In the dispute Serbia vs. Kosovo Vucic is preparing a difficult compromise

According to the Beta agency, it is based on the position of Western negotiators led by Miroslav Lajčák, the EU representative for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, and Gabriel Escobar, the American envoy for the Western Balkans, who visited Belgrade and Pristina last week. It’s about job opportunities At the same time, according to Vucic, Serbia was … Read more

Lawsuit against the International Tennis Federation over the Davis Cup dispute

The “Kosmos” investment group, run by former Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique, has referred its dispute with the International Tennis Federation to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, citing an “unjustified termination” of its contract related to the organization of the Davis Cup for the national teams, and a claim for compensation. The International Tennis … Read more

What is the truth about the dispute between Assi Al-Hillani and Wael Kfoury? latest news

The artist Assi El-Hellani denied the fact that there was any disagreement between him and his colleague, the artist Wael Kfoury. During an interview with the “Aghani Aghani” program on the sidelines of the Trio Night concert, which was held recently in Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh season, in which Assi participated, along … Read more

The billion-dollar dispute over the sabotage of the Slovak processor was ended by an out-of-court settlement

Autor: Tachyum The Slovak company Tachyum, which works on the allegedly revolutionary universal processor Prodigy, has ended the legal dispute with the American company Cadence. On here filed a lawsuit last year in Superior Court in Santa Clara, California, charging her with sabotage. The companies agreed on an out-of-court settlement. “The matter is considered closed … Read more

Modena, tragedy after a family dispute: the husband beats his wife and father-in-law and hangs himself

A family quarrel that ended in tragedy in the Modena area. A 68-year-old man died hanged and two injured people would have been found by the carabinieri in a house in via Marconi a Soliera. From what it reports the Rest of the Pug, it would be the 68-year-old’s wife and father-in-law. It would have … Read more

The dispute between Harry and the royal family… a “national event” that could tip the scales

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" A source close to the king and also connected said Bahari and his wife Megan for a newspaper "Sunday Times" A meeting will take place between them in the coming months before the coronation on May 6. The newspaper quoted the source as saying in a report posted on its … Read more

The Telmex union supports Carlos Slim’s proposal to settle his most recent labor dispute

A flag outside the Telmex corporate building in Mexico City.Jeoffrey Guillemard (Bloomberg) After a three-year negotiation process, and the outbreak of a strike In the meantime, finally this Friday the unionized workers of Teléfonos de México (Telmex), of magnate Carlos Slim, have endorsed the company’s proposal to settle an old labor dispute. With 25,995 votes … Read more

A million-dollar dispute over stripes: Adidas lost a court case against an American designer in the US

Photo: & Co. Adidas has lost a lawsuit in the United States against American designer Thom Browne, who uses the four stripes on his clothes. The German manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing claims that the motif is too similar to Adidas’ famous three stripes. Browne defended himself by saying that it was unlikely … Read more

Money settles it – CD Projekt RED settles dispute with investors

Do you remember the wild start of „Cyberpunk 2077“ im December 2020? Thanks to countless bugs and significant performance issues, it became SciFi RPG at times even from the PlayStation Store removed and CD Projekt Red took back the games. The investors and shareholders of the Polish developer were anything but enthusiastic about this catastrophic … Read more

Impending energy crisis: reservoir near Mels does not supply electricity due to legal dispute

published12 January 2023, 04:39 Impending energy crisis: Reservoir near Mels does not supply electricity due to legal dispute The fourth-largest power plant in the canton of St. Gallen has been idle for over a year because of a dispute over a defective pressure line. The power plant at the Chapfensee reservoir near Mels has been … Read more