The motorcyclist bounced off the car in the opposite direction and crashed into the house. He didn’t survive

“There, he collided with an oncoming passenger car, which he bounced off, and then flew off the road. He flew through the trees and crashed into a house,” Michaela Richterová, spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian Police, told Práv, according to which the motorcyclist (born in 1989) was driving along Hlavní ulica in the village of … Read more

Statale 36, in the wrong direction on the highway: fear on the Lecco-Sondrio – Chronicle

Lecco, 7 August 2022 – Another wrong way on State 36 . Late in the morning today a motorist was seen speeding north towards Sondrio, but on the southern route towards Lecco . He drove a small blue car. It happened in the Fuentes area, in the stretch of the Superstrada on the border between … Read more

Big Brother contestants in Jerusalem in the rocket bunker from Gaza – Politics

Rockets launched this morning by Islamic Jihad from Gaza to the Jerusalem metropolitan area also forced local Big Brother competitors to run into the shelter. Unaware – as the contest rule dictates – of the situation outside the house and the start of the “Breaking dawn” operation by the army, the competitors, the media said, … Read more

Anies Baswedan Changes the Names of 31 Hospitals in Jakarta to ‘Healthy Homes’, Fahri Hamzah: Thank You, This is a New Direction

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Gelora Party politician, Fahri Hamzah responding to the DKI Governor’s policy Jakarta, Anies Baswedan who renamed the whole HOSPITAL Becomes Healthy Home. As it is known, Anies Baswedan rename 31 HOSPITAL from Jakarta Becomes Healthy Home on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 yesterday. Anies Baswedan revealed that the name change was related to the … Read more

A glacier is as risky as driving in the opposite direction, a mountaineer says about an accident in the Alps

The pair of Czechs were relatively well equipped to climb the Écrins massif, prosecutor Florent Crouhy told AFP. On Wednesday evening, investigators found climbing ice axes and trekking poles, which apparently belonged to the couple, near the gap in the glacier on the Barre des Écrins mountain. According to the mountaineer Radek Jaroš, who has … Read more

Very large movements of Russian troops in the Kherson direction. “They pull maximum strength”

The enemy draws the maximum number (forces) … A very strong movement of their troops has begun in the Kherson direction, they are drawing additional forces – he stressed Danilovquoted by the portal. Key weeks for the outcome of the war Our troops will do whatever depends on them to meet the deadlines it … Read more

Due to the environmental requirements of downsizing car engines, the Japanese have gone in the opposite direction

True, it cannot be called a constant, because some manufacturers decided to go the other way and started to offer even larger engines in new models than before. Here is the Japanese manufacturer “Mazdaintroduced the largest model in its range, the CX-60, which will be available with a 3-liter gasoline engine or a 3.3-liter diesel … Read more

How not to lose the direction of sustainability in times of global turbulence

Photo Disrupted supply chains, geopolitical tensions, inflation, the search for energy independence, the foreboding of a global food crisis – this is a new reality that forces us to rethink priorities. When looking for solutions to sensitive problems, it can be tempting to put sustainability on the back burner. However, there are good reasons not … Read more

Drivers dictate the direction of evolution: the weak points of SUV models are decreasing

Trends show that buyers are increasingly less likely to choose compact hatchbacks or mid-range sedans and station wagons, as the latest SUVs can already match traditional models in terms of driving characteristics and comfort, and are much more popular. Drivers dictate the direction of SUV evolution If you were to go to any manufacturer’s dealership … Read more