‘Coronal hole’ as discussion; NASA has discovered a black hole in the Sun that is 20 times the size of Earth

New York: The discovery of a black hole 20 times the size of the Earth in the Sun is a big discussion around the world. NASA scientists are behind this discovery. Called a ‘coronal hole’, it can see parts of the Sun disappear. The US federal agency has issued a storm warning following the discovery. … Read more

Fernando Santos new rules. The representative blurted out. “He said no discussion”

Jakub Kamiński for the portal “Łączy Nas Bał” told about his first impressions of working with the new coach, Fernando Santos, and some important rules he introduced. He also compared the Portuguese to Adam Nawałka, with whom he had the opportunity to work in Lech Poznań. Jakub Kamiński is making better and better performances in … Read more

The Imperial family is very welcome, but the Akishino family has a bad image … The reason why the evaluation of the Japanese imperial family abroad is completely different between brothers The regular family discussion remains suspended | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

“‘Shame on Japan! “It seems that some people are furious.” It seems that the bashing of Prince Akishino has also become international. On March 13, the Imperial Household Agency announced that Prince Akishino and his wife are preparing to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles of England (May 6 = local time).However, since the … Read more

Wild story: he broke his head with an iron for a traffic discussion – Notes – Primera Plana Rosario

A moment of extreme violence occurred on Paraguay street between Mendoza and 3 de Febrero, in the center of Rosario when a man got out of his utility vehicle and attacked a taxi driver, hitting him on the head with an iron and then dragging him on the hood of the car for a few … Read more

Andras Levite’s speech at the discussion “The right to a dignified death” organized by Hospiss LV – Events

PHOTO. Author: Dāvis Dorš Dear Mrs. Miriam Vella! Very respected Mrs. Ilze Zosules! Dear attendees! Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in your event and to support a project that may prove necessary for each of us. In addition, it is an even greater pleasure and satisfaction that our guest from Malta, … Read more

Discussion – Unbelievable discount. Philips LightStrip Plus LED strip and Hue Bridge cost just 999 CZK – Živě.cz

If a person has built an entire household on Philips, then it is not completely to be thrown away. For example, I took one set, because now I can connect lights/LEDs with ambilight on a Philips TV for normal money. For me, one of the best features that a TV can have and I certainly … Read more

Discussion: Follow and believe, but this is just business!

March 15 – 40 for World Consumer Day! On this occasion, the Building Consumer Rights Protection Service and the European Consumer Center in Lithuania are organizing the discussion “Follow and believe, but this is just business!”. The discussion will cover advertising on social networks, advertising tagging, follower opinion and feedback, ethical and unethical advertising, unfair … Read more

JR Kururi Line Abolition Problem Chiba Branch “Discussion with Prefecture/Kimitsu City” Branch Manager “No assumptions are placed”: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

In Minowa, Kimitsu City, the Kururi Line is being considered for a bus route change in the section south of Kururi Station. The JR East Chiba branch office held a press conference on the 9th regarding the discontinuance of some sections of the JR Kururi Line that runs through the Satoyama of Kisarazu City and … Read more

Sleep with your favorite Pokémon: Pokémon GO Plus +, which has caused a lot of discussion, will debut in Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Sleep with your favorite Pokémon: Pokémon GO Plus +, which has caused a lot of discussion, will debut in Taiwan and Hong Kong! On this year’s Pokémon Day, the official released a lot of new news, which aroused heated discussions among many fans, including a smartphone application “Pokémon Sleep” that will debut this year, allowing … Read more

Discussion – Tesla wants to eliminate the competition. After less than two months, it’s getting cheaper again – VTM.cz

I don’t know you. I’ll go point by point.Tesla model 3 LR is for 1.3 million, BMW 340i xDrive (which is a comparable car in dimensions, performance) for 1.8M. Where is it more expensive? Tesla can travel 600km, BMW has a 59L tank and consumption of 7.8L/100km. Theoretically 756 km. I don’t know about you, … Read more