Do women live longer than men? Scientists say yes. They came up with an explanation

Portal Sky News informs that the loss of the male sex chromosome, which is also referred to as the mLOY mutation, affects forty percent of people in their seventies. According to research, all these people are at greater risk of serious health complications. “Especially after sixty, men die faster than women. It’s like they biologically … Read more

Discovery about ‘plasma’ could allow humans to live on Mars

A new discovery in plasma could help humans live in Marteaccording to the scientists who did it. Scientists hope to build a system that will help support life as well as make the chemicals needed to process fuels, produce building materials and fertilize plants. Numerous space agencies and experts hope to send humans to live … Read more

Discovery of Planet HD 56414 in the Volans Constellation with TESS

The discovery of the planet HD 56414 in the dark sky of the universe. This planet is in the constellation Volans. Talking about the contents of this universe will never end. Every time something new is revealed and it’s really amazing. Like what just happened. Scientists again discovered a new planet which they named HD … Read more

Mitochondria discovery could pave the way for new treatments for atherosclerosis

PARIS, July 29 (Benin News) – Mitochondria are known to be the powerhouses of cells, but growing evidence suggests they also play a role in inflammation. Scientists from the Salk Institute and the University of California in the United States have found a surprising link between mitochondrial DNA and increased risk of atherosclerosis, which could … Read more

Asteroids bring organic matter?New discovery in Japan probes mystery of origin of life – News – Rti Central Radio

In the samples collected by the Japanese research team from the asteroid, silicate minerals containing organic matter were found, and it was concluded that these minerals sent the organic matter of the origin of life to the earth. (Photo: Pixabay) When a Japanese research team analyzed samples collected from asteroids, they discovered silicate minerals that … Read more

discovery of abnormal protein offers new insights

ALS is a terrible, deadly nerve disorder that affects hundreds of people in the Netherlands every year. Scientists are still in the dark about the causes of ALS. A toxic protein has now been linked to the disease. Australian researchers have discovered a mutated protein previously associated only with a rare inherited motor neuron disease, … Read more

Armored Dinosaur Fossil Discovery in Southern Argentina

The discovery of a small armored dinosaur fossil. A group of paleontologists found the dinosaur fossil in Argentina. This small dinosaur fossil was later named as Jakapil Kaniukura. Interestingly, the body of this dinosaur looks unusual. Jakapil Kaniukura has a strong spiked skin that looks armored. It is very likely that this one type of … Read more

The impact of Moteor may have started the migration of the continents

To this day, Earth is the only planet on which landmasses are separated from each other in the form of continents. However, the coastlines can be precisely matched, so it is clear that a large supercontinent once existed. What led to the fragmentation? Something had to trigger the separation of the continents, and now a … Read more

The unusual discovery of Perseverance on Mars that has the scientific community in suspense

The Perseverance of NASA made an unexpected discovery Marte that put the entire scientific community on edge. The find came during the 12th rock-sample extraction, when the rover discovered a strange object in the extraction tubes. Las images which usually sends Space mission launched to study the soil of Mars they always surprise everyone. Among … Read more

How a planet forms and where we come from: this discovery could answer it

Over the past 30 years, astronomers have found more than 5000 exoplanets, an eclectic collection of worlds far removed from our stellar neighborhood. The last of these could just be a baby. Scientists announced Tuesday, in the journal The Astrophysical Journal Lettershave convincing evidence of the existence of a world only 1.5 million years old, … Read more