3 Districts Affected by the Garut Earthquake Magnitude 6.1

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 that rocked the Regency arrowrootWest Java, on Saturday (3/12) at 16.49 WIB, three districts were affected. In addition, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Java Province (West Java) stated that three sub-districts in Garut Regency were affected by the earthquake this afternoon, namely, … Read more

Monitored High DHF Cases in Five Districts in Probolinggo Regency

KRAKSAAN, Radar Bromo– The findings of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) are still the attention of the Probolinggo District Health Office. There are 5 sub-districts with high cases that are continuously monitored. Especially now that it has entered the rainy season which is usually followed by the appearance of mosquito larvae. Head of the Disease Prevention … Read more

Sale of housing | Housing offer | Homes in Lima | capeco | The districts that are expected to have insufficient real estate supply in the coming months | YOUR MONEY

Between April and June, this offer reached 40,122 units, exceeding not only what was registered between January and March of this year (5%), but also the figure for 2021 (11%). This is the maximum historical figure since 1996, according to information from the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco). The figure was mainly explained (57%) by … Read more

The TOGETHER unity in the Pilsen districts is beginning to crumble

In the central district, a coalition based on the Pilsen-wide model has already been agreed, i.e. ANO, Pirates, STAN. Only instead of the Pro Plzeň movement it will be supplemented by TOP 09. YES, and the top players were already in the coalition in the last election period. “It probably makes no sense to be … Read more

DBB Spreads in Eight Districts, Enters the KLB Category, 229 Cases in Bangka, Four People Die

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA — Plague Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) Currently, it has become a serious disease threat in Bangka Regency. The reason is that the DHF outbreak is considered an extraordinary event (KLB) because it has spread to eight sub-districts in Bangka Regency. Even during January to August 2022, the latest data recorded as many as … Read more

5G arrives in 27 districts of Recife this Monday (5); see which – Technology and Games

With the activation of 5G as of this Monday, operators Sure, TIME Alive are already mobilized to provide the service to the customers. The telephone providers that acquired the range of 3,5 GHz in the bidding of 5G must have at least 63 5G stations activated in Recife. in the case of TIM, one of … Read more

Rain is coming and there are three districts on yellow warning from Monday

According to the IPMA, the yellow warning, the second of a scale of four, due to the rain, which may “be persistent and temporarily strong”, for those three districts in the north of the country lasts until 12:00 on Monday. . The IPMA maintains the green warning for the remaining districts of mainland Portugal, in … Read more

Dominique Van Ryckeghem, new director of the federal police, wants to control red light districts: “Show another image to young people”

Cash interview with Jurgen De Landsheer, head of the Midi police zone at 44: “Hooliganism is coming back in force, the Football law must be adapted” The police, its challenges: 9 questions to Jurgen De Landsheer, young head of the Midi police zone.

The demolition of the blocks of the sixth and seventh districts and the tenth parking lot.. Map of demolitions

01:07 PM Monday 08 August 2022 Books – Muhammad Nassar: News of the removal of real estate in the Nasr City neighborhood in Cairo governorate is of great interest to many citizens, especially residents of the eastern region of Cairo Governorate. The most important news of the removals in the Nasr City neighborhood is confined … Read more

Bodies of dead people were found in Raseiniai and Šiauliai districts

As reported by Šiauliai officials, the body of a man born in 1962 was found in Raseiniai district, Gyliai village without external injuries. At that time, the body of a man born in 1953 was found in Šiauliai district, in the village of Žadžiūnai, also without external injuries. A woman born in 1946 died in … Read more