broke out in Estonian football – several national team players had dinner with the Russian coach

Screenshot Ilmārs Stūriška, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read “First once I see such a thing!” A slide about the way the Russians camouflage their fuel tankers Valainis is harsh about the RAKUS story: “If you asked him how to cut out the appendix, he would hardly be able to hold a conversation” Pēteris … Read more

Scandal in Estonia: star dinner – with the coach of the Russian national team in the lead | Sports

Valery Karpin, who heads the Russian national football team, was born in the Estonian city of Narva. “1 group, 10 friends, 100 memories, 1,000 games… New Year’s party we will remember for a long time,” wrote 43-year-old Andrei Stepanov, who has worn the Estonian national team 89 times in the past. It was he who … Read more