‘The Crown’ sparks discussion about the discrepancy between fact and entertainment

(@thecrownnetflix)On a Saturday night in July 1986, a band of trenchcoat bureaucrats – a contingent from Buckingham Palace and another from 10 Downing Street – gathered at a newsstand at a train station to buy it before anyone else. freshly printed edition of The Sunday Times with an explosive headline: “Queen is appalled at Thatcher’s … Read more

Thanks blizzard for the Demon Hunter non-interaction – General Discussion

Blizzard has always said for a long time that it does not like non-interactive decks, that is, that you cannot do anything to avoid it, and that the other simply makes their game independent of what the other does. The rogue mission was nerfed countless times, or similar decks. (And that at least you could … Read more

Expert discussion on the subject of “Burning Glass School”

keyboard_arrow_left Böblingen The corona pandemic is a huge challenge for many students, parents and teachers. Many people fear that students will be left behind, that Baden-Württemberg will step backwards on the path to a fair education and that parents and teachers will be overwhelmed. “There are many burning questions to which the state government lacks … Read more

Trump revives the discussion on citizenship by birth

President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the White House press room, an appearance in which the president did not accept questions, on November 20, 2020. | Photo: Reuters / Voice of America Lawmakers and experts have said that citizenship by birth is protected, yet the courts have not ruled on the issue. | With … Read more

Thank you Blizzard for giving us missions that require you to spend gold – General Discussion

Missions that involve spending 150 gold. Just Blizzard… https://i.imgur.com/mDk3Ayz.png (150g at best if you get 4 wins the first time) How good and beneficial this new experience system is for the player’s economy, right? Of course. Ale, to swallow it with potatoes all those who asked for these changes in the rewards, which should not … Read more

“Buy now, pay later!”: That’s what consumer advocates advise

If you believe the numerous advertisements – on posters, in newspapers or online – you can easily buy anything, even the apparently most expensive goods and services. As if the money was always there and you just had to take advantage of the “super offers”, whether in the shopping center, in the furniture store, in … Read more

A discussion with art as the central axis of territorial practices arrives

Within the framework of the 7th Festival of the Word, this Thursday will take place virtually the discussion “Art and social transformation”, a proposal from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports framed in the program Río Negro Más Cultura. The meeting will revolve around the presentation of the book “Disputar la cultura. Art and … Read more

“The future of education”: online discussion of the Adenauer Foundation

“Education” – there is hardly a topic that is discussed more often and more controversially. On Monday, November 2nd, at 5 pm, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation invites Greece and Cyprus to a discussion event with top-class participants from Greece and Germany on “The future of education”. Education should not only develop the personality, but also … Read more

They hold a discussion to raise awareness about breast cancer

THE NEW DIARY, SANTO DOMINGO. – Social Plan of the Presidency held this Thursday a discussion on the prevention of breast cancer and its importance of detecting this terrible disease in time. The director of that entity, Yadira Henríquez, indicated: “Confront in time and listen to the presence of this evil, is the way to … Read more