It’s awesome! 2 thousand 317 tons of gold reserves were found

Issued worldwide every year It was announced that millions of tons of copper, zinc, gold and silver, which is about twice the volume, were found. While the mines are reportedly found off the coast of Norway and the Greenland Sea, environmental activists oppose the extraction of the incredible amounts of reserves. A Norwegian research team … Read more

The disappearance of a teenager shocked China. The discovery of his body raised more questions

Hu Xinyu, 15, disappeared in October 2022. His body was found more than 100 days later. (Courtesy of Hu Xinyu’s family) (CNN) — For three months, the disappearance of Hu Xinyu gripped China. The whereabouts of the 15-year-old, who disappeared from a boarding school in the southern province of Jiangxi in October, was for months … Read more

RENAL POLYKYSTosis: Discovery of the key role of glucose

Scientists here model disease, using the latest organoid technology, miniature versions of an organ grown in a lab dish. The organoid makes it possible to reproduce the main characteristics of the structure and function of the organ. “On-chip” organoids are more complex 3D models that contain channels and living cells and thus mimic the structure … Read more

A Russian astronomer discovers a new moon for the Earth » Baghdad Today News Agency

Baghdad Today – Follow-up Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov said that the global scientific community has recognized that the asteroid YG2022, which was seen for the first time on December 15, 2022, is a quasi-moon belonging to Earth. He added in an interview with “Novosti”: “On December 15, I was able to discover a quasi-moon belonging … Read more

The discovery of a new moon for the Earth? .. Here are the details

In surprising news, the Russian astronomer Gennady Borisov stated that the international scientific community revealed that the asteroid YG2022,It is a semi-moon of Earth, and it was seen for the first time on January 15, 2022. He said in an interview: “On December 15, I was able to discover a quasi-moon belonging to Earth. Of … Read more

RTL Today – Discovery: Webb telescope spots frozen water molecules in space

NASA’s James Webb Telescope spotted frozen water molecules 630 light-years from Earth. According to the review Naturefrozen water molecules have been spotted in space 630 light-years from Earth by NASA’s James Webb Telescope. Scientists measured a temperature of -263 degrees (10 degrees above absolute zero) at the center of the “Chameleon I” molecular cloud. As … Read more

Belgian researchers make a major discovery about the brain: their work will help to understand certain diseases

A team of researchers from the Center for Brain&Disease Research at KU Leuven and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Human and Molecular Biology (IRIBHM) at ULB has discovered that mitochondria, the energy factory in cells, are responsible for the rate at which the brain develops. According to his work published in the journal Science … Read more

Yilan’s “Wild Boar Diary” captures rare images just like the Taiwanese version of Discovery – Life – Liberty Times Newsletter

In the “Wild Boar Diary” video at Toucheng Farm in Yilan County, a sow and piglets rush into a pond to take a bath. (Photo provided by Toucheng Farm) 2023/01/27 12:20 [Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report]Toucheng Farm in Yilan County launched the “Wild Boar Diary” eco-documentary. The wild boars on the farm are the protagonists, and … Read more